Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 307


Before leaving the poisonous flower field, Rozen stored both Saichou and Hanachou in Tamed Monster Crystal.

Since Rozen has killed most monsters along the way earlier, going back was easier.

Although Rozen spent quite a while in the poisonous flower field, thanks to Battle Healing, his hp was still green. Rozen was thinking about how to level up Hanachou more efficiently while sprinting as fast as he could.

“With Saichou and Hanachou, my crowd control formation is basically complete. I have to level up Hanachou as fast as possible.”

A low-level Rainbow Butterfly was only strong enough to deal with normal monsters. It won’t be effective against Floor Boss. Rozen wanted to raise both of his Tamed Monsters’ level to the point where even the Floor Boss, who was highly resistant to status effects, would still be affected by Saichou and Hanachou’s skills.

Both Saichou and Hanachou should be grateful that it was Rozen who tamed them. If they happened to be tamed by an average player, they’d be reduced to a mere rare Tamed Monster without being able to exert their true power.

Rozen himself also enjoyed this process quite a bit.

“To think I can play a game where not only i can raise a familiar by myself, but also hone Eye of the Mind and record the monsters I killed in my Throne of Heroes. This game is really fascinating.”

Even if this was just a normal game, Rozen would still spend the whole day playing it.


“It’s a pity that this game is reduced to someone’s ridiculous experiment.”

As he was deep in thought, Rozen finally got out of the poisonous flower field where he saw Rozen and the Moonlit Black Cats’ members.

“Level up!”



Ducker, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru, who just killed a Dryad cheered excitedly since they got a lot of Exp, Ducker even leveled up.

“You guys…”

Keita’s expression seemed helpless, but he was also happy for his friends.

Meanwhile, Kirito was behind.

“No need to force yourself if you really can’t do it, but don’t close your eyes just because you’re afraid, alright?”

Kirito said to Sachi.

“Thank you. I will be sure to keep that in mind.”

Sachi nodded and smiled at Kirito.

Seeing this scene, Rozen couldn’t help but rub his eyes.

Since Keita and the others seemed to be doing just fine, Rozen paid closer attention to Kirito and Sachi instead.

“That atmosphere…”

Rozen seemed to understand something.

While Rozen was observing Kirito and Sachi while slowly approaching them , the others noticed that Rozen has returned.

“You’re back!”

Ducker shouted as he was the first one to see Rozen and the rest was startled, but quickly approached Rozen excitedly.

“Welcome back.”

Keita said while smiling at Rozen.

“Welcome back!”

The rest also welcomed Rozen.

Sachi, who was not used to Rozen yet, spontaneously grabbed Kirito’s hem, and Rozen naturally wouldn’t overlook this scene.

“It seems like you’re enjoying this too, Kirito.”

Rozen smiled teasingly at Kirito, which made Kirito a little panic.

This made Kirito somewhat panicked.

“No…this…I’m just…!”

Before Kirito could explain himself properly, Rozen immediately interrupted.

“It’s okay.” Rozen patted Kirito’s shoulder and casually said. “We all understand.”

Ducker, Keita, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru smiled at Kirito and Sachi. As a result, Sachi was flustered.

“A… Anyway, did you do it?”

Kirito immediately changed the subject, so they stopped teasing him.

Keita and his friends who seemed to be curious about that as well looked at Rozen intently. Rozen, who had no intention to hide it to them, told them honestly.

“Luckily, yeah.”

Everyone was happy for Rozen and congratulated him. Hearing this, Rozen couldn’t help but smile sincerely. He realized that Moonlit Black Cats’ members were so friendly that even he could get along with them no problem.

This atmosphere was new for Rozen since he spent most of his time with the clearers who were full of egoistical and self-important people; they only cared about Exp, Cor, and stats. It was also common among the clearers to barely express their gratitude, be it when they helped someone, or being helped by someone because as long as they were on the battlefield, the role between them would sometime reverse. They were only associated with each other because that was the most efficient course of action.

But Moonlit Black Cats’ members were different. They expressed their joy after killing every monster, and they would encourage one another after leveling up.

Even though they couldn’t compete with other guilds, they encouraged and helped each other They even gave the information about the Rainbow Butterfly that they gave up on for the sake of greater purpose, and Rozen was grateful to them.

” I can accomplish my goal thanks to you guys.”

Rozen said solemnly as he looked at every Moonlit Black Cats’ members.

“If you ever need my help, don’t hesitate to notify me. As Red Wings’ leader, I promise to help you, however I can.”

Before everyone could process what he just said, Rozen looked at Kirito.

“Can you do me a favor by helping them as the payback for the information they provide?”

Kirito then nodded without hesitation.

Rozen just smiled and took out a piece of blue crystal from his storage. That was the Teleport Crystal.

“Teleport! Panareze!”

With that simple voice command, the Teleport Crystal in Rozen’s hand shattered, and Rozen’s avatar was shrouded in light and disappeared in front of everyone. He teleported to the 24th Floor’s main settlement, the man-made island, Panareze.

Meanwhile, Keita and his friends were confused.

“L… Leader…?”

“The Red Wings… Leader…!?”

“Wha… what’s going on here…!?”

“Explain yourself Kirito!”


Keita, Ducker, Tetsuo, Sasamaru and even Sachi approached Kirito and questioned him seriously

“Aha… Aha hahaha…”

Kirito could only laugh awkwardly.

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