Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 308


After returning to Panareze, Rozen immediately released Saichou and Hanachou from the Tamed Monster Crystal and returned to the room he rented to formulate the training plan for Hanachou.

A wealthy player would’ve bought a vacant house, yet Rozen hasn’t bought one. He has been staying at the town’s inn.

Rozen did have a lot of Cor, and probably no one else could earn Cor as efficient as Rozen, but he used almost all of it to strengthen his Tamed Monster and equpments, and he didn’t have that much Cor on him most of the time. Plus, Rozen didn’t see any reason to buy a house since he was still on the 24th Floor, so he’d rather just spend the night at the inn.

Once Rozen was in his room, Rozen took out a rare item to feed Hanachou and the promised Dragon Scented Scallion for Saichou. Both of them ate happily in Rozen’s room.

After that, Rozen went to the 26th Floor, killing the monsters near the Field Boss in order to train Hanachou’s ability to follow his instruction, raise Hanachou’s level and skill level.

Rozen also ordered Saichou to aggro all monsters in the area by flying around them and then led them to Rozen. Once they were close enough, Saichou would use its skills to immobilize the monsters, and Rozen finished them off with his high-level Sword Skills, earning so much exp for the three of them.

By this time, Rozen’s One-Handed Sword Skill has reached level 600, less than halfway to max level. Rozen estimated that he’ll be able to max it out in half a year. Even though his One-Handed Sword Skill was not maxed out yet, he could use many more Sword Skills compared to when he was on the 1st Floor.

Rozen even decided.

“Might as well leveling for the whole night!”

That determination was nothing unusual for a hardcore gamer like Rozen, and with that said, he kept killing the monsters in the area until dawn.

As a result, Rozen managed to reach level 49, Saichou also reached level 46, and Hanachou gained the most level among them, from level 1 to level 22, unlocking several skills in the process.

But anyone would be exhausted after such a long and intense battle, and Rozen was no exception.

“Let’s call it a day…”

Rozen returned to his room in 24th Floor with an exhausted look on his face and fell asleep right after he lied on the bed



Saichou and Hanachou, who were as tired, also fell asleep after nodding their heads.

Rozen completely forgot that there was a very important agenda that day.

Around 10.30 in the morning, Rozen finally remembered that he had something important to do that day after being bombarded by messages from his guild members.

“Come to think of it…”

Rozen swatted his head.

“The strategy meeting for the 26th Floor’s Field Boss is today…”

The meeting was supposed to be held at 10 o’clock, meaning the clearers have been waiting for half an hour by now. But Rozen was as lazy as ever.

“Screw it, just let them wait.”

However, it didn’t go as planned because Rozen was bombarded by more messages and couldn’t sleep because of that.

“It can’t be helped…”

Rozen had no choice but to wake up Saichou and Hanachou, and both of them then perched on Rozen’s left and right shoulder. All three of them walked out of the inn while yawning.

Probably the reason why Rozen looked listless every morning was because he leveled up all night.


When Re Rozenzhen came to the base of the guild, members of the guild had already gathered together.



“You’re finally here, leader!”

The Red Wings’ members sighed and yelled right after Rozen showed up. But they were startled when they saw Saichou and Hanachou.


“Why are there two…!?”

“Two… Saichou…!?”

Rozen ignored their reaction and walked straight to a player who was laughing wryly upon seeing the scene.

“You actually come back, huh?” Rozen winked and smiled. “I thought you’re planning to stay there and get closer to that girl named Sachi.”

“You… what are you talking about?” Kirito was flustered: “I told you I am not in that kind of relationship with Sachi!”

“At least for now…” Rozen said bluntly.

“Yeah, for now… Wh… What the hell!” Kirito quickly changed the subject: “That aside, why didn’t you tell me that there’s a strategy meeting today? I wouldn’t be able to come if I didn’t happen to hear the news from other guild members!”

Kirito was not in the guild’s headquarter yesterday, so he didn’t know. But Rozen showed no sign of reflection.

“I’ve told all the guild members, it’s none of my concern if you don’t know.”

Kirito was dumbfounded upon hearing Rozen’s answer.

“Okay.” Rozen no longer wasted time, while yawning, he said: “Since everyone’s here, let’s go!”

Red Wings, the strongest guild in SAO hereby departed to the 26th Floor.


Aincrad, 26th Floor.

Fully armed high-level Players have gathered in a certain village not far from the labyrinth, those Players had a serious look on their faces, with various attires. Guild Members would use the armor with their guild colors, while Solo Players would use distinctive armors. But one thing for sure, none of them looked happy at this moment.

In this situation, Rozen finally arrived in that village with all Red Wings’ members in tow.


Rozen waved his hand casually while yawning with no sense of guilt, which obviously ticked everyone off.

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