Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 310


Hearing the sarcastic words, Agil and Klein suddenly fell silent; the relaxed look on Kirito’s face was gone, replaced by a frown.

Red Wings’ members who noticed the sudden change in the atmosphere shifted their attention toward the voice without saying a word.

Rozen wasn’t surprised by this sarcastic word. He knew this would happen the moment he was late and shifted his gaze toward where the voice was coming from. There he saw a group of players wearing armor with silver and blue as base colors, and the one who stood at the frontmost of their rank was a man using spear as his primary weapon.

The man looked at Rozen with a ridiculed look matching his sarcastic words and tone. But Rozen, who seemed accustomed to this, was unfazed and greeted the man indifferently.

“If it’s not Chairman Zahad, it’s good to see you never miss an opportunity to badmouth me. You sure don’t get bored doing this every time, huh?”

The indifferent and nonchalant words that came out of Rozen’s mouth erased the smile of that man called Zahad.

The players behind him were members of Clearers Guild named Divine Dragon Alliance.

It went without saying that Rozen, Kirito, Klein, and Agil were not very fond of them, but apparently, the rest of the Clearers Guild also looked at them with contemptuous eyes.

“Aw, don’t make it sound like i’m the one at fault here, Chairman Rozen.” Zahad sneered sarcastically.

“You being late to strategy meeting was nothing unusual, we clearers have let it slide up until now because of your contribution, but don’t you think this is not the right time to be late, considering what happened on the 25th Floor?

Zahad deliberately brought up what happened on the 25th Floor to corner Rozen and called him “chairman” since he refused to admit that Rozen was the leader of the Clearers.

As mentioned before, strength didn’t reflect one’s personality, and that was especially true among the Clearers. The one that had the worst image from the average players’ perspective was this guild called Divine Dragon Alliance.

Most Players who joined this guild were those who would do whatever it took to become stronger, including becoming orange and considered Boss Raid the most important thing.

Divine Dragon Alliance’s members also insisted on having the Last Attack on the boss to obtain rare items since that was the best way to clear the game and free the Players. They were also famous for keeping the information to themselves. Their leader constantly changed as the members were hungry for power that they didn’t mind resorting to dirty tricks to dethrone the guild leader to become one. Even Red Wings was pale in comparison to Divine Dragon Alliance when it came to bad rumors.

However, this was the next largest Clearers Guild aside from the former Aincrad Liberation Squad, with nearly 50 members, but the problem is that Zahad, the leader, was an ambitious person.

His goal was to snatch the title of the strongest guild from Red Wings. No, it was more appropriate to say that he wanted to overthrow Red Wings and took the title of the strongest guild from them. Therefore, he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to badmouth Rozen. He couldn’t stand Rozen to the point where Kibaou seemed cute in comparison. That was how the Divine Dragon Alliance fell this low.


“Sorry, you know how I am, right? I easily lose track of time that I’m even late to such an important meeting. If Chairman Zahad can’t wait, you don’t need to wait for me. There’s always the option to take on the Field Boss along with your guild members.”

Rozen said indifferently. Zahad, who heard what Rozen just said, gasped in surprise.

Take on the boss by themselves? If Zahad could, he would’ve done it a long time ago since he’ll be able to monopolize the Exp, Cor, and drop items, which was the ideal situation for Divine Dragon Alliance.

However, Did Zahad had the courage to do so?

Without Rozen’s help, in case the 26th Floor was as nightmarish as the 25th Floor, then Divine Dragon Alliance will meet the same fate as Aincrad Liberation Squad.

Therefore, even if Zahad was a greedy man, there was no way he could make this decision. And Zahad knew that was the exact reason why Rozen’s position among the Clearers was unshakable.

Someone who could lead everyone without a single casualty, who would be foolish enough to reject that offer?

If Red Wings didn’t exclusively consist of beta testers, most Players would’ve joined this guild led by Rozen instead.

The beta testers who used to live in fear while hiding their identity now could freely walk in broad daylight as they pleased was thanks to Rozen. Red Wings wouldn’t be able to become the strongest guild without Rozen.

That was why Zahad couldn’t stand Rozen.

“So bold, as expected of Chairman Rozen.” Zahad still refused to back down: “You must’ve thought you could get away with anything because you think Red Wings and you are indispensable for Clearers, huh?”

Hearing Zahad’s snide remarks, Rozen just smiled.

“Are you sure you’re not referring to yourself, Chairman Zahad?” Rozen smiled and said: “You must’ve thought that Clearers will lose a lot of combat power without Divine Dragon Alliance since you nonchalantly monopolized high-efficiency hunting grounds and various rare items to the point where you guys didn’t hesitate to become a criminal.”

“That’s…” Zahad had no words to return because that was the truth.

“I suggest you keep it in moderation,” Rozen said indifferently: “I’ve been overlooking the fact that Divine Dragon Alliance would even attack other Players to secure resources, but if there happen to be casualties, I’ll make sure Divine Dragon Alliance pay the price. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to try.”

Zahad snapped upon hearing Rozen’s words.


He was about to grab his spear when suddenly…



Two Rainbow Butterflies flew out from Rozen’s back, blocking Zahad’s way and looking at him with hostile eyes.

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