Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 311


“This is…!?”

Seeing Saichou and Hanachou flew out from behind Rozen and let out a warning cry, Zahad subconsciously backed off a little.

The rest of the Players were also shocked as if unable to believe their eyes.


Achille was startled.

“Hey, hey, hey! What the hell is going on here!?”

Klein was equally surprised.

“T…two Tamed Monsters…?”

“How could this be…?”

“Is this even possible…?”

Seeing the Clearers were fussing about Rozen’s second Tamed Monster, Kirito and the rest of Red Wings’ members felt a slight sense of achievement and stood tall.

Rozen, who didn’t care about others’ reactions, said indifferently.

“Saichou, Hanachou, come back.”

Hearing Rozen’s command, both of the Rainbow Butterflies cried joyfully and perched on Rozen’s left and right shoulder respectively while discharging glittering powder. Rozen, who basked in the glittering powder, looked so majestic in everyone’s eyes

Zahad finally could say something, although his voice couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“You tamed the second one?”

Although it was clear as day, Zahad still asked that question because he refused to accept reality, and Rozen casually showed how cruel the truth was.

“I’ve just tamed it recently, i have to level it up for a bit.”

Rozen’s indifferent tone silenced everyone, especially Zahad who was clenching his fist.

The existence of Tamed Monster was no longer a secret among the Players.

After all, Rozen’s Rainbow Butterfly flashily dominated the front line. Seeing Rozen, all Players also wanted one for themselves.

But it was merely a wild goose chase for those Players.

Aside from being hard to tame, only small animal type monsters could be tamed, and even if a Player managed to tame one, Tamed Monsters could barely deal any damage and not suitable to be used in the frontline. At best, they were only good at assisting Players.

Therefore, the Players who wished to make a fortune using Tamed Monster has faced nothing but hardships. Either they couldn’t find one, or even if they find one, they couldn’t fulfill the condition to tame them. Even if a Player managed to tame a Tamed Monster by a fluke, the Tamed Monster will eventually be killed by a monster due to its low hp.

In addition, most Players saw Tamed Monster as nothing but tools. They didn’t take care of them and feed them properly, resulting in a constant reduction in their favorability, and eventually, they will leave their master. In some cases, these Tamed Monsters even attacked its master.

Over time, fewer and fewer Players had Tamed Monster, and in the end, only Rozen, who still had Tamed Monster in the whole game. Thus the Players arbitrarily drew a conclusion.

“It’s because the Magician’s Tamed Monster is special.”

That was obviously mistaken. The reason why Rozen Rainbow Butterfly was so powerful was because Rozen was capable of raising and controlling it, not solely because the Rainbow Butterfly itself.

Rainbow Butterflies were indeed rare. There were only seven of them in the whole game after all, and their abilities to inflict status effects were also rare, but without Rozen, will they be as effective to be used against highly resistant Boss?

Without proper skills to do it, sending a low hp Tamed Monsters toward the Floor Boss was simply a suicidal move.

After learning about the said rumor, Rozen nonchalantly said this.

“It’s not the Tamed Monster that’s special, it’s the Player.”

This sentence, somehow, became the headline of the news at some point and all Players read it.

That sentence finally made the Players realized that simply having a Tamed Monster didn’t make you as strong as the Magician. It all depended on the Player’s own ability.

With that sentence, Rozen hoped that there would be no cases where Tamed Monster left or even attack their master in the future.

Zahad has been seeing Rozen, who easily toyed Floor Boss and other monsters using his Tamed Monster’s skills with greedy and jealous eyes.

Zahad believed that without his Tamed Monster, Rozen wouldn’t be as famous as he was now, and Red Wings wouldn’t be able to become the strongest guild like now.

And now, Rozen actually tamed the second one of that very Tamed Monster?

Despite his personality, Zahad was one of the top Players in SAO, and even he knew what will happen now that Rozen had two similar Tamed Monsters.

It meant that Rozen will be able to switch his Tamed Monsters and used their skills alternately to maximize the cooldown and duration of each skill to keep the monsters in control until they died.

And with that method, Floor Boss will be reduced to his plaything in the future. Thus, Rozen’s reputation will only keep skyrocketing at this rate, and that was the exact thing that Zahad couldn’t stand.

Red Wings that was led by Rozen, has been hailed as the strongest guild, and the only thing that Divine Dragon Alliance had was numbers. However, that was only because most players were reluctant to join Red Wings as they saw they exclusively consisted of beta testers.

But if Rozen’s reputation kept skyrocketing, and he managed to uphold his record of preventing any casualties, sooner or later, average players will no longer hesitate to join Red Wings to ensure their survival, and there goes the only chance Divine Dragon Alliance had to beat Red Wings.

Perhaps the rest of Divine Dragon Alliance’s members also realized this, and their face slowly turned pale. They also turned pale earlier when Saichou and Hanachou blocked Zahad’s path, but that was because they didn’t know what Rozen might do, this time they turned pale because they genuinely felt being threatened by Rozen.

On the contrary, Rozen nonchalantly looked at Zahad in the eye and said.

“It seems that Chairman Zahad was done with his charade. It’s about time we start the strategy meeting.”

Zahad had to back off hatefully because he had no other choice in this situation.

Rozen then yawned again.

“Then, without further ado, let’s begin the strategy meeting for the 26th Floor’s Field Boss,” Rozen said as he looked at everyone present.

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