Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 314



The wind blew, swaying the girl’s orange-brownish chestnut hair.

The girl wearing a sleeveless red and white knight attire paired with a bright red skirt, white thigh-high stocking, and boots passed through the crowds and entered the area filled with clearers. A rapier with red scabbard was strapped on the girl’s waist.

There was only one word to describe this girl.


She really was stunning.

Little oval-shaped face.

Dazzling hazel eye.

Small and pointed nose.

Cherry blossom colored lips.

All those combined together constitute the incredibly beautiful girl that all the Clearers were seeing.

The members of the guild named Knights of Blood band together behind this beautiful girl as they entered the strategy meeting venue, the scene which shocked everyone so much that they didn’t know how to respond to what they were seeing.

Even Rozen was no less surprised upon seeing the girl that led these knights in red and white.

In this world that detailedly replicated the Players’ appearance, it was hard to admit, but encountering a beautiful female player was really hard, even harder than finding the whole seven Rainbow Butterflies.

Yet now such a beautiful girl didn’t only wish to join the Clearers but also the leader of the Knights of Blood? It couldn’t be helped if everyone was shocked.

On the contrary, the girl, as if not aware that her presence just shocked everyone, casually walked toward the center of the Clearers.

She cast her gaze on everyone present, and there was a brief pause when she saw Kirito, Agil, and Argo, then stopped her gaze at Rozen.

“I am Knights of the Blood’s vice-leader.”

That was how the girl introduced herself, and she never took her eyes off Rozen.

Being watched by the girl, Rozen had this nostalgic feeling inside him for some reason.

Upon noticing the rapier on the girl’s waist along with her beautiful face, Rozen was shocked for a second.

(A rapier…? And a very beautiful female player…?)

He only knew one person that fit those criteria in this world, but Rozen never saw her face because she always wore a hooded cape, all he knew was she was a beautiful girl because Argo told him so.

Rozen then called out her name despite hesitating for a moment.


Upon mentioning this name, three people reacted.


Kirito was clearly shocked.

“No way!”

Agil also couldn’t hide his astonishment.


Argo just snickered in the corner while watching their reaction.

And whether this was just Rozen’s imagination or not, he saw there was a change in the girl’s eyes when he called out the name “Asuna,” but the slight change immediately disappeared.

However, suddenly…

“Please forgive me, our leader has to stay in the base for this strategy meeting due to some reasons, and i’ll be in charge of the Knights of Blood for this Raid.”

The girl that was suspected to be Asuna immediately averted her gaze from Rozen and expressed her apology in a dignified and stern voice

“Our leader will definitely come for the Floor Boss Raid. I’m sorry for the trouble.”

The girl added in a neither timid, yet not condescending manner.

Upon staring at the girl and observed the coldness in her eyes and face, Rozen recalled the rapier user wearing a hooded cape that fought recklessly till she exhausted herself. After blinking a few times to snap back from his daydream, he decided to remain silent.

Even though Rozen decided to remain silent, that didn’t apply to others, unfortunately.

“Kirito.” Klein suddenly said something to Kirito, who was standing next to him: “I may be in love.”

Kirito was speechless, and Agil tried his best to refrain from making a retort.

It couldn’t be helped if everyone would make a fuss over Asuna’s breathtaking entrance.

Watching Asuna and the Knights of Blood’s members, even Zahad could no longer contain himself.

“To think that it turns out to be a guild led by a woman. Does such a guild really have what it takes to join the Clearers?”

Asuna, who clearly heard this mockery, cast a sharp gaze toward Zahad.

“In other words, are you doubting our ability?”

Right after Asuna finished her words, the members of Knights of Blood behind her instantly stepped forward simultaneously.


The momentum of their footstep startled Zahad that he subconsciously stepped back in fear. Upon realizing how embarrassing that was, his anger once again fumed.

But before Zahad had a chance to say anything, Asuna immediately said.

“If this is how the Clearers do their welcome ceremony, then we’ll play along.”

Asuna then looked back at Rozen and proposed something unbelievable.

“In order to prove ourself, we’ll kill the Field Boss on this floor by ourselves, is that okay with you?”

Asuna said, still in her stern tone, and all the players were shocked.

“All by themselves…?”

“Is she joking?”

“Is she actually thinking she can defeat the Field Boss only with her guild members?”

“Does she think this Floor’s Field Boss is like the lower level’s Floor Boss or what?”

“That’s just crazy!”

The Clearers stated their opinion one after another.

But Asuna didn’t care about their reaction. She just stared at Rozen as if others’ opinions didn’t matter at all.

Hearing this request, Rozen raised his hand to silence everyone first.

“No problem.”

Rozen casually said, ignoring the Clearers’ concern.

“I’ll leave the Field Boss Raid this time to Knights of Blood.”

Asuna’s expression remained unchanged, and she simply nodded in response.

This was the time where their eyes met, and after Rozen made his decision, their eyes parted quietly once again.

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