Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 315


Thirty minutes later, the 26th Floor’s Field Boss Raid began.

But the participant this time was just a dozen of Players in red and white. Meanwhile, the Clearers were on observing from a distant hill.

Seeing only a dozen of Players rushing toward the colossal Field Boss, the Clearers obviously couldn’t keep their mouth shut.

“That’s just reckless.”

“Dealing against the Field Boss with only a dozen of people, what a joke.”

“Even though the boss isn’t that difficult to deal with, but that doesn’t mean they can defeat it that easily with only a dozen people.”

“Do they really have to go that far to prove themselves?”

“In order to prove myself, is it necessary to make such a show?”

Zahad also gloated at the Knights of Blood’s members while folding his arm. He couldn’t wait to see their miserable end.

Meanwhile, Kirito, Agil, and Klein flocked toward Rozen.

Under such circumstances, Kirito, Ai Keer, and Klein gathered in Rozen.

“Is it really alright to leave it to them?” Klein said with a serious face: “This is the first boss battle after the incident on the 25th Floor, even though it’s just a Field Boss this time, what if the same thing happen?”

“I agree.” Agil nodded while folding his arm and added: “At least, we should move closer in case something happens, no?”

“I think so too.” Kirito was also uneasy about this Raid. He then said: “That way, if something happens, we can help out in time.”

Obviously, no one believed that Knights of the Blood could defeat the Field Boss by themselves.

But Rozen simply gazed at the battlefield in front of him and said.

“Don’t worry, just sit back and watch, you’ll see.”

Now that Rozen has said that much, Kirito, Agil, and Klein had no choice but to observe quietly.

Even from their position, they were unnerved simply from seeing the Field Boss’ colossal body, and its thunderous roar shook the air around them.

Argo mentioned that it looked like an elephant, but now that everyone had a closer look, rather than an elephant, it looked more like a mammoth with its thick brown hair, spear-like tusk.

The mammoth roared as he rushed toward the charging Knights of Blood’s members with its heavy footsteps shaking the ground.

As Argo said, it was quite slow. However, its enormous and tusk were deadly without a doubt. Not to mention, it secreted a lot of sticky mucus all over its body while rushing toward its enemy, which could render anyone that stepped on it unable to move. Its trunk was like a whip, smashing everything in its path, making it hard for Players to get closer.

However, the guild named Knights of the Blood, under the leadership of a beautiful rapier user, drew their weapons and rushed toward the Field Boss.

Their tanks didn’t care about the mammoth’s sticky mucus. They stepped on it and broke free in less than a second, thanks to their STR. They endured the relentless attack from the mammoth’s trunk, while the rest of the guild members went around to use Sword Skill and dealt damage.

Due to the Field Boss’ massive body, the damage dealer didn’t have to worry about hindering each other’s Sword Skill. The only thing they had to worry about was the Field Boss’ aggro.

But Asuna ordered the Knights of the Blood’s members to deal as much damage as possible with her leading the charge.

Due to the immense damage they dealt, the mammoth roared and shifted its attention toward the damage dealers.

However, when the mammoth turned around, he stepped on its own sticky mucus and stopped its movement. Of course, with its colossal body, it could break free in less than a second, but that was enough for the Knights of the Blood’s damage dealers to switch with their spear users who immediately used their Sword Skill and inflicted “delayed” status effect, and then the damage dealers went around the mammoth once again to deal damage from its blind spot.

The Knights of the Blood’s members actually used the mammoth’s sticky mucus to their own advantage. The mammoth was slow to begin with, and by utilizing its sticky mucus, they could slow down the mammoth’s movement and inflict “delayed” to slow it even more. As a result, it was unable to catch up with the damage dealers; meanwhile, its trunk was contained by the tanks.

“How…is this possible…!?”

“Since when did they come up with this strategy?”

“That’s smart! “

All the Clearers who were observing on the hill were surprised in awe.

The gloating look on Zahad’s face turned into frustration.

No one expected Knights of the Blood would actually come up with this strategy to deal with the Field Boss.

No one thought that the “Knight of the Blood League” would actually use this method to attack the boss.

Even Asuna no longer gave the command to the rest of the guild members as she realized the battle was on the right track. Her chestnut hair swayed as she rushed forward while avoiding the sticky mucus at incredible speed. Her rapier shone brightly once she was in front of the mammoth, and unleashed light speed Sword Skills toward the mammoth’s trunk, and the mammoth roared in pain as a result.

Seeing Asuna’s Sword Skill, the Clearers were surprised once again.

“Wh… what’s with that sword skills…!?”

“It’s too fast! “

“It’s like a meteor!”

“No! It’s a flash!”



All the Clearers were in awe upon seeing amazing sword skills.

This was the origin of Asuna’s nickname later in the future, The Flash.

After an hour and half of repeating the process of halting the Field Boss’ movement and constantly dealing damage, Knights of the Blood maintained stable concentration and vigor on the battlefield, and eventually, the last bar of the Field Boss’ hp was depleted, followed with its sorrowful cry, it turned into countless blue polygon shards and disappeared.


Knights of the Blood’s members screamed victoriously upon defeating the long battle even though they were quite exhausted by now.

Seeing this scene, the Clearers couldn’t find any word to describe how they felt, including Kirito, Agil, Klein, and of course, Zahad was no exception.

Rozen was the only one looking at the female knight in the eye as if knowing this would happen.

The girl looked at Rozen while sheathing her rapier as if telling him.

The girl who took the sword back into the sheath looked straight at Rozen as if to tell him.

“This is my fight.”

Rozen narrowed his eyes and sighed silently in his heart.

“This girl…”

There was only one thing in Rozen’s mind.

“You sure love to take the roundabout way…”

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