Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 316


Knights of the Blood officially joined the Clearers and became one of the strongest guilds in SAO.

That was the final result, the result that no one could overturn.

Seeing Knights of the Blood defeated the Field Boss all by themselves that the Clearers even hesitated to challenge was more than enough, who would be able to refuse from joining the Clearers. Especially now that Aincrad Liberation Squad was no more, having a new guild joining the Clearers such as Knights of the blood would be reassuring.

As reluctant as Zahad seemed because he considered Knights of the Blood to be another torn in his path to become the strongest guild, there was nothing he could do. He just constantly searched for Asuna’s fault in the post-meeting afterward and being a smartass like he did with Rozen.

The first strategy Raid for the 26th Floor was concluded with that result.

“All that’s left is the Floor Boos. We’ll hold the second strategy meeting as soon as the Boss Room in the labyrinth is discovered. Dismiss!”

Followed by Rozen’s announcement, the Clearers left the area still with a surprised look on their faces.

That was all the interactions among the Clearers. They only gathered together if they encounter an obstacle they couldn’t solve by themselves. They were not united, that was for sure. They had their own guilds, their own parties, and their own ego. There weren’t that many times where their interests would align.

Therefore, until the next Raid, each Player will compete with each other again, leveling up and strengthen themselves as much as they could.

However, after what happened today, there will be two topics that will be the headline for tomorrow’s news.

First was the exceptional way Knights of the Blood joined the rank of the Clearers.

The second was Rozen taming the second Tamed Monster.

In addition, Asuna will definitely be the highlight of the news as well. Considering her stunning looks and strength, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if she made a bunch of fans out there.

And while Rozen was not surprised with this outcome, even some people who knew Asuna back during the 1st Floor still couldn’t shake off the astonishment, let alone those who didn’t know her.

“I’ve never seen that kind of Sword Skills, a Sword Skill that resembles a meteor and a flash of light. It’s so beautiful, not to mention the person who uses it is so beautiful too. You guys know someone like her and keep it from me on purpose? Not cool, guys.

On the way out of the 26th Floor’s Main Settlement, Klein’s complaint toward Rozen, Kirito, and Agil caused a burst of laughter among them.

“I myself didn’t know how that lass behind the hooded cape back then looked until just a moment ago.”

Agil said while shrugging.

“Me neither.”

Kirito also shook his head.

Even Rozen was no exception. He never saw Asuna’s face after all.

What was even more unexpected for Rozen was the fact that Asuna, who didn’t know anything about the game, fought recklessly and seemed really hard to approach, suddenly not only joined a guild but also became their vice-leader at the perfect time after Aincrad Liberation Squad retired from the front line.

“Argo must’ve known this in advance, and she deliberately didn’t tell me anything, that sneaky little rat..”

Rozen cursed Argo because he knew she did this on purpose.

“Setting how beautiful her Sword Skill is, ever since I saw her Sword Skill on the 1st Floor, I had no doubt that she will definitely be able to compete with top Players.”

Kirito said.

“It’s just that I didn’t expect she would join a guild and become a vice-leader, no less. And the way she commanded her guild members was surprising too.


As far as most people who had interacted with Asuna before knew, Asuna was just a newbie who didn’t know anything about games at all, especially SAO. She didn’t even know that attacking a Player would turn her Player Cursor orange, and Orange Player couldn’t enter the Main Settlement. Yet now, she could come up with such a surprising strategy to deal with the Field Boss.

Rozen was the only one who knew…

“She wasn’t stupid in the first place, just a newbie, that’s all. She definitely strikes me as the smart and dilligent person in real life. Each of her moves shows her adequate knowledge and upbringing, paired with her talent, it doesn’t surprise me she could go this far. Back then, she just didn’t know about the game. Now, after four months, she must’ve learned a lot about this game, and it finally showed results.

Rozen said his honest opinion.

And the problem with Asuna’s way of fight seemed to disappear as well. Back then, Rozen only saw Asuna as a reckless girl who would fight until she collapsed with no concern about herself, but now Rozen noticed that she wielded her rapier with the belief that she could free herself from this world.

During the 1st Floor Boss Raid, Asuna came to realize the power of faith and effort, that belief led her to be able to join the top Players today.


“Holding to your own belief is not always necessarily a good thing. Sometimes, excessive beliefs can lead to self-destruction…”

Rozen sighed silently.

Meanwhile, Kirito, Agil, and Klein still had a lively chat.

“I’m completely head over heels for that vice-leader, I’ll ask for her autographs next time!”

“I advise you not to.”

“I’m sure you’ll be stabbed by her rapier, but then again, you might be happy even after she stabbed you.”

Kirito, Agil, and Klein kept exchanging banter upon hearing Klein’s delusion. Even Rozen silently laughed seeing them joking around.

(I had my doubts back when we left Town of Beginnings, but I’m glad they can talk casually now without them realizing it)

Kirito and Klein were very close, indeed.

At this moment, a flashing icon popped up in front of Rozen.

“A message?”

Rozen was slightly startled and tap the message to open it. After reading the content of the message, Rozen frowned.

“What happened?”

Noticing the change in Rozen’s expression, Kirito turned around and asked.

“It’s nothing.” Rozen closed the message window and said to everyone: “I have somewhere to go first; no need to wait for me.”

Rozen then left Kirito, Agil and Klein, who were staring at each other confusedly.


26th Floor’s Main Settlement.

The moment Rozen returned to the village and entered a certain alley, a girl in red and white knight suit entered his line of sight.

“Yo, we meet again.”

Rozen said casually.

“…You’re as laid back as usual.”

The sweet-sounding yet emotionless voice replied.

Yes, it was Asuna.

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