Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 323


Heathcliff was mesmerized by how the two Rainbow Butterflies pincer him from both sides.

I didn’t expect you’d be able to come this far

“I didn’t expect to be able to reach this point…”

Both Saichou and Hanachou pursued Heathcliff.


Saichou was the first one to catch up with Heathcliff because its level was higher, and it immediately discharged the Paralyzing Powder from its wings toward Heathcliff. Heathcliff knew how potent that skill was, considering even the Floor Bosses that were supposed to have high resistance against status effects were still affected by these Rainbow Butterflies’ skills.

Thanks to his high AGI, Heathcliff could dodge the Paralyzing Powder. Despite how potent the skill was, it was meaningless if it didn’t connect at all. After all, the target this time was not a huge monster anymore, but an agile Player, which was obviously smaller compared to Floor Bosses.

As Heathcliff dodged the Paralyzing Powder, he was about to raise his sword and struck Saichou down, but before he could do so, Saichou already flapped its wings and flew upward, creating more distance between them.

Seeing this, Heathcliff was even more amazed.

“Tamed Monsters” AI was not supposed to be that complex; it’s just slightly better compared to normal monsters. Even though it can follow its master’s instructions, I think they can only follow some simple instructions. It shouldn’t be possible for them to assess the situation and acted based on it on their own.”

Yet Saichou made its own judgment to fly away without Rozen’s command.

“No, that’s not it. It didn’t make its own decision; it was taught that way.”

Heathcliff immediately arrived at such a conclusion, as expected of a Player with an unparalleled understanding of the game.

As Heathcliff said, Tamed Monsters’ AI wasn’t complex enough to process complicated instructions, but there should be no problem if it were a simple instruction, right? Although favorability and intimacy with Players played a big part, there shouldn’t be a problem in that aspect if we were talking about Rozen.

And indeed, Rozen taught Saichou one thing in particular.

“Fly upward right after you used your skill.”

This was what Rozen constantly instructed Saichou to do, and eventually, it became a habit.

“Even a dog could be trained. There’s no way an AI was less intelligent than a dog.”

Rozen has been giving Saichou various instructions until he formed these behavior patterns that will be useful in combat, even though Rozen didn’t specifically command him to do so.

If Heathcliff’s understanding of the game was unparalleled, then so was Rozen when it came to the thought process.

That was how Rozen raised the Rainbow Butterflies. Not only he raised its level and skills, but he also taught it awareness, experience, behavior during combat, etc. , which obviously proved to be effective as Heathcliff failed to strike Saichou down earlier.

 “In SAO, players can’t fly, so it’s hard to deal with flying monsters.”

To deal with flying monsters, Players either had to lure them down, and struck them afterward, or jump and attack them, provided the Player had sufficient stats to give them the necessary jumping power, not to mention it was risky since they would be vulnerable when they jumped, and lastly, use projectiles.

And Heathcliff was certain.

“That Rainbow Butterfly must’ve been trained to dodge when a Player lured it, jumped toward it, or even used projectiles against it.”

How could Heathcliff not be impressed by this?

“At this rate, its AI might evolve as well.”

Imagining such a possibility, Heathcliff’s eyes were glittering. He looked like a child who just found a toy.


Hanachou that finally caught up, immediately discharged Blinding Powder toward Heathcliff.

Heathcliff managed to dodge the Blinding Powder by a hair’s breadth and swung his one-handed sword toward Hanachou that was about to fly away.


The sword’s tip barely hit Hanachou’s abdomen.


Hanachou cried painfully, and its hp almost hit the red zone in one strike.

Unlike Saichou, Hanachou was still a little above level 20, and its hp was way lower. If Heathcliff managed to hit it properly earlier, Hanachou would’ve died instantly.

However, Hanachou managed to shake Heathcliff off and got away.

Upon seeing this development, Heathcliff nodded in understanding.

“That one hasn’t fully grasped the behavior pattern I see.”

As capable as Rozen might be, He had just tamed Hanachou yesterday. It was impossible to train it to Saichou’s level in such a short time. Heathcliff also knew about this fact, and that was why he wasn’t disappointed at all.

“To think you can raise it this much in just a day, you really are something else.”

Heathcliff said spontaneously.

In the next second…

“You’re in for more surprises.”

When he heard those words behind him, Heathcliff’s expression changed.

At the same time, as if blending with the air, a figure was already behind Heathcliff without him realizing it.


The Queen’s Knightsword was enveloped in Sword Skill’s light behind Heathcliff, ready to cut him. The speed and power of the Sword Skill far exceeded the limit of the system.

Even so…

“Not so fast!”

Heathcliff shouted and turned around as fast as he could and blocked the Sword Skill.


The sound of collision between Heathcliff’s shield and Rozen’s sword once again livened up the quiet battlefield.

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