Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 329


After that, Sachi left the bar in a hurry, blushing, which obviously made Rozen even more suspicious.

Now, only Rozen and Kirito were left on the bar. They were sitting across each other, one looking calm while the other was flustered.

“I said I’m sorry, okay?” Rozen said casually to Kirito: “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have ruined your date.”

“As I said, that’s not it!” Kirito tried his best to defend himself: “Sachi is just curious to see our base, and since there should be no one in the base during the day, I figured that I might as well bring her to our base around this time.”

“I know, I know, there’s no need to explain yourself,” Rozen said, still very casually: “I’m a guy too after all, although bringing your date to our base is kind of inappropriate since no one is here to bother you, I’ll turn a blind eye this time. I’m such an understanding guy, aren’t I?”

“I…” Kirito wanted to explain, but when he noticed that Rozen’s expression, he immediately knew that Rozen was enjoying himself teasing him, and whatever he said at this point would be pointless, so he just lowered his head in frustration.

Is this the so-called digging your own grave?

It wasn’t just Rozen who knew that Kirito has been close with the Moonlit Black Cats’ members ever since nearly a year ago. The rest of Red Wings’ members were also aware of this.

Even though Kirito was one of the strongest Players among the Clearers, while Moonlit Black Cats was just an unknown guild in the Middle Floor, he liked the gentle and cozy atmosphere when he was around Moonlit Black Cats’ members. Kirito often went to the lower Floor to meet Keita and the rest.

Among all Moonlit Black Cats’ members, Sachi was the closest one with Kirito.

Of course, Rozen was aware that this was the so-called sour and sweet youth, and Rozen was suddenly all emotional.

“Well, you should be fifteen years old this year, right? It can’t be helped.”

Rozen gave Kirito a meaningful look just like a father who just watched his child grow up.

“Aren’t you also fifteen years old? Why do you sound like you’re much older?”

Kirito mumbled.

Of course, Kirito didn’t know that Rozen should be as old as a father with two children if the life Rozen lived in the other worlds were combined.

However, even after living for so long, Rozen was still a lazy, laid-back, and of course, nerdy child.

Rozen just looked at Kirito, ignoring his remark earlier.

Kirito was currently wearing a black leather coat, no metal armor whatsoever on his body. As usual, he preferred the agile build. However, he had a heavy-looking sword behind his back.

Although he didn’t seem like it, after nearly a year, Kirito’s strength has increased rapidly. Take his level; for example, he was currently at level 7, and he managed to max out two Skills, one of them was One-Handed Sword, and the other was Searching.

His Weapon Defense Skill was also around level 800. Although he was still behind Rozen, there was barely any gap between them.

In terms of strength, Kirito probably was only second to Heathcliff and Rozen among the Clearers.

In fact, without Eye of the Mind, there was a high chance that Rozen would be no match for Kirito.

Not to mention, Kirito managed to earn himself two things that boosted his strength even further in the past six months.

The first one was the weapon on his back. It was a pitch-black sword with trims of gray and was evenly balanced and quite powerful.

It had a black hilt connected to a handguard that dropped down on the right side.

Kirito obtained this one-handed sword from the 50th Floor Boss’ LA reward.

At that time, both Rozen and Heathcliff had their hands tied because the 50th Floor had a moderate increase of difficulty.

Rozen was busy directing the Clearers, and Heathcliff also had his hands full with tanking the Floor Boss.

Hanachou and Saichou also couldn’t deal damage directly, so Kirito ended up getting the LA rewards.

Because this weapon was the LA reward from the formidable 50th Floor Boss, there was no doubt that it was one hell of a weapon.

It even had a total of 50 maximum enhancement attempts. Once this weapon was enhanced to the limit, it should still be usable up to the 80th Floor.

With this weapon, Kirito, who was agility-oriented, managed to exceed Rozen, who was power-oriented in terms of attack power.

The name of the sword was “Elucidator.”

That was one of the two major things that Kirito obtained during the last six months.

And the other thing that he got would definitely alarm every player in SAO if they ever learned about its existence.

Even Rozen was dumbfounded when he knew Kirito obtained this thing.

Kirito would’ve been as famous as Rozen by now if he went public with his findings, but because he didn’t wish to be the center of attention, he decided to keep it a secret.

If Kirito used this trump card of his, he’d surely be able to stand on equal ground with Rozen and Heathcliff.

But for now, the only person who knew about this secret aside from Kirito was only Rozen.

However, even without using this trump card, he was still pretty famous during the one, and a half years SAO had operated.

He even earned the nickname “Black Swordsman,” and Rozen obviously was happy with Kirito, who has come this far.


“I still remember that moment when you stole the LA reward, you know?”

Kirito squinted when he heard Rozen muttered these words.

“You’ve taken almost every LA during this one and a half years, cut me some slack for taking some!

Kirito sighed.

Because the monster that Rozen killed will be recorded in his Throne of Heroes, Rozen has been trying hard to get every LA that he could. As a result, he almost got LA in every Raid.

But even Rozen slipped up sometimes, and someone else ended up taking the LA rewards.

One of them was Kirito. He had a knack in calculating how much hp the boss had and executed the finishing blow accordingly.

As a result, he managed to take the LA several times.

Rozen didn’t really mind even if he couldn’t register several Floor Boss to his Throne of Heroes, but this was another matter.

“I really like that Elucidator, though.”

Rozen also sighed.

Kirito could only scratch his head, but suddenly he looked at Rozen with a serious expression.

“Actually, I met Argo on my way here, and she asked me to relay a message to you.”

Kirito said solemnly.

“I heard that those guys are making their move again. ”

Rozen’s brow gradually rose, and he squinted at Kirito upon hearing this news.

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