Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 330


In the nearly one and a half years since SAO has been running, In addition to the Clearers who gained strength rapidly, Middle and Low-Level Players, who slowly but surely also gained grew, another existence has come to light.

It was Orange Guilds and the Red Guilds.

Since the Clearers have cleared more than half of the total Floors in Aincrad, the rest of the Players gradually felt that returning to the real world was no longer a pipe dream. As a result, more and more Players took up their weapons and fought monsters. But while the Clearers were busy strengthening themselves to free all Players, some Players would stoop so low and did inhumane things just for a few resources in a virtual world.

They were the cause that Orange Guilds and Red Guilds kept growing day by day. Among them, there most famous one was a guild called Laughing Coffin.

“Death game and murder come hand in hand. Enjoying the game is the right for all Players.”

That’s PoH’s reasoning. PoH was the Laughing Coffin’s leader. This argument caused the birth to a bunch of Orange and Red Players. His words were like a brainwash and temptation to walk the path of crime.

To put it bluntly, Laughing Coffin didn’t fall short compared to SAO’s best guilds, such as Red Wings and Knight of the Blood, but that was not even the scariest part about them. What made them truly struck fear into the Players’ heart was because they neither formed this guild for Cor nor equipment, but just for the sake of killing other Players. It was undoubtedly the place for degenerates who were beyond saving.

This guild was formally established around three months ago, and to celebrate the occasion, they massacred a small guild that happened to pass by.

In the following month, Laughing Coffin actively committed murders, which caused panic among the Players, and eventually alarmed the Clearers.

As the Clearers’ commander had to take the matter into his own hands, so he ordered the Clearers to form a scouting team to find Laughing Coffin’s whereabout even if it meant slowing down the progress to clear the Floor.

The Clearers agreed with Rozen, even Asuna, who prioritized clearing Floors above all else, didn’t object to Rozen’s decision.

As a result, while Clearers’ main force continued with exploring and clearing the Floors, the scouting team managed to find 20 members of Laughing Coffin and threw them to prison.

This was all thanks to Rozen’s quick-witted judgment. Otherwise, it’d be difficult to find these Laughing Coffin’s members who were hiding in labyrinth and Outer Field. It was pointless looking for them in Main Settlement because they couldn’t enter.

After that, Laughing Coffin completely disappeared and halted all their activities. However, Argo still always informed Rozen from time to time about their movement.

“Those guys” that Kirito mentioned earlier referred to Laughing Coffin.

“Argo said that those guys are looking for a suitable Orange Guild to brainwash to replace the members they lost last time.”

Kirito relayed Argo’s message to Rozen.

“Upon her investigation, Argo found that Laughing Coffin has been eyeing several Orange Guilds. These are the list and the information about the lastest activities and movement of those Orange Guild.”

Kirito took out a few pieces of paper from his storage and handed it to Rozen. Rozen then immediately skimmed through them.

“What should we do?”

Kirito asked concisely.

“Since we know the whereabouts of the Orange Guild, there is only one thing to do, right?”

Rozen said without hesitation.

“Take them out.”

Rozen has made his decision.

“No objection.” Kirito wasn’t surprised at all by Rozen’s quick answer. He even threw in some input: “But if we carelessly attack these Orange Guilds, won’t it alarm Laughing Coffin? What if they disappeared again like last time?”

“If they disappeared like last time, let them be.” Rozen shrugged and said: “nipping out these Orange Guilds should be enough.”

Although a Red Guild like Laughing Coffin was indeed dangerous, but the smaller Orange Guilds undoubtedly caused more distress among Players. Besides, there was only one Laughing Coffin out there, whereas there were many Orange Guilds throughout the Floors, so crushing them would be much better for the Players’ sake. If they managed to arrest Laughing Coffin as well, that’d be the best! but it won’t be a problem if they couldn’t

“Just like how the Clerears grew in numbers thanks to Middle and Low-level Players who managed to catch up, Laughing Coffin also grew in numbers thanks to these Orange Guilds and Orange Players, so we must nip them in the bud before they join Laughing Coffin. Although the threat that Laughing Coffin poses won’t be reduced, at least it won’t increase either. Besides, arresting these Orange Guilds will reduce the overall threat to Players.”

Rozen kept a piece of paper and gave back the rest to Kirito.

“Distribute this information to the Clearers and asks well-known guilds like Knights of the Blood, Divine Dragon Alliance, and Fuurinkazan to take care of those Orange Guilds.

Rozen’s lightning-quick approach once again left Kirito in awe. He was once again reminded by the fact that his brother was the Clearers’ commander as he took several pieces of paper from Rozen.

“How about that one?” Kirito said while staring at the paper in Rozen’s hand: “Is that Red Wings’ responsibility?”

“No,” Rozen smiled and said: “This is mine.”

“Wha?” Kirito was startled and then asked again: “Are you planning to take them down all by yourself?”

“Yeah.” Rozen calmly nodded and said: “These Orange Guilds are just small guilds composed of Middle-level Players. I alone should be enough.”

“That’s…” Kirito hesitated.

Rozen replied with a simple answer.

“Just let me try my current skills.”

Rozen said with meaningfully, and Kirito smiled wryly as if realizing what Rozen actually had in mind.

“That’s just so like you.”

Rozen just grinned when he heard Kirito’s response.

“Might as well make some profit out of this, right? Hehe.”

Seeing the look on Rozen’s face, Kirito knew he couldn’t stop his brother.


Kirito once again sighed and looked at Rozen once again after putting away the papers Rozen gave back to him.

“I will be sure to handle the rest.”

Rozen then nodded and glanced at the paper in his hand.

“This Orange Guild actively operates at….. 35th Floor?”

Rozen then put away the paper.



Saichou and Hanachou flew and perched on Rozen’s shoulder, leaving the bar with him.

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