Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 335


35th Floor, Forest of Wandering.

The moment Silica and Rozen entered this area, they were welcomed by towering trees as far as they could see. The forest itself seemed to be no different than a normal forest at first glance, but once Players passed each area of the forest, they would be teleported to another area, confusing your sense of direction and distance as you delved deeper into the forest.

Of course, needless to mention that the monsters in this area were really agressive. They immediately attacked Rozen and Silica as soon as they were sighted.

The monsters in this area were around level 35-38, which was powerless before Rozen and Silica since they were already at the safe level for this Floor.

Rozen deliberately used his level 40 weapon that he hasn’t used in a while and killed all the incoming monsters without even using his Sword Skills. He just hacked all the monsters with his sword.

As for Silica, even though her level was nowhere as high as Rozen’s, she has also reached the safe level for this Floor, which was level 45. Using a somewhat good dagger, although the dagger itself lacked attack power, with the help of Dagger Skills, she managed to repel all the monsters coming at her.

Drunk Apes were humanoid monsters covered with dark red fur. They each carry a crude club in its right hand and some sort of gourd with a string tied around it in its left hand.

Since it was a humanoid monster, it could use Sword Skills. Using the club on their hand, they were able to dish out massive damage with low-level Mace Skills that it could prove fatal if Players took several hits of their attack even if they were at the safe level for this Floor, making them the troublesome monster to deal with in the Forest of Wanderings.

Fortunately, they lacked speed, and since they were only able to use low-level Mace Skills, they lacked multi-hitting combos. Setting Rozen aside, even Silia could nimbly dodge Drunk Ape’s attack, but things only went smoothly if they faced one Drunk Ape at a time.


Seven Drunk Apes that noticed Rozen and Silica immediately rushed toward them.

Seeing this scene, there was only one thing that came to Silica’s mind.

“Rozen-san, there are too many of them, should we…!?”

Silica, who was shaking on her feet, tried to suggest that they should run, but Rozen interrupted her before she did.

“Seven, huh? That’s quite a half-assed number, isn’t it?”

Silica was baffled that Rozen still had the time to joke around at a time like this, and she also saw that Rozen was petting Pina’s wings.

“I’ll leave it to you then, Pina!”


Pina flew and plunge herself toward the seven charging Drunk Apes.

“No! Pina!”

Silica immediately yelled, trying to stop Pina.


Pina, however, fearlessly flew toward the Drunk Apes.


Silica almost fainted when she saw this scene.

As Pina’s tamer, Silica was naturally aware of Pina’s ability. Although she could detect the approaching enemy and regenerate its tamer hp by 10%, Pina’s attack power was no better than a level 1 Player. Not to mention its low hp, one hit from those Drunk Apes will instantly kill Pina even if they didn’t use Mace Skills.

At that moment, Silica was ready to rush toward Pina and help her. However, what happened next surprised her beyond belief.


Pina suddenly flapped her wings in quick succession in front of the Drunk Apes, creating a whirlwind that swept the ground and headed straight toward the Drunk Apes.



The whirlwind enveloped the Drunk Apes, blowing them away, and once the whirlwind subsided, they couldn’t move, and their eyes spun like crazy.

That was one among so many status effects in SAO, “Stun.”

Silica had a hard time believing her eyes. Why? Because that was the ability that she wasn’t aware of.

In other words, as far as she knew, Pina never had the ability to Stun monsters, so it couldn’t be helped if she was so surprised.

“This… what is going on here…?”

Silica couldn’t help but mutter.

But her question won’t remain unanswered.

“Are you talking about that skill?” Rozen said indifferently. “It’s not a big deal. It’s because of the treat I gave her earlier.”

What did he mean by “it’s not a big deal”? Was that enough to explain what just happened?

At least that was what Silica thought.

What Rozen just fed Pina was worth more than 200.000 Cor and was a rare drop item from monsters in the 50th Floor’s Labyrinth. If this item called Spiritual Root was used as additional material to forge a weapon, the weapon will have a low chance to inflict Stun on monsters. If Silica knew all this, she’d be even more confused for sure.

But because of this item, Bina awakened a new ability, which was not surprising for Rozen.

After all, Rozen fed it to Saichou and Hanachou a while ago to awaken their ability, Stunning Powder, which could inflict Stun to the affected monsters.

Of course, Pina’s new awakened Skill was nowhere near Saichou and Hanachou’s Stunning Powder’s efficacy.

Saichou and Hanachou’s Stunning Powder could stun the frontline’s Floor Boss for several seconds. Meanwhile, Pina’s new awakened Skill could only stun the monsters below Pina’s level, and the duration was not that long, and that was only if they had no resistance to Stun. Otherwise, the Stun duration might be shorter, or they might be unaffected at all.

However, for a middle-level Player’s Tamed Monster, this was such a good ability.

“What are you standing around for?” Rozen raised his weapon and shouted: “Finish them off!”

Rozen then rushed towards the stunned Drunk Apes.

“W… wait!”

Rozen’s words snapped Silica back to her senses and subconsciously rushed toward the stunned Drunk Apes, but when she was right in front of them, the Stun duration was up, seeing this scene, Silica wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

“Just what on earth is going on!”

Silica held her dagger firmly and charged forward.

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