Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 338


“You are…”

Silica was startled when she saw a figure coming out from the trees.

It was a slim woman with purple eyes, deep, glossy, flame-red hair kept in wild curls, a flock of which covered her right eye, with lips of the same color.

She wore black armor that shone like enamel and wielded a slim, cross-shaped spear. She also wore an earring on her left ear.

She was part of the party which invited Silica to the inn, the woman who seemed bored the whole time even though the rest of her party members were trying their best to persuade Silica to join them.

“Oh, it’s you?”

Rozen also raised one of his brows, but not because he was surprised.

“Should I call you Rosalia-san, or better yet an orange guild’s leader, Titan’s Hand?“

Rozen’s words didn’t only surprise Silica, but also the woman named Rosalia.

“Oho?” Rosalia narrowed her eyes and smiled as if no longer cared that her cover was blown. She then added, “Do you know me?”

In response, Rozen gave quite a positive reply.

“Although this is the first time I personally meet you, your guild, Titan’s Hand, is quite famous. An orange guild that preyed on the Middle Floors and won’t hesitate to kill Players in order to get their hands on rare items and Cor. There were dozens, if not hundreds of Players who have lost their lives in your hands. If your objective weren’t the Player’s item, but simply killing for fun, you would’ve labeled as a red guild for this number of victims.”

Rozen said casually, and the two women on the scene reacted differently to those words.

“O… orange guild…!?”

Silica looked at Rosalia and gasped in surprise.

Silica never imagined that she would come across such a dangerous person.

“…It seems that I underestimated you. Even though you’re just in a support division, technically, you’re still a member of the strongest guild.”

 Rosalia stopped smiling for a moment, but she smiled again as if saying that she had the advantage.

“So what if you know me? There’s nothing you can do to get out of this situation anyway.”

Rosalia then snapped his finger, and in an instant, one Orange Player after another came out of the trees.

Seeing their Player Cursor was orange, it was obvious that they were Titan’s Hand’s members.

Those Orange Players gathered around Rosalia, the only Green Player among them, grinning.

Despite being an orange guild’s leader, Rosalia’s cursor was still green. As mentioned earlier, her task was to find the perfect prey in town and lured them out where her guild members laid an ambush.

That was the reason why Rosalia joined the party that invited Silica at the inn earlier. She has set their eyes on them as her next prey.

But apparently, Rosalia changed her mind at the last second.

“Rather than targeting that Middle-Level party, a member of the strongest guild undoubtedly had more to offer. Even though you’re just a support division tasked to collect weapon materials on lower floors, there’s a high chance that support division members mainly focused on crafting skills. Thus you should have a lot of guild items and materials on you, right?

Rosalia licked her lips and smiled wickedly.

“Coming all the way to this place with a helpless girl, you’re basically telling me you don’t mind becoming my prey here.”

Using Teleport Crystal in Forest of Wandering was useless as Players will only be teleported to another area within the forest instead of the town. In addition, since Forest of wandering was a sub-dungeon, Players couldn’t send messages to anyone, meaning they could neither ask for help from their friends nor report who was responsible for their death, the perfect place for a Player Killer to hunt their prey indeed.

“As long as you’re here, you could neither escape nor send messages. No one will come to save you here, heck, your prideful guild won’t even be able to find where you died, I can’t ask for any better.”

The wicked smile on Rosalia’s face basically told them that she had no intention of letting these two teenagers go.

“I’m gonna die.”

Silica realized just how bad the situation was.

However, Rozen seemed indifferent from the very beginning, he just looked straight at Rosalia’s eyes as if watching a bunch of clowns.

Rozen then said…

“You took the words right out of my mouth, Rosalia-san.”

Rozen’s words made Rosalia frowned.

What Rosalia said was correct indeed. If she killed those two here, even Red Wings wouldn’t know that it was Titan’s Hand’s doing.

If there was one thing she was wrong about, it was when she thought things went according to her plan, even though this was Rozen’s plan from the very beginning.

 “To think that it would turn out this well, even I didn’t expect this.”

Rozen smiled at Rosalia.

“Although I did plan to appeal myself back at the inn, I thought it would take a little more effort, turns out it’s simpler than I expected.”

That was the reason why Rozen raised his hand in front of so many Players at the inn and even asked Silica to form a party. It was all to draw everyone’s attention to him.

When those Players noticed his guild emblem, and with Rozen adding that he was just a member of the support division, he basically instilled an idea that he had a lot of items with him, yet he was nowhere as strong as other Red Wings’ members. Of course, upon hearing this lie that Rozen fabricated, the orange guild’s member who was tasked to find the prey won’t miss this chance.

In other words, Rozen’s goal back then was to make his presence known, not forming a party with Silica.

As long as he has already made his presence known, Rozen has achieved his goal. He only formed a party with Silica out of a whim.

Of course, Rosalia didn’t know about this, let alone Silica.

However, both Silica and Rosalia realized that Rozen was not bluffing.

“You little…!”

Before Rosalia could finish her sentence, Rozen pulled out a one-handed sword from his storage and drew it from its scabbard.


However, it wasn’t the old one-handed sword that he used to fight Drunk Apes earlier. This time, he used his main weapon.

“Silica, wait for me here, don’t move.”

Rozen ordered Silica to stay put.

“I… I know…”

Silica immediately nodded.

Rozen just smiled and walked forward.

The lazy and laid back atmosphere around him gradually changed with every step he took.

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