Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 339


“sa… sa… sa…”

Rozen’s footstep resounded throughout the quiet forest.

Holding his main weapon in his hand, he slowly walked toward Titan’s Hand’s members in front of him.

He still looked as laid back as ever, but the atmosphere around him was unlike before. It was as if his whole body exuded this confident aura around him.

Seeing Rozen, who approached them without fear, Titan’s Hand’s members subconsciously took a step back.

“What’s with this guy…!?”

“Isn’t he just in support division…!?”

“What the hell!…”

Titan’s Hand’s members were baffled and shouted in disbelief.

Among them, Rosalia was fidgeting and bit her lips when it finally hit her. Seeing the atmosphere around Rozen, and how calm he looked despite this situation, it was unthinkable that a middle-level Player could be that composed when facing this many opponents.

“Could it be that…he’s not in support division, but actually one of the Clearers…?”

Rosalia said in surprise.

It was not until this moment that Rosalia finally realized that they were the ones who fell into the enemy’s trap.

As she said earlier, it was impossible to escape from Forest of Wandering using Teleport Crystal, and Players couldn’t send messages as long as they were here, but that also applied to them, or more precisely, in this situation, they were the one who was at a disadvantage because of these circumstances instead of their prey.

They thought they were the hunter, but turns out they were the one being hunted this whole time. Not to mention, such an elaborate trap was devised by only one person

Moreover, this ambush was completed by one person alone.


Rosalia snapped.

“What are you all standing around for? The opponent is all alone, and he doesn’t even use a shield with his one-handed sword! What are you afraid of?!”

Rosalia’s words snapped the rest of Titan’s Hand’s members back to their senses.


The Titan’s Hand’s members suddenly roared and rushed toward Rozen with their weapons.


Silica, who saw this scene, couldn’t help but raise her voice.


Even Pina was worried.

However, Rozen just stared at the Titan’s Hand’s members who rushed toward him, and the laid back look on his face slowly changed.


” Shhnnnnn!”

Sword Skills’ light enveloped the weapons of Titan’s Hand’s members as they rushed toward Rozen. They used their strongest Sword Skill with the intention to kill Rozen.

However, instead of counter-attacking, he just moved slightly.


Their sword only hit thin air instead of Rozen.


Rozen evaded all of their Sword Skills with the slightest movement. There were ten of them, yet none of their attacks could hit Rozen.

In fact, Rozen didn’t budge from his spot. He dodged all of the attacks with his feet still in the same place as when he was attacked.


Rosalia was shocked.


Silica was also dumbfounded.

“This… this guy…! “

“Is this a joke…!?”

“He actually dodged it all…!?”

All of Titan’s Hand’s members were stunned.

“What the hell are you guys doing! Kill him!”

Rosalia shouted as she became more and more anxious.

The Titan’s Hand’s members roared and attacked Rozen once again, but no matter how many times they swung their weapons, Rozen dodged them all with ease.

“You’re all bark and no bite.”

Rozen said condescendingly.

Shortly after…


Before they realized it, Rozen’s sword has already pierced one of them in the throat.


The Player roared as his hp dropped rapidly.

“Shhkk! Shhkk! Shhkk!”

Rozen danced with his sword around the forest, slashing one after another opponent in front of him, and before these Titan’s Hand’s members realized, their hp was already at the red zone, with only 1 hp remaining.

Yes, every single one of them, aside from Rosalia, was left with 1 hp.

Using Eye of the Mind and his own calculation, Rozen meticulously attacked the Titan’s Hand’s members and deliberately left them just one step away from death.


Even Rosalia turned pale, let alone the rest of Titan’s Hand members who had 1 hp left.

They immediately took healing potion and healing crystal while running away from Rozen.

The feeling one step away from dying will definitely scare everyone.


“Did you really think I will give you a chance to recover?”

At the next moment, ten knives pierced every single one of them in the chest, and they instantly fell to their knees.

Seeing this scene, Rosalia immediately knew what happened.

“Paralyzing poison…!?”

Rozen immediately corrected her.

“Level 5 Paralyzing Poison, to be precise.” Rozen smiled at Rosalia and then said: “Even the Clearers’ tank would be paralyzed for at least three minutes. At least you guys will be paralyzed for more than ten minutes. It should be enough for me to do whatever I please to you in the meantime.”

Rozen took out several more knives from his storage.

“Rest assured. These knives are low-level projectiles that can be purchased on the first floor. It won’t reduce your hp as long as you’re above level 10, but I’ve coated all of them with Paralyzing Poison.”

Rozen said while playing around with his knives.

“But I’ve maxed out my Blade Throwing Skill, so I can’t say for sure either. Wanna try your luck?”

Rozen said while pointing his knives at Rosalia with a smile on his face.

“You… you…”

Rosalia took several steps back and finally couldn’t help but yell.

“Who are you?!”

Rozen did not answer her question.



Rozen heard a crackling sound behind him. Something is coming toward him real fast.

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