Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 340



Rozen immediately recognized that this sneak attack was a combination of Armor Pierce and another Skill exclusive to non-plate armor user, Sneaking.

There were only a few players who used this Skill throughout Aincrad, but only one of them could reach this level where the target didn’t notice his presence until the last moment.

Even Rozen couldn’t react in time even though he saw this attack coming through Eye of the Mind. At least if he turned back to block now, he definitely wouldn’t make it.


 “I don’t need to turn back then!”

Rozen placed his sword behind his back right where the attack would land as if having eyes on his back.


Exactly when Rozen did so, the spark from weapons collision was created, and Rozen successfully blocked the sneak attack.

But the sneak attack was not over just yet.

“dap dap dap!”

Followed by a clear footstep sound, a black shadow suddenly rushed toward Rozen at astonishing speed from the side and thrust the thin and sharp weapon in his hand straight at Rozen’s head.

Since Rozen has already used his sword to block the first attack, he wouldn’t be able to block this attack properly, but since he has already seen this attack coming, he could dodge it with ease by ducking.

However, the sneak attack was not over just yet.

The third attacker showed himself shortly after, from the front, no less.

 “it’s showtime.”

After saying those words, the attacker rushed toward Rozen at astonishing speed without making a sound.

The third attacker wasn’t holding a dagger, like the one behind Rozen, nor was he holding a rapier, like the one beside him, but a rectangular-shaped Chinese kitchen knife.


The leaves and branches nearby were blown away when the third attacker swung his weapon at Rozen.

After being attacked from behind and the side, Rozen should be cornered and unable to dodge the last attack, or so they thought…


A Sword Skill’s light shone brightly. However, it was not on Rozen’s sword but his foot.


This was a one-hit Martial Arts Skill. Unlike Senda, which was a punch, Gengetsu was a backflip kick technique.

Using a backflip kick with a crescent moon-like trajectory, Rozen managed to bounce away the Chinese kitchen knife aimed at him.

By this moment, Rozen managed to fend off all the attacks. Although it seemed like a complicated and well-planned attack, the whole process only took a few seconds.

In these few seconds, the attackers attacked Rozen with an intention to kill, yet Rozen managed to fend them off.

Upon realizing their sneak attack failed, they jumped back to create some distance between them and Rozen, and only then Rozen could finally see clearly who the attackers were.

There were three of them, and all of them looked like grim reapers.

On the left was the one who attacked Rozen from behind with a small dagger coated with poison.

He wore tight-fitting black leather armor, thin black pants, black leather studded boots, and a black mask resembling a sack with holes cut for eyes.

Upon seeing the eyes peeking from those holes, people could clearly sense madness from him.

On the right was the one who attacked Rozen from the side. He wore a skeletal mask with glowing red eyepieces alongside a ragged, black hooded cloak with a rapier so powerful that the metal gleamed in what appeared to be the color of blood.

And the one in the middle was the one who attacked Rozen from the front using a Chinese kitchen knife.

Standing in the middle is the attack on Rozeng, the killer of the kitchen knife. He wore a dark, hooded poncho that covered him down to his knees, but the lower half of his face was visible, showing a scornful and murderous smile on his face.

From their bout just now, it was clear that they were really strong. In fact, they were stronger than most Clearers.

Of course, Rozen was familiar with these three men because they were the infamous red guild members, Laughing Coffin.

Moreover, they were no ordinary members, but the three most well-known members among them.

A dagger user who specialized in using poisons, Johnny Black.

A rapier user who excelled at using thin and sharp weapons, Red-Eyed XaXa.

And lastly, the founder of the guild who influenced so many Player Killers out there because of his belief, namely “murder is essential in a death game, and all of us deserve the right to enjoy the game in our own way.”, PoH.


Rozen whistled and smiled out of excitement.

“Look who we got here.”

That was the first thing that he said after being attacked.

The rest of the people in the vicinity finally reacted as well.

“This… what is going on here…?”

Silica was a little panicked.

“This…who are those guys…!?”

Rosalia trembled in fear.

The Titan’s Hand’s members who couldn’t move were even more terrified.

Obviously, the situation has gone beyond these people’s comprehension.

Rozen was the only one who still smiled nonchalantly even after what happened.

However, the three Laughing Coffin’s members in front of him didn’t share the same reaction as him.

“Tsk! We can’t finish him off, huh…”

Johnny Black clicked his tongue in frustration.


XaXa also expressed his vexation.

However, PoH didn’t seem as frustrated despite their fail attempt to kill Rozen.

“You seem to be more troublesome to deal with than last time, Magician.”

The past Rozen that handled Laughing Coffin’s case for the first time wouldn’t be able to fend off the surprise attack just now so easily.

This was the three strongest Laughing Coffin’s members we were talking about. Even PoH, the leader, participated in this surprise attack.

Under the mercy of a three-pronged surprise attack, maybe only Heathcliff, who had an unusually high defense, could fend it off. Even Kirito might have a hard time against those three.

However, Rozen easily handled every single one of their attack earlier, and it was all thanks to Eye of the Mind.

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