Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 343


Suddenly, the table has turned.

Seeing both Rozen and Kirito smiled confidently, at least PoH understood that he was the one being set up.

“All according to plan.”

Just how many times has this statement been used ever since they began their conversation?

PoH believed that upon hearing the rumors that he was trying to recruit potential Laughing Coffin’s members from orange guilds in Aincrad, Rozen would immediately order all Clearers to eliminate the orange guilds in order to prevent Laughing Coffin from gaining any new members.

Then deliberately went to the 35th Floor’s sub-dungeon all by himself on the pretense of eliminating an orange guild, but his real intention was to let Laughing Coffin know he was alone in a remote sub-dungeon.

Upon hearing this news, PoH thought Rozen planned to lure out other Laughing Coffin’s members other than him to whittle Laughing Coffin’s power slowly because, under normal circumstances, PoH wouldn’t fall for such an obvious trap.

So he would just send random Laughing Coffin’s members to deal with Rozen. Instead, PoH brought two strongest Laughing Coffin’s members beside him to ambush Rozen to outwit Rozen.

Who would’ve thought this was all part of Rozen’s plan?

Rozen deliberately ordered all Clearers to scatter throughout other Floors and put himself in danger by going alone in order to lure PoH.

If he didn’t go this far, the man capable of inducing other Players to commit murder in front of him wouldn’t show himself.

Now, Rozen’s plan has succeeded.

Now, Rozen really has a successful strategy.

The three most notorious Laughing Coffin’s members were lured out to this Forest of Wandering, where they could neither use Teleport Crystal nor request backup through messages.

Although Rozen and Kirito didn’t say this out loud, the look in their eyes clearly said so, which silenced PoH.

But suddenly, the other two decided to speak.

“So what if The Magician or Black Swordsman is here?”

Johnny Black could no longer endure Rozen and Kirito’s taunt.

“There are only two of them. Let’s teach them a lesson, boss!”

Johnny Black said while gripping his poison-coated dagger firmly, looking ready to rush toward them at any moment.

Red-Eyed XaXa also stepped forward.


XaXa said with a hoarse voice.

“These half-assed bastards who wasted their time playing around with monsters are no match for us.”

XaXa implied that Rozen and Kirito, who mostly fought monsters, were no match against them, the strongest Laughing Coffin’s members, who preyed on Players.

However, XaXa was right.

Despite their high level and shouldering the title Clearers, they mostly dealt with monsters. However, there were many humanoid monsters in Aincrad.

Their AI only allowed them to act according to how they were designed, while the human brain was capable of a more complicated thought process.

When it came to handling monster, the Clearers were indeed one step ahead, but it’d be a different story if the opponent were a Player, especially a player who was used to killing other Players.

Even from Skills composition alone, the difference was clear. The Clearers’ Skills revolved around the best method to deal with monsters, while a red guild like Laughing Coffin was focused on Skills to deal with Players.

In addition to the difference in experience, it was safe to say that a Clearer won’t be able to win against a red Player with the same level and set of equipment.

That was what XaXa was trying to say.

And since there were only two of them, things weren’t that bad, or so XaXa thought…

“I wonder about that.”

Rozen first closed his eyes and smiled a little, and he was about to open his eyes.

“Try this on for size, then!”

As soon as Rozen said that, he planted his foot deep on the ground and rushed forward like an arrow.

Despite facing the three most notorious Player Killers in Aincrad, Rozen took the initiative to attack fearlessly.



“Kill him……!”

PoH, Johnny Black, and XaXa were surprised since they didn’t expect Rozen would actually take the initiative to attack.



Saichou and Hanachou also flew at high speed, following Rozen.


Kirito also planted his foot deep on the ground and rushed forward with his black leather coat fluttering.

At this very moment, the fierce battle between the Clearers’ strongest guild and the strongest red guild began.



Seeing the fierce battle between Rozen and the red guild, Silica was so anxious that she subconsciously tried to run toward Rozen to help him.


Pina quickly bit Silica’s hem to stop her because there was no place for Silica in this battle.

The Players in front of Silica were the strongest among the 10.000 Players trapped in Aincrad. Such Players were duking it out without holding back.

If Silica, who was only level 45, recklessly joined the fray, she would just die in vain.


Realizing there was no place for her in this battle, and she would be nothing but a burden anyway, Silica stopped and hugged Pina while closing her eyes.

Silica couldn’t do a thing, nor could she look the battle unfolding before her eyes.

After all, she was just a 13 years old girl. She was not mentally ready to see the battle to the death at such age.

Silica could only close her eyes and hid behind a tree while praying for Rozen.

“Please don’t lose… Rozen-san…!”

As Silica prayed for Rozen’s safety, Pina licked her in the face to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Rosalia has already abandoned her guild members and fled, but where could she escape anyway.

Now that she got Rozen on his bad side, Rozen could issue a search for her with just one word, and when that time came, Rosalia, who has lost all her underlings will have no choice but to go to jail.

But that could wait. Rosalia was nothing but bait, after all. Now that the fish he was after had taken the bait, he had to deal with that first.

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