Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 344


What was the outcome when the two strongest Red Wings’ members faced off with three strongest Laughing Coffin’s members?

Theoritically, it should be a one-sided battle for Laughing Coffin, and the reason was fairly simple.

First, they had an advantage in numbers, and second, technical advantage.

The former was clear as day. There were only two Red Wings’ members, while Laughing Coffin had three members.

As for the latter, as mentioned earlier, Laughing Coffin, that primarily targeted Players, should have the upper hand against Kirito and Rozen, who primarily dealt with monsters.

Based on these factors, Kirito and Rozen should have no chance of winning, and that was why Johnny Black and XaXa were not afraid at all, even though everything went according to Rozen’s plan.

PoH was the only one who felt there was something off about this because he knew full well that Rozen wouldn’t fight such a disadvantageous battle.

Yet, Rozen still came to Forest of Wandering with only Kirito as reinforcement, not to mention, he even took the initiative to attack first.

The answer was actually simpler.

Disadvantage in numbers? Technical disadvantage? With overwhelming strength, these factors wouldn’t matter at all.

People might think that although Rozen and Kirito were powerful, PoH, Johnny Black, and XaXa were not to be underestimated either.

They were among the strongest Players in SAO, that was for sure. Most people would think that only Heathcliff, who possessed a Unique Skill, was capable of fending them off.

Even though Rozen and Kirito were powerful, the gap in terms of strength between the five of them was barely noticeable.

Hence, it was understandable if people thought Laughing Coffin had the upper hand since they had an advantage in numbers.

However, this train of thought was greatly mistaken.

Because Heathcliff was not the only one who was in the league of his own in Aincrad, if there was someone else who could match Heathcliff, it must be Rozen and Kirito.


These siblings were also in their own league.


Rozen and PoH swung their weapons at the same time, bouncing off both of them. However, a Sword Skill’s light was seen on Rozen’s other hand.

It was a projectile coated in level 5 paralyzing poison and level 5 poison. With a maxed out Blade Throwing Skill, the projectile headed fast toward PoH, who was thrown off-balance after his weapon collided with Rozen’s weapon earlier.



PoH’s pupils dilated as he was surprised by Rozen’s following attack.


PoH’s cheek was grazed by the projectile, forming a gash effect which represented blood in this world.

Although it was just a graze, PoH’s hp was reduced, although only slightly. He immediately took out an antidote crystal and crushed it, and green light instantly enveloped his body because he knew he’d die if he didn’t do this as quickly as possible.

The paralyzing poison will immobilize him, and the poison will continuously reduce his hp.

But Poh didn’t know that Rozen also predicted his move up until this point.


Rozen, who has executed his Martial Art Skill’s pre-motion, clenched his arm and his fist glowed in Sword Skill’s light. It was a one-hit Martial Art Skill, Flash Blow

“You’re wide open!”

Rozen said with a mocking tone, and PoH’s expression suddenly changed.

However, once again, he was too late.

By utilizing Eye of the Mind, Rozen could easily see through PoH’s next attack and countered with the fastest and strongest strike he could execute, and this moment was one of the examples.

Rozen concentrated his power on his waist to build the momentum and punched PoH right in the chest.



PoH groaned as he was sent flying, hit the trunk of a tree, and finally fell slowly to the ground.

Due to this attack, his hp bar that was previously at the green zone plummeted until it was in the red zone.


Upon realizing that he was crushed one-sidedly by Rozen and unable to fight back, he couldn’t help but curse.

“Since when did he was he this strong…!?”

Poh was surprised and furious at the same time.

He has already fought Rozen in the past, and Rozen was indeed strong back then, but it was nowhere as strong as he was now.

PoH realized that Rozen was dramatically stronger, be it movement, technique, physical strength, footwork, and attack power.

Was it possible for a Player to become this strong in such a short amount of time?

Is this powerful, really what the player can have?


Johnny Black, who saw this scene, was about to rush to PoH’s side to aid him, but he was stopped in his track.



Saichou and Hanachou discharged their Paralyzing Powder toward Johnny Black. As a result, he had no choice but to avoid it and back off.

Saichou and Hanachou kept Johnny Black in check.

After nearly a year, these two Tamed Monsters were much stronger than they used to be. They could effectively deal with top Players thanks to various behavior sequences that Rozen taught them.

Came into contact with their Paralyzing Powder would immobilize them. Therefore, even as reluctant as he was, Johnny Black couldn’t ignore them, and with Saichou and Hanachou’s speed, Johnny Black couldn’t outrun them either, causing him unable to attack.

As for XaXa, he was up against Kirito, obviously.

As for Shasha, it is naturally against the Kirito.

However, this powerful rapier user wasn’t in any better condition than PoH. He was crushed one-sidedly as well.


XaXa roared and launched a barrage of shadow-like strikes toward Kirito using the rapier in his hand.

Facing such an overwhelming attack, Kirito only made one move.


He was gripping the black shadow-like sword in his right hand.


And a light-like sword on his left hand.

At this moment, Kirito, who was holding two swords in his hand, unleashed a fierce cross-shaped slash to counter XaXa’s attack.


Kirito successfully repelled XaXa’s attack with his swords.

Kirito said in a low-pitch voice.

“Dual Blade – Double Circular.”

This was the trump card that allowed Kirito to match Heathcliff.

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