Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 345


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Dual Sword.

As the name suggested, it was a skill that allowed the user to equip two weapons at the same time and granted access to a brand new Dual Sword Skills.

About six months ago, Kirito suddenly found a new skill in his skill bar when he checked his Skill Bar, and it was an unbelievably overpowered Skill.

Aside from giving Kirito the advantage of being able to equip two swords at the same time, this Skill also granted access to Dual Sword Skills, thus giving Kirito a new form of fighting style that boosted his strength even further. Even Rozen could barely keep up with him at that time.

Even though Rozen hasn’t mastered Eye of the Mind yet back then, facing Heathcliff, who possessed unique Skill, Rozen was one step short of winning the duel against Heathcliff despite having two Tamed Monsters already, and Rozen sensed the same level of strength from Kirito after obtaining Dual Sword Skill when Rozen dueled him.

Kirito himself didn’t know how he obtained that Skill, and he couldn’t find any information about this Skill either, which reminded Rozen of Heathcliff’s Holy Sword Skill .

According to Heathcliff, his Holy Sword Skill also inexplicably popped out of nowhere in his Skill Bar.

He himself didn’t know the condition to obtain it, nor he ever heard of someone else acquiring this Skill, which was exactly the same as Kirito’s situation.

Thus, this convinced Rozen that….

“This is the emergence of the second Unique Skill.”

In other words, just like Heathcliff, Kirito has acquired a Unique Skill, and he was no longer in the same league as most Players.

After nearly half a year since then, Kirito has leveled Dual Sword Skill up to level 500. The Sword Skill he just used was an advanced Dual Sword Skill called Double Circular.

In addition, Kirito’s Elucidator rivaled even PoH’s Mate Chopper, while his other weapon rivaled Rozen’s current weapon. With all those in his arsenal, XaXa was obviously no match for him.

“Give it up.”

Kirito said calmly while XaXa subconsciously stepped back when he saw Kirito was holding two swords.

However, instead of giving up, XaXa was even more agitated, and his red eyes glowed brighter.


XaXa once again unleashed a barrage of thrusts to decimate Kirito. In response, Kirito gripped both of his swords firmly and intercepted XaXa’s attack.

Of course, despite his intimidating remarks, XaXa was still no match for Kirito. This rapier user, who had absolute confidence in his speed, was no threat to Kirito, who had Dual Sword at his disposal.

That was clear as all of XaXa’s attacks were repelled, and as their clash continued, some of Kirito’s strike hit XaXa, whittling down his hp.

Meanwhile, Johnny Black, who saw XaXa being pushed back by Kirito, let his guard down.


When Johnny Black turned his attention toward XaXa, Saichou discharged black powder. However, unlike last time, Hanachou has just discharged its own black powder, blew the black powder that Saichou discharged earlier.


Johnny Black, who was avoiding the black powder that Hanachou discharged, was surprised when he saw the second black powder suddenly covered his face. As a result, Black was unable to see, and all he saw was darkness.

That was the effect of “Blinding Powder.”

“Bastard! Die you piece of shit!”

Johnny Black, who has lost his vision, panicked and screamed his lungs out while constantly swinging the poisoned knife in his hand like a lunatic.

Well, that was an inevitable response.

Be it Player or monster would react the same way to prevent anyone from approaching when they were affected by Blind status.

Of course, it was not like the thought of using Antidote Crystal never crossed Johnny Black’s mind, but the moment he tried to reach out to his pouch, his hand was knocked away by Saichou, while Hanachou swiftly snatched his pouch.

That was also one of the behavior sequences that Rozen instills in the two enchantments.

In order to use an item, Players had to take it out from their storage through the Main Menu window, which obviously will take too long, so Players tended to put the items that they needed in an urgent situation such as Healing Crystal, Potion, Antidote Crystal, and Teleportation Crystal in their pouch to save time. 

However, the pouch may be snatched or even fell off without them noticing.

Rozen knew that if he was up against Player, he had to seal their ability to use recovery items, so he taught Saichou and Hanachou this behavior sequence.

Seeing XaXa was at Kirito’s mercy and Johnny Black being toyed by Rozen’s Tamed Monsters, PoH had no choice but to admit that it was his loss this time.

Poh then slowly stood up, stared at Rozen, and said with a disappointed tone.

“Magician, I’ll be sure to remember this…”

PoH then jumped toward the bush and ran as fast as he could.

“Planning to run away, eh?”

Rozen immediately took out the projectile in his pocket and threw it using maxed out Blade Throwin Skill.

The projectile covered in Sword Skill’s light headed straight toward PoH’s back.


In the next second, the projectile pierced through PoH’s poncho. However, while Rozen was executing the pre-motion for Blade Throwing Skill, PoH has already unequipped his armor, including his poncho, to escape faster.

“Saichou, Hanachou! After him!”

Due to his stat distribution, Rozen obviously couldn’t chase after PoH since dagger user mostly invested their stat in AGI. But Saichou and Hanachou should be able to keep up with PoH’s speed.



Saichou and Hanachou immediately obeyed Rozen’s command and went after PoH.

Meanwhile, Johnny Black, who was still affected by Blind, immediately fell to the ground after Rozen threw a projectile coated with a level 5 paralyzing poison toward him.

Of course, XaXa, who had his hands full dealing with Kirito, also fell victim to Rozen’s projectile and fell to the ground.

At this moment, the fierce battle has ended.

“Aaaaaaaaaah …!”

Black screamed like a lunatic.


On the contrary, XaXa remained silent and glared at Rozen with seething rage.

However, Rozen didn’t care about these two fishes that took his bait. He was looking toward the direction where PoH escaped with serious eyes.


Kirito walked toward Rozen while still holding both of his swords, looking slightly concerned even though he won against XaXa.

In response, Rozen just nodded lightly.

“Don’t worry. I will handle it.”

Kirito then nodded after hearing Rozen’s words.

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