Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 347


35th Floor’s inn.

Silica was sitting in a corner while hugging Pina on the inn’s first floor, and as usual, a bunch of middle-level Players flocked around her, inviting her to their party.

“You’ll join our party today, right?”

“No, you should join us instead.”

“We are the best choice if you’re looking for a party!”

“Join us!”

Just like how it has been, the Players lined up to invite Silica to their party.

Seeing this scene, there were mixed feelings in Silica’s heart. Silica used to feel so happy when so many Players fought over her.

However, after witnessing the highest level battle yesterday, Silica realized how arrogant she was.

Compared to the Players who were strong enough to pave their future with their own strength yesterday, Silica, who was only famous among the middle-level Players, realized her error and steeled her resolve to never drown in her pride again.

Therefore, Silica could only apologize to the Players who invited her.

“Sorry, I am not going to go hunting today. I want to take a break and take a walk around town.”

That was the truth.

After what she went through yesterday, Silica had no intention to leave the Main Settlement, at least not today.

Moreover, Silica had an appointment with someone else today.

Therefore, Silica could only apologize for refusing the invitation of the Players flocking around her.

The Players around her seemed disappointed, but some of them haven’t given up and even used Silica’s reason to ask her out. For example, “I know a good place if you want a change of pace; we should go together.” It was so clear that those people were up to no good, but Silica still refused their offer, so they had no choice but to leave her alone.

Only then that the inn became a little quieter, however, Silica could still hear the conversation of the people around her.

“Have you heard?”

The Clearers arrested a bunch of Orange and Red Guilds yesterday.”

“Even that Laughing Coffin was taken down and forced to disband, all their members except for their leader has been arrested.”


“That’s great news!”

“However, I heard that the Clearers Guild, Divine Dragon Alliance was also disbanded yesterday.”


“I didn’t expect that even the Divine Dragon Alliance…”

“Is it because of their battle with Laughing Coffin?…”

“No, Magician led the operation. A casualty is simply unthinkable.”

“I heard that it’s because the Divine Dragon Alliance’s leader betrayed the Clearers and colluded with Laughing Coffin.”

“Wh… Seriously?”

“I knew it. Those people are clearly up to no good.”

“They had a lot of Orange Players. Although they never killed someone, they wouldn’t hesitate to attack other Players for rare items.”

“They should’ve seen it coming, then.”

“I heard that not only was President Zahad forced to dissolve the guild, but he also had to leave behind all his guild’s resources, including the equipment and items he had on him, which would be used for the Clearers’ resources in the future. From what I heard, he was thrown to jail on the First Floor. Although his level is quite high, there was nothing he could do without his equipment.”

“After all, no idiot would trust a guy who betrayed the Clearers and colluded with a Red Guild.”

“He deserves it.”

Listening to these discussions, Silica had mixed feelings inside. After all, she wasn’t exactly an outsider; she was an important witness to everything that happened yesterday.

Not to mention this news occupied the headlines in all newspapers that day, and it obviously became the hot topic among Players.

If they knew you were a witness of such a big scale operation, how would they react? Obviously, they will flock to you and rained you down with praise.

But Silica was no longer happy with those petty things. She was more concerned with the upcoming meeting rather than that trivial stuff.

 “Is Rozen-san really coming, Pina?”

Silica felt anxious and asked the little dragon in her arms.


Pina cried in response. Silica didn’t know whether that was a yes or no.

After Rozen was done with Johnny Black and XaXa yesterday, he left them both in Kirito’s hands and immediately went to the 55th Floor to confront Zahad.

Of course, Silica was no exception.

When Silica noticed that the battle was over and came out of her hiding, the Black Swordsman holding two swords said something to her.

“Our leader has something important to do now. He asked me to tell you that he’ll see you tomorrow at the usual place.”

After saying those words, Kirito escorted the two murderers to jail, and Silica went straight back to the inn on the 35th Floor.

Because that was the only place that Silica could think of as the usual place.

Other than the inn where they first met and Forest of Wandering, they never spent any time together anywhere else.

Forest of Wandering was out of the question when it came to a dating spot, right? That was why Silica was waiting at the inn.

“No, no, no!”

Silica realized what she was thinking and suddenly shook her head, all flustered.

“This is not a date! Just meet up! A meet up!”

Silica said to herself blushingly.

However, someone replied to her words teasingly.

“Really? I don’t mind if it’s a date, though.”

Silica was surprised by the mischievous response and immediately looked up.

She finally realized that another Player was sitting across her.

Who else was it aside from Rozen?

“Ro… Rozen-san…!?”

Silica exclaimed.


Pina cried in joy and immediately flew off from Silica’s hand and flew toward Rozen.

“It seems that you are in high spirits, little guy.”

Rozen smiled, caught Pina in his arm, and petted its chin.

Seeing this scene, Silica finally stopped worrying whether Rozen would come or not.

Among all the feelings that she felt right now, the first that she felt was a joy.

Silica was worried that she would never see Rozen again at first, but now it seemed like an unnecessary concern.

(To think that we can meet again…)

Silica was so happy that she could see Rozen again.

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