Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 362


“Lizardman Lord.”

That was the name of the Mid-Boss on the 74th Floor’s labyrinth.

The 74th Floor’s labyrinth was full of humanoid monsters armed with weapons, shields, and armors.

Lizardman and Skeleton Warrior were the most common monster in this Floor’s labyrinth, and they were not easy to deal with.

Even Kirito and Asuna would have a hard time if they held back, let alone average Clearers. If Kirito didn’t use his Dual Blade Skill, even he couldn’t deal with two of those monsters at the same time.

It was clear that the difficulty has become relatively hard once the Clearers reached the 74th Floor. It was no wonder that the Clearers’ progress somewhat slowed down.

However, it wasn’t a problem for Rozen.

After two years, Rozen, Saichou, and Hanachou have reached level 99, only 1 level away from 100.

However, the amount of exp required to level up to level 100 was absurdly high. There was no telling when Rozen would be able to level up if he only killed normal monsters, so he has been on the lookout for Mid-Bosses around the labyrinth.

With Saichou and Hanachou, Eye of the Mind, and Dark Repulser, Rozen ran rampant as always, even on this 74th Floor.

After half a year, Rozen managed to enhance Dark Repulser all the way to +70, the feat that amazed Kirito because he only managed to enhance his Elucidator to +48, which was amazing enough as it was since Elucidator only had 50 maximum enhancement attempts, meaning he only failed twice.

Not to mention, at the last enhancement, the success rate was only 5%, isn’t that basically a miracle?

Therefore, being able to enhance the Dark Repulser all the way to +70 really amazed Kirito. There might be no other weapon that could be enhanced up to this point.

Of course, Rozen managed to enhance it up to this point was because of his abundant resources.

He even used a Floor Boss LA reward as the enhancement material to ensure the success rate became 100% for the 70th enhancement.

Rozen’s hunting efficiency was as high as always, allowing him to have a massive resource advantage compared to other Players, be it Cor or materials, and it was all thanks to Saichou and Hanachou.

Thanks to them, the monster looked like a training dummy in front of Rozen, then all he had to do was utilize his Eye of the Mind to effectively finish off the monsters.

But now…



Saichou and Hanachou cried simultaneously as they discharged the status effect powder to the Lizardman Lord.


The Lizardman Lord indeed was affected by the status effect, but it was only for a few seconds.

So far, only Floor Bosses could resist Saichou and Hanachou’s Skill to that point, yet now, the same thing happened to a Mid-Boss.

Seeing this scene, Rozen had no choice but to admit that his Tamed Monsters have reached their limit.

Tamed Monsters were only the feature to help the Players level up after all. Although Rainbow Butterfly was a rare Tamed Monster and there were only 7 of them throughout Aincrad, it wasn’t omnipotent.

“I’m afraid Saichou and Hanachou’s Skill will be completely ineffective to the Floor Boss once we reach the 80th Floor.”

Rozen sighed after he predicted the future outcome based on the current situation because once that happened, the Boss Raid would be significantly harder than before.

After all, Saichou and Hanachou’s ability to disrupt the Floor Boss played a big role in preventing casualties during Boss Raid.

Any Clearers would’ve said the same because most of them have been saved by Saichou and Hanachou that flew to their rescue when the Floor Boss was about to attack them by using their Skills, preventing them from landing any proper attack.

Even though Rozen knew this day would come someday, he couldn’t help but lament his helplessness.

“This limit is set by the developers. There should be no solution to it game-wise.”

If there were a solution to this problem within the game, the game developers wouldn’t set this limit, to begin with.

“In other words, any in-game Skills wouldn’t get me out of this predicament.”

Only Outside System Skills like Rozen’s Eye of the Mind could make Saichou and Hanachou viable again.

However, setting Rozen aside, was it even possible for a Tamed Monster, a part of the game itself, to learn Outside System Skill?


Lizardman Lord’s roar interrupted Rozen’s train of thoughts and infuriated him.

“Shut it!”

Rozen drew the crystal sword on his waist.

The crystal sword that has been enhanced up to +70 was more radiant, overflowing with elegance.


As the Sword Skill’s light shrouded the crystal sword, its beauty was amplified by another level.

Rozen planted his foot deep on the ground and dashed forward with the built-up momentum.



Three minutes later, the Lizardman Lord’s body turned blue and shattered into countless polygon shards.



Saichou and Hanachou were somewhat listless and vaguely realized that they could barely do anything.

“No need to fret; you guys did a good job.”

Rozen caressed two cute Tamed Monsters while smiling.

“We should wrap it up for today.”

After hearing Rozen’s words, Saichou and Hanachou were slightly more cheerful. Rozen then sheathed the Dark Repulser and left the labyrinth with his Tamed Monsters.

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