Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 363


The first thing Rozen saw when he set foot outside the labyrinth was a mountainous track running through a thick, overgrown forest full of old trees.

Since the outermost parts of each Floor in Aincrad are open spaces except for a few places, Players would be welcomed with blinding sunlight the moment they left the labyrinth.

The afternoon sunlight made the forest glow in fiery red color. The dense fog covering the forest gave a somewhat mysterious touch to the forest, and the chirping birds in the forest completed that beautiful scene.

“I would never see this kind of scenery in the real world.”

Rozen said while enjoying the scenery.



Both Saichou and Hanachou seemed to be taken aback by the scenery as well. Even their worry earlier was blown away as they flew together playfully, leaving the glittering powder on their trail.

Rozen let those mischievous little fellows play as he sauntered toward Kamdet, 74th Floor’s Main Settlement.

He would use the Teleport Gate in Kamdet to return to Red Wings’ base, Floria. It was a beautiful city on the 47th Floor.

Speaking of the 47th Floor, it was also known as Flower Garden, and it was not for a reason since the entire Floor was covered with flowers.

Floria was famous as a dating spot among couples since there were abundant flowers there.

Rozen decided to relocate Red Wings’ base to the 47th Floor just six months ago. He decided to do so not only because the 47th Floor was pleasing to the eye but also because Saichou and Hanachou really took a liking to the flower gardens on that Floor.

Rozen also happened to stumble upon a hidden quest involving the Rainbow Butterflies, boosting their exp.

The rest of the guild members had no objection.

“As long as we have a base as a meeting place, I’m fine.”

“We won’t be in the base during the day anyway.”

“Most of us would go back to our own lodging anyway.”

“Although other major guilds seem to have the habit of living in their guild base, at the end of the day, we’re beta testers through and through.”

“We still play the solo from time to time.”


The guild members threw various reasons to leave the decision to Rozen. However, they agreed on one specific thing…

“Just don’t let Kirito use the base as he pleases!”


The members of the guild unanimously reached this decision.


Kirito was shocked when he first heard it, but everyone had a reason to justify this.

“This Floor was known as the most famous dating site among couples. If we let Kirito enter as he pleases… You guys know what would happen, right?”

The guild members said tacitly.

Obviously, it was because the famous “Black Swordsman” had hots for Sachi from Moonlit Black Cats.

Once the guild base was relocated to Floria, they might just use the base as their private dating spot, which was something those hopeless virgins couldn’t allow to happen.

And that was not the only one. Lately, Kirito’s luck really took a much better turn. It was right after Rozen introduced Liz to him

“I heard Liz-chan became Kirito’s exclusive blacksmith?”

“And it was her own idea?”

“And Kirito, that lucky bastard has been visiting Lindarth lately.”



Kirito, who was envied by the rest of the guild members, tried to explain.

“No… It’s nothing suspicious! Our relationship is purely based on business! A plain normal business partner!”

Although Kirito tried his best to get out of this predicament, according to a certain rapier user Liz has made a public declaration…

“I am going to make the Black Swordsman mine!”

Despite blushing, Liz still said it out loud.

After hearing about this information, Rozen was silent for a while, and then he decided to have a small talk with Kirito.

“Have Liz and Sachi met?”

“No… no…”

“… I see.”

“… Are you concerned about me?”

“Nah, I just want to say that you should have them meet each other.”


No one knew about this conversation.

However, one thing was certain, Kirito’s quiet and peaceful life was over.

In summary, by the guild members’ unanimous decision, Kirito was forbidden to enter and leave the base as he pleased and only allowed to enter whenever Rozen was present.

“B.. But I am also one of the Red Wings’ members…!”

Needless to say, Kirito’s pleading was straight out ignored by everyone.

Returning to the present time, the guild base that has been relocated to Floria became the place for Rozen to return.

“Sigh, it really is annoying seeing couples flirting around every single time on my way back.”

Rozen just sighed since there was nothing he could do.

Even Red Wings’ members have started ogling cute girls recently.

“Will those guys be alright, though?”

Rozen was a little worried when he saw his guild members getting distracted by the idea of having a girlfriend.

Rozen himself was no better; he often sighed lately.

 “A cute girlfriend, huh?”

It was clear that his decision to relocate the guild base to the 47th Floor brought various merits, but at the same time also caused pressure to all guild members.

Because of that, Rozen began to question his decision to relocate the base back six months ago.

“It can’t be helped. I have to relocate the base again.”

Rozen muttered while pondering about this matter as he walked toward the guild base.


A blinking icon popped out in Rozen’s vision.

“A message?”

Rozen was startled at first and then immediately tapped the blinking icon to open the message.

It turned out the sender was the information broker that he was familiar with.


Rozen then read the message.

“I’ve verified this information myself. Yesterday a party consisted of mid-level Players found the seventh Rainbow Butterfly. They did try to tame it, but they killed it in the end because the attempt was failed.”

Seeing this message, Rozen was silent for a moment and then sighed.

“Again, huh?”

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