Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 364


Rozen has always left Argo in charge of looking out for the information involving Rainbow Butterflies.

Although his formation was basically complete when he tamed Hanachou, he couldn’t help it if he wanted another Rainbow Butterfly because Akabane Family’s Puppet Art Technique multiplied his combat capability as the number of the unit he controlled increased.

Unfortunately, Rozen himself knew that it was somewhat unrealistic.

There were only seven of them in total, even finding one throughout all Aincrad’s Floors all by himself was just ridiculous.

Even Rozen just happened to stumble upon Saichou during the beta test, and it was Moonlit Black Cats’ members who discovered Hanachou’s whereabout. Obviously, that kind of coincidence wouldn’t last forever.

After two years, other Players managed to find one Rainbow Butterfly after another.

However, Rozen never saw any of them, nor did he hear any news about them being tamed by other Players because they were killed by the Players who discovered them.

At first, they were ecstatic when they found the Rainbow Butterfly because it was the famous Magician’s Tamed Monster, and they tried to tame it.

However, when they knew about the insanely difficult conditions to tame them, especially the condition that forbade them from equipping any weapon prior to taming them, those Players were furious and killed them.

Besides, the Rainbow Butterflies had exceptional detection and extremely fast. Once they spotted a Player, they would run away with all their might.

Even if a Player could catch up by some chance, they would use the Paralyzing Powder, immobilizing the Player for three seconds.

Simply put, chasing them was even more difficult, leaving them with no other choice but to attack.

However, since the Rainbow Butterflies’ hp was awfully low, they were killed in one strike.

After several Rainbow Butterflies were killed, Rozen asked Argo to share the information regarding Rainbow Butterflies to all Players, so they knew that the Rainbow Butterflies’ hp was really low to prevent Players from killing them. However, that also included abundant rewards Players got upon killing them.

Since the Players could neither tame them nor keep up with their speed, they decided to just kill them and earn themselves a bunch of rewards, just like what happened yesterday.

“Players just can’t stop the urge to kill the same monsters as the Magician’s Tamed Monster.”

That most likely would become tomorrow’s headline.

“So there’s no other Rainbow Butterflies left aside from Saichou and Hanachou, huh?”

Rozen murmured while keeping an eye on Saichou and Hanachou that was still playing around.

Rozen once considered offering a reward to Players who found the Rainbow Butterfly. The reward obviously exceeded the amount of rewards Players got when they killed the Rainbow Butterfly, so they were more tempted to sell the information to Rozen rather than killing them.

However, Rozen couldn’t go through with that idea because he couldn’t find the two opposing kingdoms’ flags again.

It was the flags that overrode the condition “equipping weapon restriction” when it was burned.

He only had one set of those flags, and now that he has already burned both of them to tame Hanachou back then, he didn’t have any left.

So, the reward would’ve been pointless anyway if he couldn’t tame the Rainbow Butterfly they found.

In this case, the reward is just a white reward.

“Might as well find a Player who never equips a weapon in Town of Beginning, teach him how to tame the Rainbow Butterfly and level up in this world.”

Then again, what were the odds of betting on someone who still curled up in Town of Beginnings even after two years?

Besides, Rozen was the only one who could draw the Rainbow Butterflies’ true potential. Even if Rozen taught them the optimal method to raise the Rainbow Butterfly, it was pointless if they were not as capable as Rozen.

Rozen even disclosed Rainbow Butterflies’ taming conditions. Still, no one could tame a single Rainbow Butterfly yet other than Rozen, and since there was no solution to all these problems, the Rainbow Butterflies ended up dead at the Players’ hands.

“It can’t be helped. I can’t find another way to tame it after all.”

Rozen closed the message window and tried to console himself.

“Too bad I can’t tame another one, but it’s not like these two years were totally meaningless.”

As days passed, Rozen could feel that he delved deeper into Eye of the Mind’s mastery, and the more he mastered it, the more things he could perceive.

Now, Rozen was confident that he could stand his ground against Heathcliff even without Saichou and Hanachou’s aid, and that was not without reason.

Lately, Rozen has been consistently winning in his duel against Kirito. He’d at least win 8 out of 10 duels.

With Eye of the Mind’s help, Rozen could see through Kirito’s attack with ease, which was a huge help in First Strike Mode.

However, that didn’t necessarily mean Rozen could win every single time. Kirito’s attack speed when he used his Dual Blade Skill was so fast that even if Rozen knew where Kirito would attack, his body couldn’t react in time.

“I wonder how strong Heathcliff is now.”

Rozen recalled the scene during the recent Floor Boss Raid.

Heathcliff would always participate when it came to a Floor Boss Raid. However, during the Floor Boss Raid, he held the front line, demonstrating his impenetrable defense, but rarely demonstrated his offensive capability.

Even so, just like Rozen, Heathcliff was considered a living legend, because as far as the rumor said, his hp had never reached the yellow zone.

“Is there any way to put a stop to his undefeated streak?”

When such thought popped into Rozen’s Mind, he was surprised to find this matter somewhat piqued his interest.

Rozen thought so and found himself unexpectedly interested in this matter.

“Since when did I get so competitive?”

Rozen couldn’t help but smile wryly and then called Saichou and Hanachou as he took out the Teleport Crystal from his pouch. He decided not to waste his time and go back to Floria as soon as possible.

“This item is getting a bit expensive recently. Fortunately, I still have a lot of them left.”

Rozen said as he held the Teleport Crystal.

“Teleport! Floria!”

Blue light enveloped Rozen as the Teleport Crystal was shattered. Rozen’s figure then turned to light and was teleported to a distant city on lower Floor.


When Rozen opened his eyes again, it was full flower as far as he could see. There he was, the 47th Floor’s Main Settlement, Floria.

Right when Rozen appeared on the Teleport Gate, a Player who was about to enter the Teleport Gate bumped into him.


“Pardon me!”

Both Rozen and the person exclaimed in surprise and then backed off.

However, it turned out they knew each other.


The sweet and soothing voice called out Rozen’s name.


Rozen was just as surprised.

The one who bumped into Rozen happened to be Asuna.

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