Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 366


The atmosphere suddenly became heavy.

The look on Rozen’s face changed as he shifted back his attention to the man behind Asuna. Asuna herself also turned back.

 “Kuradeel, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Asuna asked the man named Kuradeel with a frown.

“Did you forget? You’re the vice-leader of the glorious Knights of the Blood, and there are so many ruffians targeting you out there. That’s why the commander assigned me as your guard.”

The escort named Kuradeel then answered as if it was for Asuna’s sake.

When Rozen heard those words, he somewhat understood.

(Something must’ve happened to Asuna.)

Although Kuradeel’s words were quite harsh, it was the truth.

There were more than a few people out there who harbored ill intent toward Asuna, and presumably, Asuna must’ve encountered someone of similar nature. Because of that, Knights of the Blood decided to assign an escort for her.

However, even though Kuradeel’s reasoning just now was appropriate, his first statement wasn’t, and it was for a very simple reason.

“You know who this guy is, right?” Asuna looked straight at Kuradeel and added:

“he’s Red Wings’ leader and the Clearer’s commander. Are you saying he’s one of those ruffians you’re talking about?”

Even though there were many people out there who harbored ill-intent toward Asuna, but Rozen couldn’t be one.

The problem was that Kuradeel considered Rozen as one of the ruffians he talked about, thus preventing Asuna from going with Rozen without realizing it.

“Exactly, you made such a rash decision because you know him.” Kuradeel then stared at Rozen maliciously and said:

“who knows what Red Wings will do to you?”

From those words, it was clear that Kuradeel implied that Red Wings simply couldn’t be trusted.

Kuradeel believed that Asuna shouldn’t carelessly enter the enemy’s base simply because he thought Red Wings and Knights of the Blood were competing for the title of the strongest guild.

“Besides, Red Wings’ members are all self-centered beta testers who only care about themselves. You have to be careful, Asuna-sama.”

Kuradeel said bluntly. At this point, he seemed desperate to just find faults within Red Wings.

Indeed, beta testers used to be labeled as selfish by normal players, and they were shunned because of that.

However, after two years of fighting actively in the front line, the rest of the Players realized that beta testers would do everything they could to clear the game, and thus the discrimination has long gone.

And yet Kuradeel suddenly brought up such an old story. It was clear that he was simply finding faults within Red Wings.

Asuna’s brows wrinkled, but before she could say anything…

“Kuradeel, isn’t it?”

Rozen beat Asuna to it.

“Did you join Knights of the Blood only recently?”

This sudden question surprised Asuna changed the look on Kuradeel’s face.

“Yeah, so what?” Kuradeel answered wryly.

In response, Rozen smiled.

“Nah, it’s just weird, that’s all.” Rozen said without looking at Kuradeel as if he was talking to himself: “If you’re indeed Knights of the Blood’s members, it’s just weird if you recognized me only after you saw my Tamed Monsters and sword.”

Knight of the Blood’s members obviously would participate in any Boss Raid, which was led by Rozen.

So, it was impossible for them not to recognize Rozen at first glance, yet Kuradeel only recognized Rozen after seeing his Tamed Monsters and sword, which was enough to narrow it down to a few possibilities.

“Either you’re not strong enough to attend the Raid Boss and simply assigned as an escort by your guild, or you just joined the guild recently.”

Rozen said casually.


Kuradeel lost it when he heard Rozen ridiculed him.


“Since you have just joined Knights of the Blood recently, let me give you a piece of advice as to the Clearers’ commander.”

Rozen was already right in front of Kuradeel before he could react.


Kuradeel subconsciously took a step back, but Rozen yanked his cape, preventing him from getting away.

“I’d do my best not to offend me if I were you.”

Rozen smiled at Kuradeel right in front of his face, but it was nothing like a gentle smile he’d show to greet someone.

“If you do, I may have to take extreme measures, for example, using you as cannon fodder…”

Rozen said while still smiling.

That was when Kuradeel turned pale and silent.

Rozen let go of Kuradeel’s cape and dusted his hands as if he just touched something dirty, and said to Asuna…

“Do me a favour and ask your guild leader to replace your escort, this one’s no good.”

Rozen then turned around and left right after.

Asuna saw Kuradeel, who was completely white and said coldly.

“Kuradeel, return to the headquarter by yourself for today; I’ll explain what happened today to the commander myself.”

Asuna then followed Rozen.

Kuradeel was trying to follow Asuna when suddenly…



Saichou and Hanachou stopped Kuradeel in his track, discharging glittering powder as a warning.


Kuradeel could only curse Rozen while shaking

“Anyone else but that guy…!”

Kuradeel murmured with a loathsome tone.

“Don’t think this is the end of it!”

Kuradeel said threateningly before he also left.

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