Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 370


As it turned out, Rozen’s hunch was on the mark.

Aincrad Liberation Force’s members led by Kobatz were attacked by several monsters on their way to the labyrinth.

Logically speaking, since their equipment and level were not that far apart from those of the Clearers, it shouldn’t be that hard for them to deal with the monsters in the Outer Field. However, since they had no experience fighting on the frontline, they panicked, and it took longer for them to deal with the monsters than it’s supposed to be. Not to mention they took those monsters lightly since they were just Outer Field monsters and got caught off guard as a result.

Despite what happened, Kobatz, the squadron’s leader, just yelled his lungs out annoyedly.

“What’s with that pathetic display? And you lot call yourself Aincrad Liberation Force’s elites? Kill those small fries at once!”

Even though Kobatz was supposed to demonstrate his leadership exactly at a time like this, he wasn’t even aware of his role and just yelled at his party members out of frustration that it took so long for them to even deal with Outer Field monsters.

Fortunately, their level was quite high, so even if they panicked and got caught off guard, they eventually defeated the monsters.

However, Kobatz, who seemed to be dissatisfied with his comrades, kept nagging them.

“Our goal is to demonstrate what we’re capable of, what Aincrad Liberation Force is capable of, yet what’s with that sorry state just now? I will not tolerate this kind of disgraceful act next time. Do you lot understand?”

The Aincrad Liberation Force’s members couldn’t say anything back; they had to swallow their pride and pressed on because what Kobatz said was not entirely wrong.

Rozen, who saw what happened as he tailed them while using Hiding Skill, sighed and frowned.

“What the hell is Kibaou thinking? Did he send these people to the frontline just to get their butt kicked? At this rate, they’d be out of breath by the time they reach the labyrinth.”

How would they deal with labyrinth monsters later if they struggled with Outer Field monsters?

“If this is all Aincrad Liberation Force got, then don’t bother joining the Clearers.”

Rozen deemed the Aincrad Liberation Force to be not worthy of joining the Clearers. It might sound harsh, but it wouldn’t be a joke if they ended up dying due to their own recklessness.

Rozen recalled back when Kibaou led his guild members on the 25th Floor to the Boss Room, beating the Clearers to the punch out of greed and ended up in devastating defeat with the death of more than half of his guild members.

Now, what would the Aincrad Liberation Force do if they found the Boss Room at their current state?

Would they recklessly challenge the Floor Boss by themselves in attempt to demonstrate what they were capable of?

“Are you planning to make the same mistake twice?”

Rozen thought as he followed the Aincrad Liberation Force’s members.



Rozen, who was following Kobatz and the rest of Aincrad Liberation Force’s members, saw a panting figure running at top speed from the town.

Rozen was startled since that figure wasn’t a total stranger.

“Asuna?” Rozen was really surprised: “She seems awfully in a hurry.”

It was as if she was being chased by someone.

“Is she being chased?”

Rozen seemed to be thinking of which one he should prioritize. After glancing at Aincrad Liberation Force, he sighed and headed toward Asuna, still using Hiding Skill.


Asuna ran through the forest as she checked the map while constantly taking a quick look behind her.

“Is he still chasing?”

Disgust and contempt were apparent on Asuna’s face as she picked up her pace and made her way to the labyrinth.

Under normal circumstances, she would never enter the labyrinth alone. She would always explore the labyrinth with her guildmates. However, that wasn’t the case today.

It was because Knights of the Blood had no schedule to enter the labyrinth today, so she couldn’t just drag her guildmate here. Besides, she definitely didn’t want a certain guild member who has been tailing her recently, even until this moment, anywhere near her.

Yes, that certain guildmate really went too far, and that was why Asuna was so irritated and tried to escape as fast as she could.

As Asuna rushed toward a certain bush…


A figure suddenly popped out of the bush, surprising Asuna.


Sensing a threat, Asuna immediately reached out to her rapier’s hilt. However, once her hand was on the hilt, the figure gagged her mouth and pushed Asuna’s hand down so she couldn’t draw her rapier and then dragged Asuna into the bush, disappearing from plain sight.

The bushes rustled for a short while, but it was not long before complete silence enveloped that place.

Not long after, the gloomy-looking man passed by the bush where Asuna disappeared just now; it was Kuradeel.

“Please stop this selfish behavior, Asuna-sama! Please come back to the guild headquarter with me!”

Kuradeel shouted with a villainous look, which didn’t reflect his position as an escort at all. He kept running without knowing Asuna disappeared near the bush he just passed by.

After Kuradeel was out of sight, two green Player Cursors popped out of the bush.

“It really is him…”

Rozen said as he watched Kuradeel passed by.


A whimper was heard beside him. It was Asuna whose mouth was gagged by Rozen’s hand, all red. She was flustered yet furious.


Rozen forgot he was still gagging Asuna, so when he heard Asuna whimpered, he subconsciously took out his hands from her mouth.

As soon as Rozen let go of both his hands, Asuna immediately clenched her fist, and the Sword Skill light enveloped her fist.

It was the Martial Art Skill, Flash Blow.

“Can’t you use another way, you dummy!”

Asuna didn’t hesitate to punch Rozen in the face as she shouted.

“Turns out she didn’t change that much.”

That thought came to Rozen’s mind before a furious blow was about to hit his face.

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