Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 80 The Little Trouble


Afterward, Rozen and his party stayed in a separate courtyard together with the Akabanes under the arrangement of Yoichi Clan.

That courtyard was exclusively prepared for Akabane Clan, in order to minimize the dispute between them.

And Akabane Kuukan understood, so he forbade all of the Akabanes to stroll around, including Rozen and Raishin.

“How about we go out to play?” Raishin asked Rozen while he tried to enter Rozen’s room.

“What do you want to play?” Rozen asked.

“Don’t you remember father tells us that we should never go out?”

“But it’s boring to stay here all the time.” Rashin complained.

“I have never gone this far from our residence before. Let’s go out and take a look. There should be no problem, right?” Raishin insisted.

“Do you want to find martial arts masters here?” Rozen asked.

“Listen, it doesn’t matter if this is our place, but you must remember we’re in other people’s property.”

“I won’t cause trouble.” Raishin said.

“We will just take a walk and see the scenery out there, can’t we even do that?”

“Then you can go by yourself.” Rozen said.

” I don’t want to get in trouble because of you.”

After that, Rozen wanted to close the door.

But Raishin was stuck out his foot to hold the door.

“You don’t want to go with me?” Raishin said.

“Izanagi is a clan that master the Yin-Yang technique. All of them were experts in using that technique. Don’t you want to learn more about that?” Rashin asked.

After hearing that, Rozen gave up.

Yin-Yang Technique.

It could manipulate the boundaries of life and death to summon the shikigami.

For a summoner like Rozen, that was a hard temptation.

From the knowledge given by Miracle, there was magic related to summoning from ancient times to the present. Including the summoning technique from a faraway eastern land.

“Summoning shikigami.”

As the name suggested, that was the magic used to summon shikigami.

Originally, Yin-Yang was a summoning system. And that technique had limitless potential.

In that world, there were no such things as servants, familiars, etc.

They didn’t know the spirit body.

But still, they could master a summoning technique, and Yin-Yang was one of the best.

But it had a low chance of succeeding.

It depended on the user’s talent.

And Rozen thought if he could master that technique, it would increase his combat potential by a lot.

Rozen already tried to learn that technique from the library in Akabane Clan’s residence, but his attempt was failed because he just found a copy or just an introduction to that technique.

But now he was in Izanagi Clan’s residence, and there was a high chance for him to find the secret how to learn the Yin-Yang technique.

Rozen was different from magus in his former world, who was learning magic only to reach the root of magic.

“Let’s just take a look and go strike back, don’t make a fuss.” That was Rozen’s condition for Raishin.

“I get it.” Raishin agreed.

Those two left the room and sneaked out of the residence where the Akabanes currently stayed.

Those two didn’t expect to encounter trouble.

“So, what should we do now?”

Rozen sighed, looking at two arrogant children.

Those are two little kids with totally different styles.

The one on the left was a big boy with arrogant behavior.

The one on the right was the opposite, a girl-like boy.

Now, those two little boys were standing in front of Rozen and Raishin.

“What’s wrong? Are Akabane’s genius and the useless one have no guts?”

“If you two surrender to us, we will let you off the hook.” With Beijing accent, those two little boys shouted at Rozen and Raishin.

“Who wants to surrender to you?!”

Raishin was angry, and he clenched his hand.

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