Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 81 The Younger Generation


Before Rozen infiltrated Izanagi Clan’s residence, he prepared some countermeasures because anything could happen.

For example, in order not to be discovered by Akabane Clan ‘s guards and Izanagi Clan ‘s guards, Rozen cast Magic Defense on himself and Raishin.

Also, he used detection skills such as detection magic from the previous meditation and Heavenly Eye.

With the magic barrier of Magic Defense was in effect, they could defend themselves when the magic bounced back and gave the information of the surroundings, so the accuracy of Heavenly Eye would rise in order to avoid the guards.

And he also used Body Hardening and Telekinesis, they could walk without making a sound so anyone couldn’t notice them. Thanks to that, Rozen and Raishin slipped out very smoothly.

Those two finally reached their destination.

That was Izanagi’s training ground.

There was a place to train the Yin-Yang technique. Like Chaldea and Akabane Clan, Izanagi Clan must have a special place for training their secret art technique.

In other words, as long as he could find that place, he could achieve his goal.

And bingo, he found that place and observed someone practiced Yin-Yan technique.

Rozen observed every detail of that technique, if Raishin didn’t pull him out to stop and go back, he didn’t want to leave the training ground.

When those two came back to where they stayed, they saw two children who were already standing inside the residence.

Rozen didn’t know how those two children could get in, but he was so sure that they intended to provoke Akabane Clan.

The young man who looked so strong on the left was called Kamo Subaru, who was the first son of Mori Clan from Domon Clan.

If Domon Hinowa took the throne, Kamo Subaru would be her right hand.

The young man who looked so slim on the right was called Yuge Mutsura.

Yoichi Clan who has been in charge of welcoming Akabane Clan.

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Like Mori Clan, Yoichi Clan acted as a guardian for Domon Hinowa.

And that was why those two came to provoke Akabane Clan to get rid of them before Akabane Clan got their hands on Domon Hinowa.

“The mercenary family wants to marry our young lady?!”

“One of them is an adoptive son, and the other one is a useless boy without talent in magic?”

For that reason, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura came to where the Akabane Clan stayed specifically to see Rozen and Raishin.

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura’s conversation was making Raishin angry.

Rozen was worried if Akabane Clan found those two infiltrated to their base and speaking ill about them, that will cause a war.

“Since it’s a children’s joke, just ignore them.” Rozen said to Raishin.

“You two little devil sneak into our base and speak ill about us. Damn you!” Raishin cursed them in his heart.

When Rozen kept an eye on two of them, he realized someone came in.

“Is she Hinowa?”

Rozen was surprised.

A young girl in a dress hid behind a wall, a bit hesitant to show herself.

“Why did she sneak into here?” Rozen wondered.

But …

“This is maybe a good opportunity.”

Rozen gave a sign to Raishin to prepare a greeting for Mori and Yoichi.

“May I ask you why are you guys here?” Rozen surprised them.

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