Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 83 The Day To Decide The Candidate


Izanagi Clan held a banquet that night.

Many dishes and various kinds of wine were served in the hall.

With traditional music as the backsound, the atmosphere was so lively.

But when Akabane Clan entered the lobby, the atmosphere changed drastically.

Rozen and Raishin sat on the second row and were ignored by the adults there.

And the adults had a chit-chat with a fake smile on their face.

The children were in a separated group from the adults, Raishin wanted to come over there because he was fed-up with the adults’ drama.

Rozen also felt the same, but different from Raishin, Rozen wanted to try something new for him.

“Well … Adults are complicated.” Rozen said that while approaching the bottles of wine.

He was so curious to have a taste of wine.

Kamo Subaru, Yuge Mutsura, and Domon Hinowa who were surrounded by the crowds, kept their eyes on Rozen.

It seemed like those three were interested in Rozen in their own way.

After three hours, Domon Kira finally stood up.

Everyone in the hall focused on her and stopped talking.

Domon Kira nodded with satisfaction, and her voice echoed at the hall.

“I’ve been waiting so long for this day, for the marriage between Izanagi Clan and Akabane Clan. My granddaughter, Domon Hinowa, will be engaged today with the son of Akabane Clan, and I hope we can have a good relationship in the future.”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed in Hinowa, Raishin, and Rozen.

Raishin felt a bit uncomfortable.

Hinowa even tried to hide her presence in the crowd.

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura were unhappy to hear that.

Only Rozen, who didn’t care about that and continued to have a taste of wine.

After that, the situation escalated to the next stage.

“Only one person can marry my granddaughter.”

Domon Kira pointed at Rozen and Raishin.

“One of them has Crimson Wing blood in his veins, and the other one is adopted son of Akabane Clan, who received the title Prodigy.”

Domon Kira glanced at Rozen and Raishin, then continued to speak.

“I will choose from one of them to be my grandson-in-law, and let him marry my granddaughter.”

After that, Domon Kira set her sights at Akabane Kuukan, who was sitting on the first-row seat.

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“Akabane Kuukan, do you have any objection?” Domon Kira asked.

“No, I don’t.” Akabane Kuukan responded, and he said, “I’m just wondering who is the lucky one to be your grandson-in-law.”

That was the theme of the banquet tonight.

Everyone immediately became curious.

Even Rozen finally withdrew his eyes from the wine and stared at Raishin, and their eyes met as if their eyes said…

“Absolutely not me.”

Unfortunately, the storyline of the show was beyond their expectation.

Domon Kira laughed and suddenly said, “I will give a test for both of them to decide who is the one that deserves to marry my granddaughter.”

Everyone was shocked including Rozen and Raishin.

Only Domon Kira had a different expression.

“On the back of Tengu Mountain, there is a forbidden area where other Izanagi Clan and I used to train the young generation learning Yin-Yang Technique.”

“Now, I will allow those two to enter the forbidden area and hold the test right there.”

Rozen and Raishin already knew the place of that test.

“I have placed a token somewhere in the forbidden area.”

Domon Kira’s eyes glanced at Rozen and Raishin.

“The one who retrieves it and comes back first is the one who will marry my granddaughter.”

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