Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 84 The Test In The Forbidden Area


Tengu Mountain, Izanagi Clan’s restricted area.

The forest in that mountain was so dark.

At the mountain entrance, there was a stone monument placed there, with ancient letters written on it, which seemed quite old.

The words meant forbidden or something?

Led by Domon Kira, everyone who just had a banquet was excited to watch the show Rozen and Raishin would present.

Rozen activated Spirit Vision when he entered the mountain, his magical power was concentrated in his eyes to see what ordinary people couldn’t see.

He noticed there was an invisible enchantment around the forest in that mountain.

“Is it concealment magic?” Rozen thought.

Concealment magic was very common magic, yet it was one of the most effective defensive magic.

It could make someone lost in a never-ending maze.

Domon Kira stood in front of the stone tablet, pressed her hand on it to infuse her magical power, and began casting some spell.

In the next second, the whole mountain was shaking.

Domon Kira dispelled the concealment magic that covered the whole mountain.

And when the concealment magic wore off, Rozen could see clearly what was inside the forest and almost startled by what he saw.

“It’s so strong!” Rozen thought.

Miasma covered every corner in that mountain.

Miasma was a deadly gas that could endanger humans life.

“Master Kira, this is …” Akabane Kuukan frowned.

Akabane Kuukan worried about the miasma, only first-class magus could survive in that kind of environment. So he worried about Raishin’s safety.

“Rest assured, the Crimson Blood provided a crazy amount of vitality. So your son will be fine.” Domon Kira said.

“Or the divine Akabane’s son didn’t even dare to take this risk?”

Domon Kira provoked Akabane Kuukan to agree with the challenge.

When Rozen saw the miasma, he glanced at Raishin.

Raishin seemed to understand the current situation, but his eyes reflected enthusiasm. He didn’t want to be looked down upon.

Rozen agreed with Domon Kira, he didn’t need to worry about Raishin because Crimson Blood would save him.

“Anyway, since Raishin didn’t want to get the token and marry that girl. Should I just stroll around?”

Of course, Rozen also didn’t want to get the token either.

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“But, won’t it affect Akabane Clan if the two of us can’t get the token?”

If the two of them couldn’t pass such a simple test, then Akabane Clan’s reputation would be tainted.

“Do your best.” Akabane Kuukan instructed Rozen and Raishin.

Domon Kira waved her hand, and everyone made their way to the forest entrance.

The test has begun.

“Is that the sounds from the shinigami of this forest?”

Rozen walked alone in the forest.

The shikigami form was a spirit, so they needed to rely on other objects if they wanted to show themselves or interact with humans.

The objects were generally some inanimate things, such as puppets or property used for magic.

The powerful Yin-Yang masters could use a powerful spell that could summon shikigami. With enough magical power, after activating the spell, hundreds of troops would be in his/her hands.

As for the shikigami in this forest …

“Will the shikigami possess the forest creatures?”

The shikigami are spirits, and possessing a living thing was not impossible.

However, that required both superb skill and power.

Otherwise, the shikigami would go berserk and attacked everyone.

“But this kind of forbidden area needs that type of shikigami.”

Domon Kira filled the whole forest in that mountain with shikigami, and then let the shikigami possess beasts in that forest to take care of the intruders.

Rozen was thinking about Raishin’s safety if he encountered such a dangerous opponent.

“Let’s begin.” Rozen activated the Heavenly Eye.

“Uh … the accuracy is too low …” Rozen said.

The miasma seemed to affect the Heavenly Eye.

“Raaaaagh …”

“Raaaaagh …” A beast roared

Rozen activated the Spirit Vision and saw the magical power’s flow in the miasma.

“Seems like I will be busy …”

Rozen smiled bitterly.

The next second, the black shadow came out of the miasma.

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