Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 85 The Current Ability


“Raaagh …”

“Raaagh …”

A creature lurking in the shadow suddenly attacked Rozen.

But Heavenly Eye helped Rozen to detect that creature.

“Is the wild dog being possessed by shikigami?”

It was a berserk shikigami with miasma covering all over his body.

Using the Spirit Vision technique, Rozen could see the miasma and the flow of magical power around him, he could even analyze the enemies’ strength.

“It’s just a bunch of weaklings.”

If Rozen could summon the Ants familiar, he could easily defeat those weaklings.

“This place is indeed a training ground to hone our skills.”

Otherwise, the berserk shikigami wouldn’t be on this level.

Rozen never used summoning magic because he had a reason for that matter.

” Akabane Clan has the puppet secret art technique, and since Izanagi Clan mastered the Yin-Yang technique, which was summoning magic. If I use summoning magic, it will complicate things.”

Besides, Rozen did not want to reveal his trump card in front of everyone.

“Not to mention that all of my magic circuits have not been fully opened yet. If I summon the familiars or the servants, it won’t last long due to my insufficient magical power.”

“But without summoning magic, my combat power will drop by a lot.”

Even with the Body Hardening, Rozen’s physical ability was only a bit stronger than normal people. So he didn’t stand a chance without magic.

But Gandr Shot which was a curse type magic wouldn’t affect that type of shikigami which was born from miasma. So Rozen could fight against that creature using Telekinesis.

“If I knew this would happen, I would have brought some puppets.” Rozen complained while preparing his magic.


Rozen’s magical power covered a huge area until the stones under his feet levitated.



The screams of the berserk shikigami sounded loud, they were rushing while with their mouth opened toward Rozen.

But when those berserk shikigami were about to bite Rozen, the stones under his feet flew toward him and was hurled toward the berserk shikigami like a bullet.

“Bang!” The berserk shikigami were hit by a heavy stone.




And the berserk shikigami were defeated one by one.

As a result, a group of wild dogs rushing at Rozen were all hit by flying stones shrouded by his magical power crushed the surrounding environment.

Upon seeing this, some berserk shikigami, went around behind Rozen, violently attacked from behind, and darted on him.

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Fortunately, Rozen’s Heavenly Eye has already perfected thanks to his training, and he wasn’t caught off guard.


In a flash of light, Rozen cast Magic Defense.


The berserk shikigami who attacked from the back was blocked by the Magic Defense as if hitting a hard wall.

In the next second, several stones hit the berserk shikigami behind Rozen. And he smoothly killed those creatures.

Fortunately, those creatures were a bunch of weaklings, if that creature was equal to an intermediate familiar or middle-rank servant, he would have big trouble.

But if Mashu was there, he didn’t need to lift his fingers.

“Let’s just take it slow and steady.”

Even though Rozen didn’t agree with that marriage, he would marry that girl anyway if he had to. Because he didn’t despise Akabane Clan as he did to the magus in Chaldea.

After ten years he living together with Akabane Clan, Rozen found that clan had a different mindset with Chaldea’s magus, even though Akabane Clan was a mercenary family who was doing dirty works, but Rozen knew Akabane Clan was so kind.

And marriage was more acceptable compared to human experiments.

“The purpose of coming to this world is to strengthen myself, so I don’t care about the rest.” With that idea in mind, Rozen did not intend to get involved in the dispute between Akabane and Izanagi.

Rozen detected some creatures and human girl with his Heavenly Eye

“Are you kidding me?”

Thinking of the worst possibilities, Rozen froze for a while and rushed toward the source of that voice.

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