Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 86 Sneaked In


Five minutes ago.

When Rozen and Raishin entered the forbidden area, three other people sneaked in quietly at the same time.

“Come on, let’s go back, don’t go any further.”

Domon Hinowa persuaded Yuge Mutsura and Kamo Subaru to hold their horses and go back.

Yuge Mutsura walked beside Domon Hinowa and talked to Kamo Subaru, who walked in front of them.

“Hey, didn’t you hear what young lady said? Let’s go back.”

Kamo Subaru was the one who had the idea to sneak in, but he was the stubborn type, so he didn’t listen to them.

“If you want to go back, you can go back by yourself.” Kamo Subaru said that without looking back.

“I must find the tokens before those guys.”

That was the reason why he sneaked into the forbidden area.

Because no one could go against Domon Kira’s decision, she had uncomparable strength and influence in that country. And she had what was needed to get rid of someone she didn’t like at her will.

So Kamo Subaru thought to steal the tokens before it fell into Rozen or Raishin’s hand was the only way to sabotage the marriage.

Akabane Clan also became cautious when they arrived in Izanagi Clan’s territory, Akabane Kuukan was reluctant to anger Domon Kira.

Akabakane Clan wanted to gain more political power using the marriage with Izanagi Clan.

Because of that, Kamo Subaru as part of Mori Clan, was the right hand of Domon Clan, didn’t want the marriage to happen. So he intended to sabotage without knowing the deal between Akabane Clan and Izanagi Clan under the surface.

“As long as I find the token before those two, I can prove that those guys don’t deserve to be Hinowa’s future husband. If that happens, Akabane Clan can’t argue that fact.” Kamo Subaru thought.

Whether his method will work or not, he didn’t hesitate to try it.

As for Domon Hinowa and Yuge Mutsura, they just followed him.

“So, you’re working on this idea?” Yuge Mutsura asked.

“Maybe if I find the tokens before the Akabane Clan, I’m not only able to prove those two didn’t have the competency, right?” Yuge Mutsura thought.

Whoever found the token first will be able to marry Domon Hinowa.

That sentence was the reason that drove Yuge Mutsura to enter the forbidden area.

Even though he will be punished by doing that, at least he could prove that he was more worthy compared to the Akabane to marry Domon Hinowa.

“If the lady gets hurt, you will be the one responsible for this.”

Yuge Mutsura said to Kamo Subaru while guarding Domon Hinowa.

“This … I …”

Kamo Subaru stopped and looked at Domon Hinowa behind him.

“Let’s go back… Kare… “

Domon Hinowa was still worried and continued to persuade Kamo Subaru.

Domon Hinowa could force Kamo Subaru to go back if she wanted to since she was the heir of Domon Clan but she chose to persuade him instead, what a nice girl.

But Kamo Subaru insisted on keeping going.

“Miss, please go back with Riuran.” Kamo Subaru said.

“I will surely find the tokens before those guys, so you don’t have to marry one of them.”

“But … ” Domon Hinowa didn’t know what to say.

From Yuge Mutsura’s perspective, Izanagi Clan won’t gain anything if they gave their heir to Akabane Clan, in fact, that marriage would taint their reputation.

Personally, Domon Hinowa didn’t want to marry a guy from Akabane clan.

However, as a ten-year-old girl with such a timid personality, she couldn’t speak for herself. So she was thankful for Kamo Subaru’s idea from the bottom of her heart.

But …

“If you do that, the grandmother will get angry.” Domon Hinowa warned him.

Those words even made him more pumped and said, “Even if I get punished by the master, I must help you at all costs.”

Kamo Subaru said to Yuge Mutsura, “Riuran, you take the young lady out of this place, don’t let the young lady get hurt.”

Riuran Yochi nodded and said, “Then don’t go too far, I will take the young lady out first, and then come back to help you.”

After he said that, Yuge Mutsura prepared to take Domon Hinowa out.

However …

“Raaaaagh …”

“Raaaaagh …”

They heard some creatures roared from the direction in from of them.

In the next second, those three saw someone familiar.

“You … how did you get here!? Run for your life!!!”

Raishin was chased by a group of berserk shinigami who got infected by the miasma, and warned those three while he kept running.

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