Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 87 Dangerous Enemy


The fatigue caught up with Rozen after he ran away for quite a while.

“I’m already this tired even though I’m just running for quite a while.” Rozen almost fainted.

Body Hardening only improved his physical ability, not his stamina.

In fact, using Body Hardening could drain out his stamina faster than usual.

In other words, if Rozen used Body Hardening too often, he won’t last long in that test.

If all Rozen’s Magic Circuits were already opened, he would be able to clear the test easily.

“Haha … Hahahahaha …” Rozen suddenly laughed, kinda creepy though.

“I better enjoy this, right?”

“Raaaaagh …”

“Raaaaagh …”

When Rozen laughed, he heard some creatures roaring again.


“Hey! Aren’t you Izanagi Clan’s heir!?” Raishin asked.

“Damn! Miss!”

“Don’t … don’t come over!”

The roar of the berserk shinigami snapped Rozen from his imagination, and he rushed toward the source of the sound.

“Now is not the time to think about useless things!”

Rozen finally found the source of that sound, a few children were confronting a group of berserk shinigami shrouded by miasma.

“Sure enough …” Rozen’s expression didn’t change as if he already predicted that.

There were Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru, Yuge Mutsura, and even Raishin.

As Rozen guessed, their condition did not look so good.

Confronting the berserk shinigami, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura prepared to cast the Yin-Yang technique but it was a pity…

“Damn! We forgot to bring the magic tools and puppets!”

“Is this the end for us!?”

If they were a master of the Yin-Yang technique, they won’t bother with the puppets because they could summon shinigami.

However, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura were only ten years old after all.

It was impossible for the ten years old child to summon shinigami without their tools.

As for Domon Hinowa, she was so scared and paralyzed on the ground.

On the contrary, Raishin took the stones and threw the stones at the berserk shinigami, but because he threw it so hard, the berserk shinigami hesitated to approach him.

“Good, He’s really brave.” Rozen admired Raishin’s guts, but he couldn’t watch it from afar anymore.


The air was flickered because of Rozen’s bursting magical power and blasted the stones like a barrage of bullets.






All the berserk shinigami near Raishin’s party were hit by bullet-shot stones, and the berserk shinigami disappear into the grass.

Raishin and the others realized that was Rozen’s doing.

“Narukami!” Raishin was really surprised.

“You …?!” Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura were surprised too.

Rozen caught his breath and came closer to them.

“Are you all right?” Rozen said casually to Raishin.

“I’m fine.Thanks.” Raishin nodded his head.

On the contrary, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura didn’t care about the fact that Rozen already saved their lives.

“It’s not like you save us for anything!”

Kamo Subaru said, “It’s just a group of low-level berserk shinigami! We can deal with them!”

“Yeah.” Yuge Mutsura’s tone was flat.

“If we have our tools, we can drive them away.” He said.

Obviously, since those two have been Looking down on Rozen, so they wouldn’t want to admit that someone they looked down rescued their lives.

Very childish indeed.

It was just …

“Even if you guys say so, you didn’t bring your tools, so you couldn’t drive away those low-level shinigami.” Rozen said with a bright smile.

“Ummm …” Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura were speechless for a moment.

Although Rozen wasn’t angry, but since he was childish, so he couldn’t just let anyone looked down on him.

If Rozen wanted to, he could pay them back right then.

Of course, Rozen also knew when he must stop.

“Setting these things aside, don’t you think there is a more important thing you should worry about?” Rozen reminded them.

“Right … right!”

“Miss!” The two of them hurried over to Domon Hinowa’s direction.

Domon Hinowa still cowered on the ground and didn’t move even a single step because she was too terrified.

Everyone felt sympathy toward her.

“You’re called Hinowa, aren’t you?” Raishin randomly asked her and stepped forward, and he said, “Are you okay?”

Hearing that, those two got angry first before Domon Hinowa was able to speak.

“You … How dare you!”

“Don’t call Miss’ name so brazenly!” Those two glared at Raishin.

When Raishin wanted to say something, Rozen interrupted him.

“You guys are too noisy!!!” Rozen said that with the serious and scary expression.

“Something dangerous is coming. Don’t waste your time on small talk. Hurry up and hide!”

After he said that, Rozen did not wait for everyone to move. He pushed Raishin into the tall grasses while he grabbed Domon Hinowa’s hand and led her to the tall grasses.

Rozen did that not because she was so cute, but because Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura won’t hear his advice. So he just needed to take Domon Hinowa, and those two would follow.

Sure enough …

“What are you doing!?”

“Let go of the young lady!”

Those two rushed over, entered the tall grass.

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