Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 88 Lolicon


When the berserk shikigami left, the atmosphere changed.

The strange atmosphere made Raishin, Kamo Subaru, and Yuge Mutsura held their breaths.

Rozen looked at one direction, from the distance, a creature appeared.

It was a two meters high Enenra.

Its body was shrouded by miasma like the berserk shikigami from before, plus, its entire body was covered by black rocks.

Like a stone giant, when it moved, it could shake the ground.

Unlike Rozen, those three almost screamed when they saw that creature.

“Although they are all only a bunch of kids, they have fine qualities.” Rozen thought.

Rozen believed when those three grew up, they will be able to achieve something big.

While Rozen was thinking about that, he realized he held something in his hand.

Rozen looked back, and he realized he has been holding Domon Hinowa’s hand all this time.

Rozen thought it must be hard for that little girl in the current situation, but he must focus on what was in front of him.

Rozen steeled his heart while staring at the gigantic shikigami outside.

He didn’t expect such strong creature would appear in the test area.

Rozen observed that gigantic shikigami’s strength, and he found it was not as strong as the shikigami Domon Chira summoned before or even the shadow servant he summoned back then when he was in Chaldea.

But he was afraid if those children couldn’t work together, then they would be dead for sure.

Rozen felt something off about that creature, it was so weird to have that kind of creature appeared randomly, so he used his Heavenly Eye to check the area around him.

The gigantic Familiar stopped, and he seemed to be looking for something, and then he left.

Raishin, Kamo Subaru, and Yuge Mutsura were paralyzed on the ground.

“Is it …” Raishin tried to say something, “Even that kind of thing live here?”

“I’m … I’m also shocked.” Kamo Subaru was also frightened of that creature.

“Seems like that was Enenra, and it can’t be any low-level shikigami.”

“Yeah.” Yuge Mutsura said, “It must be a combination from some giant animals like bear.”

“Fortunately, I haven’t encountered that kind of monster before.”

“Yeah, If you do, you would have died a long time ago.”

“The same goes for you.”

Raishin, Kamo Subaru, and Yuge Mutsura complained in sync.

Rozen thought that was quite a fun skit. And when he was about to speak, he heard a soft voice behind him.


When hearing that voice Rozen remembered something and turned back.

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There was Domon Hinowa with her blushing face.

Rozen’s heart suddenly beat so fast, he used to hold hands with Mashu, but he never did that with other girls.

“Her hand is so soft …” Rozen thought.

Rozen couldn’t help but think about that, and the atmosphere became awkward.

“You … what are you doing!?”

“Get off!”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura yelled and rushed over to separate Rozen and Domon Hinowa.

“Riuran? What’s wrong?”

Domon Hinowa asked, but Yuge Mutsura ignored her.

Yuge Mutsura kept Domon Hinowa behind him, while Kamo Subaru glared at Rozen prepared for the worst.

Rozen couldn’t help but felt embarrassed because his heart thumped when he held her hand.

“Am I a lolicon?!” Rozen screamed in his mind.

Raishin intervened in the conversation.

“What are you doing? Isn’t it just holding hands?”

Rozen wanted to punch him on his face when Raishin said that.

Raishin resembled the guy who Rozen met in the online game long ago.

Rozen thought for a moment and finally decided to give a response.

“Well…” Suddenly he threw a punch that had been strengthened with the Body Hardening on Raishin’s face.


Raishin’s scream sounded loudly through the entire forest.

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