Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 91 Rozen’s Plan


Rozen and the others left the shrine.

“We better leave this place first, if we are too close to Yama, he might find us.”

They ran to the big tree near the shrine with a tail between their legs.

“Narukami can’t go in to find the token. What should I do?”

Raishin wanted Rozen to slip through into the shrine and took the token so he didn’t have to marry Domon Hinowa.

Fortunately, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura didn’t hear his words.

“Riuran, let’s stop looking for the token and head back.” Domon Hinowa said.

As the clan who learned the yin-yang technique to manipulate Familiar, how could Domon Hinowa not understand how powerful that creature was? Of course, she knew, and even Raishin also knew how dangerous that creature was.

Yuge Mutsura understood the situation too, so he decided to leave that place because it was impossible for Rozen and Raishin to get that token. So both Rozen and Raishin wouldn’t be able to marry Domon Hinowa.

Rozen thought if he had a servant to fight for him, it would be a piece of cake to defeat that Yama. Because it was impossible if he looked at his current strength even though he already mastered five from all the eight-step.

If his magical power has been fully restored, he could summon his ants familiar. Even Berserker had a hard time to deal with those ants.

But the problem was …

“Yama has no physical body.”

So ordinary attack won’t work against that Familiar, realized of the fact, everyone was so unmotivated.

“OI, the prodigy of Akabane clan, so why do you want to marry Her Highness?”

Rozen couldn’t answer that question, because he knew Domon Kira had an agreement with Akabane Kuukan secretly.

“Master Kira might be the one who placed Yama in front of the shrine.”

If that was true, then Rozen didn’t want to get involved.

“By the way, why are you guys here anyway?” Rozen asked.

But instead of telling the reason they were here, they told Rozen to give up for the token since Yama Luo was guarding it.

They hoped Domon Hinowa’s marriage got canceled.

“Even if you keep going, that’s useless.” He Mao said, “you will never get the token in the shrine when there is Yama there.”

Raishin frowned but he accepted the fact.

Even though he didn’t learn magic he knew how dangerous Yama was.

“Narukami.” Rashin seemed like he wanted to ask something, “Can’t you do something?”

All of them stared at Rozen.

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Everyone wanted to know if the prodigy of Akabane clan, really had a way to solve the current problem at hand. Even Domon Hinowa was curious about that.

Rozen groaned for a while and immediately he said…

“Well, It’s not like I can’t do anything.”

When Rozen said that, everyone stared at each other in disbelieve.

“You …”

Rozen didn’t give Kamo Subaru a chance to say something.

“I know, you want to say that I don’t have any way to slip through to the shrine, and it is impossible to deal with Yama, right?” Rozen said loudly.

“Indeed, I can’t deal with Yama myself.”

But …

“I can’t deal with it myself, but I can let others deal with it.” He smiled slightly while saying that.

“Let others deal with it?” They were surprised.

In that situation, he glanced at everyone and asked…

“All of you, do me a favor.”

After that, Rozen explained his plan to others.

After listening to Rozen’s plan, their expression changed, and then they started arguing. Turning the quiet woods so lively.

But in the end, a word from Domon Hinowa made everyone agreed to Rozen’s plan.

“I … I can try.”

The uneasy words were the foundation for that plan.

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