Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 92 Repaying Your Kindness


A gigantic creature’s footsteps were heard from a faraway place, driving away other low-level Shikigami in its path.

Not far away from that creature, Rozen and Domon Hinowa was staring at the creature.

“Can you do it?” Rozen asked.

“No … no problem … I will …” Domon Hinowa seemed like a bit nervous. She stood beside Rozen and braced herself.

Not only because she was facing an awkward situation, but also because there was no one around her and Rozen.

She wanted to run away if she could.

The situation became more complicated because Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura opposed her marriage with the Akabane Clan.

But in the end, she agreed to the marriage because she didn’t want to be anyone’s burden.

“Are you against it?”

“If no one finds the token, the test will ultimately fail, and you don’t have to marry the Akabane Clan.” Rozen said to Domon Hinowa, “But you still decide to help us?” Rozen puzzled.

Rozen didn’t expect Domon Hinowa would help him with his plan.

“If you want to change your mind, now is the time.” Rozen asked.

However, this time, Domon Hinowa didn’t hesitate to answer.

“No need.” Domon Hinowa answered, “After all, you saved me once.”

Rozen understood why she agreed.

The reason was very simple.

“I just want to repay your kindness.”

Domon Hinowa lowered her head, like a child who did something wrong, and was very embarrassed to say that.

Rozen realized she was so adorable like Mashu.

Domon Hinowa was just like Mashu in terms of innocence and kindness.

From that point of view, she deserved the title of Her Royal Highness.

So Rozen didn’t hesitate anymore.

“Then I believe you can do it.” Rozen instructed.

“I know … I know.”

Domon Hinowa brought a bell used to do a prayer.

Izanagi Clan was the oldest clan in that island, the only one that used the Yin-Yang technique and could summon Shikigami.

There were many secret arts related to summoning Shikigami in the Izanagi Clan, such as divination, prayer, and stuff like that.

Compared to the eight million Shikigami in that eastern island nation, although Enenra was not the strongest, it was still a Shikigami.

Rozen wanted Domon Hinowa to pray to the Enenra in front of him, and commanded it.

But Rozen didn’t expect that would work smoothly, the Enenra obeyed Domon Hinowa’s words.

And of course, Rozen would use that chance to beat the Yama.

“Rile it.” Rozen told Domon Hinowa to make that Enenra became berserk.

Domon Hinowa shook the bell on her hand.

The Enenra moved according to the bell’s sounds.

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The bell sounded rhythmical.

The Enenra’s body trembled a bit.

After a while …

“Come here!”

Rozen looked intently.

The Enenra turned and approached him.

“Raaaaaaagh!” The Enenra roared.

The Enenra completely entered the berserk state, like a fierce beast, charging towards the enemy’s side.

The Enenra flatten everything in its path.

“Come on!”

Rozen immediately strengthened his physical strength with the Body Hardening, took Domon Hinowa’s hand, and began to escape.

“Raaaaaaaaaagh” The Enenra kept chasing them.

Looking at the Enenra, Rozen thought.

“This Enenra is too slow.”

With that heavy body, the power of the Enenra should be very strong, but the agility greatly decreased.

Rozen used that plan because he knew about that fact.

Otherwise, once it caught up to him, it will be the end.

It was for that reason Rozen did not bait Yama away from the shrine.

“Yama who had no physical body is definitely fast, and it almost 100% can catch up to us.” ​​Besides, Yama was a Shikigami summoned by Izanagi Clan, and it was unlikely to leave the shrine.

Rozen’s purpose was simple, “I bring a good sparring partner for you.”

Rozen ran toward the shrine while looking at the Enenra behind him.

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