Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 93 Everything Is Ready


The shrine.

When the Enenra, getting closer to the shrine, Yama stopped and stared at the Enenra.

And in front of the Enenra, two children were running.

That was Rozen and Domon Hinowa.

Rozen was already tired even though he didn’t run that far.

“Kamioto, please hurry up.” Domon Hinowa tried to pull Rozen who was almost left behind, it seemed her stamina was better than Rozen.

Rozen felt ashamed and wanted to die right away.

Even though he already enhanced his body with Body Strengthening but the fatigue caught up.

Rozen could only run behind Domon Hinowa and curse his weak body.

“Raaaaaagh” The Enenra kept getting closer to them.

Meanwhile, Yama was cautious about what might happen.

But Yama couldn’t leave the shrine to fight the Enenra because of the spell that bound him.

“Wooooo!” Yama screamed.

Its cry made them felt goosebumps.

However …

“It’s time to wait for their battle to begin!”

Rozen got his spirit back when he knew the shrine was in front of him.

And then Rozen gave a signal to Domon Hinowa who ran in front of him.

“Yes!” She nodded and casted away the fear in her heart, she took out the bell and started praying.

The next step was the key.

Because Domon Hinowa had pit Enenra against Yama.

Domon Hinowa must keep praying to the Enenra in order to rile it even further so Yama and the Enenra will end up fight each other.

Because Izanagi clan has already put a spell in that forbidden area so the Familiars won’t attack each other.

The ability of the Domon Hinowa became crucial in that situation.

She had to tell that Yama was the one who told her to mess up with the Enenra.

Domon Hinowa rang the bell again.

The Enenra suddenly changed its focus to Yama who was in front of it.

Yama warned the Enenra but it seemed that it took the warning as a provocation.

So, the Enenra was angry.

“Raaaaaaaagh!” The Enenra rushed toward the shrine.


Yama’s task was to guard the shrine, and now since the Enenra wanted to attack the shrine so it was natural for Yama to fight back.

“Wooooo” The stormy wind blew.

Yama’s movement was like a storm.

Yama rushed to the Enenra at amazing speed.


The Enenra roared and ready to punch Yama


Yama ignored the incoming fist and prepared to counter-attack the Enenra.

In the next second, the two top-level sacred Familiars in the forbidden area clashed each other.

“Did it work?”

Not far away, Domon Hinowa seemed to be exhausted, and sat on the ground kneeling to take a rest.

“Obviously …”

Rozen was out of gas, he laid on the ground.

However, Rozen’s Heavenly Eye was still active to see the battle between those Familiars.

“Look at those guys next.”

Rozen told Domon Hinowa to look at the distance.

Two figures appeared from the tall grass.

“She’s okay, Miss is okay.”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura came after Domon Hinowa.

“Can you help us?” Yuge Mutsura smiled cheerfully.

Those two with Raishin was chased by a bunch of Familiars, desperately running towards Rozen’s direction.

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