Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 95 Could Not Escape



Yama’s job was to guard the shrine, so it ignored the Enenra and attacked Rozen, who wanted to slip into the shrine.


The Enenra roared because Yama ignored him.


Yama also roared.

Thanks to that, Rozen could enter the shrine.


Yama was suddenly anxious.

Once again, it ignored the Enenra and turned to the shrine.

And that angered the Enenra again, but Yama kept chasing Rozen to the shrine.

Enenra couldn’t keep up with Yama’s speed.


Because long before Yama entered the shrine, Raishin was chased by a large group of heavenly butterflies also rushed into the shrine.


Raishin suddenly jumped out of a window of the shrine and fell to the ground when Rozen entered the shrine.


At the same time, Rozen purposely lured Yama to the shire, and when Yama rushed into the shrine, all the doors and windows of the shrine were closed.


Hearing that, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura, who had been prepared, quickly channeled magical power into the magic circle under their feet.

“Hyaa!” Two magical arrays flashed.

Rozen already calculated that Enenra and Yama will duke it out.

Judging from Enenra’s attack, he knew its attack wouldn’t affect Yama, and the same goes for Yama’s attack against the Enenra.

So Rozen planned to ignore both of them while they were fighting and took the token.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work smoothly.

Due to Yama’s ability, Rozen was sure Yama could get in the shrine. So Rozen activated the Heavenly Eye as a precaution.

Moreover, even if Rozen really had a way to enter the shrine, once he obtained the token, he was sure Yama will chase him down.

In other words, he must defeat Yama in the end.

So Rozen must find another way to defeat Yama because the physical attack didn’t work against it.

The heavenly butterfly was a creature with a fire element, once it stuck to someone’s body, it would explode like a bomb.

Rozen got the idea to use the butterflies against Yama.

But the problem was …

“Heavenly Butterfly will not attack Yan Yanluo for no reason.” Kamo Subaru said.

“And the heavenly butterfly is not a shikigami, so the prayer of the young lady will not affect them.” Yuge Mutsura said.

At that time, Rozen laughed when he heard that sentence.

“Well, of course, someone has to detonate it.”

“It’s very simple. Just like a gas leak, Yama will burst as long as the butterflies attached itself to Yama. I have a way to make that happens.”

Rozen figured out the way to do that.

Raishin brought the butterflies to the shrine, and Rozen would snipe the butterflies from afar with his Gandr Shot.

Even though his Gandr Shot wouldn’t work against Yama but the explosion from the butterflies will do.

Gas and fire were a bad match.

“So, you guys can’t even do that even though you are Izanagi clan who could summon Shikigami from the miasma?”

Rozen provoked Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura,

With the effect of the magical array cast by Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura, the heavenly butterfly began to show a reaction.

Rozen saw all that from the shrine.


Yama, who rushed into the shrine, seemed to be aware of the danger, trying to escape from there.

However, Rozen anticipated that he shut all the doors and windows.

“If there is no air, there will be no smoke as well.” Rozen smiled.

He cast his Gandr Shot and…

“Boom!” The shrine suddenly exploded.


The Enenra, who rushed to the shrine pursuing Yama, had no time to escape and was engulfed by the waves of fire.

“Narukami!” Raishin was worried about Rozen.

“Miss ……”

“Get down …!”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura pressed Domon Hinowa to the ground.

“Narukami-san!” Her voice echoed.

In an instant, the sea of ​​fire covered the nearby area, causing the trees to burn down.

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