Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 96 Fire Mouse


The shrine was burned down at the same time with the sound of the explosion.

Raishin, Kamo Subaru, Yuge Mutsura, and Domon Hinowa stared at the burned down shrine.

“Hey, is he really …” Yuge Mutsura was speechless thinking about Rozen.

“No, he isn’t …” Raishin was also speechless.

“That guy, in order to bring down Yama, he did not hesitate to bring down Yama with himself.” Kamo Subaru said.

When Rozen explained his plan to others, they didn’t believe Rozen would actually do that.

“Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as you think. I’m not going to throw away my life just for a token.” Rozen said that when he explained his plan.

When Rozen was in a crucial situation, he didn’t hesitate to take a risk.

For example, when Chaldea was burned down by Lev, he didn’t hesitate to rush to the control room.

Another example, in Fuyuki City, when Rozen’s party was nearly killed by Berserker, Rozen did not hesitate to save Mashu and receive the blow himself.

And now, once again, he took the risk to save Akabane clan’s reputation.

It was because he was such a person who liked to take the risk and believed there would be a solution to every problem.

“Narukami-san …” Domon Hinowa was worried about him, and she might cry at any moment.

“Raaaaaaaagh.” The Enenra was struggling to survive in the sea of fire.

Obviously, the Enenra won’t suffer fatal injury just because of that explosion. And because Enenra failed to beat Yama, maybe its rage was redirected to Domon Hinowa again.


“Enenra is coming!”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura was panic.

“Did Narukami say anything if something like this happens?” Raishin said.

“Hinowa, you must calm the Enenra.”

Her praying not only conveyed her will but also calmed the Familiar’s wrath.

Rozen already told Domon Hinowa what she must do if something like that happened. So Domon Hinowa already knew what she should do, so she took out the bell and tried to calm behemoth.

When the bell rang, the Enenra’s rage gradually disappeared.


After a while, the Enenra turned his back and left in the sea of fire.

The Enenra was like saying …

“For the sake of that priest, I will let you go this time.” And it left.

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Even after Domon Hinowa calmed Enenra, that doesn’t necessarily mean it was no longer furious. So there was a possibility that Enenra might attack them later.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Domon Hinowa could tame the Enenra, even though she was so clumsy, but she actually had talent.

Enenra already left, and there was nothing but a sea of fire in front of them.

Domon Hinowa and the others walked away from that place.


When Raishin was ready to leave, he saw something surprising.

“Cough …!” Rozen appeared from within the sea of ​​fire.

“Narukami!” Raishin shouted cheerfully.

“Are you okay !?”

“You are so amazing!”

Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura were surprised.

“Umph …”

Domon Hinowa was also relieved and smiled for the first time so far.

That smile was so cute and innocent.

But they didn’t know there was a fire-mouse moving around Rozen’s feet.

Rozen didn’t feel the heat of the fire, thanks to that fire-mouse ability.

“This damn smoke …” Rozen was still coughing.

“God! Narukami! I know you won’t die just because of this!” Raishin hugged Rozen.

Raishin kept patting Rozen’s back while talking, causing Rozen to cough and almost out of breath, Rozen quickly pushed Raishin away.

Raishin and the others were relieved seeing Rozen acted like usual.

But when Rozen looked at Domon Hinowa who gave him an innocent look, his heart was beating so fast again.

“How did you survive that?” Kare Mori asked.

“Yeah, that was a huge explosion, I didn’t expect you to be unscathed.” Yuge Mutsura said.

Rozen just smiled casually when he heard that. And while Rozen was talking the fire-mouse was gone.

“Fortunately, I have mastered the fire mouse summoning technique.”

Thanks to that, Rozen could survive in such a risky plan.

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