Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 98 The Test Is Over


It was almost dawn outside, Domon Kira hasn’t found Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura yet.

Izanagi’s clansmen were worried about those three.

Domon Kira tried to calm herself and asked, “Haven’t you found Hinowa?”

“We haven’t found her yet.” Kamo clan’s head reported while facing down, “And also I can’t find my ungrateful son. I guess he was with Miss Hinowa.”

Domon Kira seemed unhappy when she heard the report, and she guessed those three slipped through the barrier and went to the forbidden area.

Akabane Clan heard Domon Kira’s conversation earlier, and Akabane Kuukan said, “Let’s suspend the test to find Miss Hinowa, and we can talk about the marriage later.”

“A bunch of kids who don’t know how dangerous the world is, I’d like to let them taste it for a bit.” Domon Kira said with a cold expression.

When hearing that, Akabane Kuukan didn’t want to say anything more.

So they decided to wait for those kids to come back from the forbidden area, but Akabane Kuukan was finally worried when it was dawn.

“Roaming around in the area full of miasma… I believe Narukami could withstand that, but can Raishin survive from it?”

But when he thought about the situation again, he changed his mind.

“But after Raishin experiences the harsh reality inside there, he might be able to understand the importance of magic and start developing an interest in magic, right?”

He already decided from the beginning not to be an overprotective father to his sons.

Because they lived in an extraordinary magus family.

He wanted his son to be a worthy heir.

When the sun almost rose, they saw those kids came out from the forbidden area.

“They’re here!”

When hearing that, everyone gathered at the entrance.

“Wha … What? Miss!?”




“Master Narukami!”

“Master Raishin!”

Those kids were very happy that they were able to get out of that dangerous place.

Until …

“Cough!” When Domon Kira cleared her throat, everybody was silent.

Rozen looked at Domon Hinowa’s frightened face.

“Grandmother … I …”

“Master …”

“Master … We… “

Domon Hinowa, Kamo Subaru, Yuge Mutsura didn’t dare to look Domon Kira in the eyes.

“I didn’t expect that you slipped into the forbidden area.” Domon Kira said, “Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Meanwhile, Rozen and Raishin returned to Akabane clan.

Rozen looked so tired, and Raishin seemed to have a side effect for roaming around in a place full of miasma for quite a while.

“You can explain it to me later, come here.”

Akabane Kuukan seemed to understand their struggle in the forbidden area.

“I won’t let you down, old man.” Rozen smiled slightly.

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When she learned what happened in the forbidden area from Domon Hinowa’s mouth and her party, Domon Kira could not help but shock.

“You defeat Yama?” Domon Kira’s tone was full of disbelief.

“That can’t be!”          

“Defeat Yama?”

“That’s a monster that even we find so tricky!”

Other people also shouted in disbelief.

“The Shrine has been burned down.”

“Yama is no longer there.”

“If you don’t believe it, you can go inside and see it for yourself.”

Those kids convinced the adults.

Akabane Kuukan was shocked when he heard that.

“Master Kira, you never mention anything about Yama before!”

Domon Kira understood why Akabane Kuukan was a bit angry when he heard that.

Yama was indeed a dangerous creature that even the skilled one found it hard to defeat.

To think a creature in that caliber appeared in the place where they hid the token…

“… let’s calm ourselves, I will look into this matter.” Domon Kira said.

“Then, I will rest assured.” Akabane Kuukan seemed a bit calmed down and asked, “How about the marriage?”

“Hmmm …”

“Since the token is destroyed, that cancel our agreement, we don’t need to be in a hurry, we can talk on this matter later.”

” … Okay.” Akabane Kuukan nodded.

“Then, the test is over.” Domon Kira announced to everyone, “Please go back to rest.”

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