Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 99 You Are Asking For Your Own Death


Afterward, Akabane and Izanagi negotiated.

According to Domon Kira’s intel, the one who set up Yama in the forbidden area was Izanagi Clan’s members who disapproved of the marriage, and all members who related to that case will be given a fair punishment in front of Akabane Clan.

Akabane Clan was planning to stay in Izanagi Clan’s residence for a few more days, and won’t leave until the matter was resolved.

As for the marriage, as Domon Kira said, they would decide on that matter later.

Because she said the kids were still young, so they had enough time to talk about that.

But what will happen if the marriage didn’t happen, what about their agreement?

But Akabane Kuukan accepted Domon Kira’s idea and would leave after the matter in the forbidden area was resolved.

A few days later.

The matter in the forbidden area has been settled, and Akabane Clan prepared to leave Izanagi Clan’s residence.

Just when the Akabanes were preparing to leave, Rozen and the others gathered in the open field behind the Izanagi Clan’s main house.

Domon Hinowa was no longer hiding behind Kamo Subaru and Yuge Mutsura, and Yuge Mutsura was doing fine with the Akabanes.

Thanks to the incident in the forbidden area, they became closer.

Only Kamo Subaru, who still resented Rozen.

“Come on! Narukami!”

“Beat him! Subaru!”

Raishin and Yuge Mutsura shouted.

Rozen and Kamo Subaru stood face to face in the center of the open field, with puppets lined up in both sides, one with a helpless face and the other one full of fighting spirit in his eyes.

“Why do we have to do this, Subaru?”

A few days together, they started to call each other by name.

“Isn’t your family famous for puppet technique? You didn’t bring a puppet when you were in the forbidden area, then I want to see your skill right here!” Kamo Subaru taunted.

“When in the forbidden area, I didn’t have puppets to fight. So I can’t use the Yin-Yang technique. This time, let me see which one is better, your technique or mine?” That was Kamo Subaru’s main purpose.

Because in the forbidden area Rozen got all the credits since he just cowered behind, so he wanted to show off in front of Domon Hinowa, showing he was better than Rozen.

Kare Mori seemed to have a special feeling toward Domon Hinowa.

He couldn’t help taking a glance at Domon Hinowa.

But, Domon Hinowa secretly gave her attention to Rozen while blushing.

And that made Kamo Subaru furious, he looked at Rozen as the biggest competitor in his romance story.

Rozen didn’t know what Kamo Subaru was thinking.

“Did I accidentally upset your young lady there?” Rozen thought.

But he realized and didn’t want to deny that Domon Hinowa was cute.

“What makes her pretty cute?” It was really fulfilling to be fascinated by such a cute little girl.

Rozen maybe regretted his decision to burn the token along with the shrine.

Fortunately, Kamo Subaru didn’t know what Rozen thought.

If he knew that he would definitely go berserk.

“You really want to do this?” Rozen asked.

“It’s a man to man affair that must be settled.” Kamo Subaru said.

That words made Rozen wanted to laugh.

“You’re asking for your own death!”

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Using the famous lines on the internet, Rozen showed an overwhelming magical aura.

“Don’t think you can win!” Kamo Subaru became more furious.

The magical energy flow that arose from those two affected the surrounding air.

For a ten years old child, that kind level of magic was already amazing.

Rozen won’t hold back because Kamo Subaru’s magical power was not too be underestimated.

“He really deserves to be the right hand of Domon Clan.”

Rozen secretly praised him.

In the next second, those two moved in a flash.

Rozen controlled several puppets in front of him and moved them, by turning his crazy amount of magical power into Telekinesis.

“Here I come!” Kamo Subaru shouted.

He transformed the puppets into a familiar and prepared to clash with Rozen.

In the next second, Rozen and Kamo Subaru clashed, and there was a wave of magical power because of their fights.

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