Unfathomable Doomsday

Unfathomable Doomsday Chapter 215


The fires were filling the sky.
Tonight was another sleepless night.
Humans were fighting for their survival, demons fighting for their hunger.
“All in all, a pretty wonderful night, isn’t it? Demon lady, yo.”
On the rocky open ground, cracks can be seen everywhere. A huge green snake was writhing on the high ground, her abdomen torn apart, spilling a large amount of fishy liquid mixed with stomach acid and blood. This giant snake, which was once fierce, is now on its last leg…
It only took Lucius ten minutes to take care of this thing.
“My apologies.”
The giant snake’s head suddenly split, blooming like petals…The upper body of a human female figure appeared in front of Lucius, while the lower body was still the giant snake tail.
Ugly and beautiful creatures, the Ruler of the magic tree, she should be able to exert her optimum power if it’s inside the forest, but unfortunately, after Lucius led her to this rocky wilderness, the outcome was already decided.
“It’s not easy for the dark world to evolve a high-level demon. You can leave, but don’t even think about touching those groups of humans.”
She was a subordinate of Lucius, a tool for war, but still, she was a useful pawn. —It’s just that her bite was too fierce as if she was really going to eat Lucius. The demons were like this, they have no mercy, and they could even eat their own kind to survive and become stronger.
A monster born to kill.
As long as demons like this exist, Lucius believed that soon, the world would fall into chaos, and human beings have nowhere to escape.
Lucius had a very accurate estimate of the power of the deserters. Of course, they would not be annihilated at one time, but at least they had to pay a painful price to be able to kill all the invading demons.
The victory of this chess game was getting closer and closer, and the entire world will not be able to resist the demon army’s footsteps when the Obsidian City is captured.
“It feels good to have everything under control, doesn’t it?”
An unfamiliar voice rang in Lucius’s ear.
Lucius was surprised and looked back to find the place where the voice came from.
“But in this chessboard, you’re not playing against human, brother.”
The massive body of the Ruler of the Demon Tree freezes in the air. Her face, which resembles the upper body of a human female, has a surprised expression.
A hand pierced the demon’s heart effortlessly.
“On this chessboard called the world…” he sounded childish, stained with the blood of the demon, his blood-stained hand jerked out of the body of this demon, blood splashed while the huge body of the Ruler of the Demon Tree fell to the ground.
“Your opponent is not human, brother.”
The pale golden pupils were lit up in the darkness of the night. His long black hair was scattered, matched with the same black trench coat as black as night, covering his body. The black and white dress style only reminds people of one thing. —church!
This appearance looks just a year or two younger than Lucius, but he easily killed a fifth-level lifeform!
Lucius glanced at the Ruler of the Demon Tree who fell to the ground, this demon was able to maintain her composure and calmness even in the face of Lucius, but now, this demon, whose appearance was permeated with forbidden beauty, covered her head and let out a shrill scream, her eyes could not suppress the overflow of tears, and her pupil became dim and lightless.
“What have you done to her?” Lucius was not too surprised by his appearance. The more urgent the situation, the more important it was to maintain calm.
“Didn’t do anything. I just let her get what she wanted.”
The boy raised his hand, and the scarlet six-star mark tattooed on the back of his hand caused Lucius’s pupils to shrink slightly. However, his eyes were still attracted by the pulsating purple flame within Lucius’s heart.
He has always had a smile on his face since the beginning of his encounter with Lucius.
“What do you want?”
Demons are greedy existence. They want everything, human soul, flesh, blood, everything.
“I want…. hope” He narrowed his pale golden pupils and said, “I made her see what she wanted the most, what she cherished most, what was most precious to her! The thing that she wants to protect the most!”
“A demon seeking for hope, do demons actually have one?” Lucius didn’t think a demon would want to protect anything.
“Hum, of course, there is. Any kind of life form will have hope. Otherwise, they will all be killed by brother, no?” He seemed to see through what Lucius wanted to get.
“And then?” Lucius’s expression remained unchanged.
“Crushed it away.” He said while still smiling as always, just like Lucius’s fake smile, he raised the leaping purple-black flame in his hand high: “With just a bang, her hope was crushed away, so easy, so simple.”
“The thing I’m holding in my hand is despair.”
Despair is visible to the naked eye.
He seemed to notice that Lucius’s expression finally faltered a little.
“As a meeting gift to you, brother, your birthday gift that has not been given to you yet.”
His finger tapped, and this flash of purple-black flame in his hand rushed towards Lucius. Lucius, in this instant, urged to use the vector manipulation in his body, as well as the power from the vampire, trying to repel this flame away, but Lucius’s body subconsciously absorbed this flame.
“Gained despair point.”
‘Is that really despair manifested?’
What was the fastest way to make a person felt despair? That was to destroy the hope within him.
He did it, and if it was true that people see the things they cherish, the things they protect, and then cruelly destroy them, then it will definitely make anyone fall into despair.
Even the demon, too, was the same.
“Shut up and die, disappear if you don’t want to live in this world.”
The Ruler of the Demon Tree was still emitting piercing screams, only to see the scarlet hexagram mark on the back of his hand flashing for a moment and then turned the Ruler of the Demon Tree into a muddle of blood………
That was the power of the blood race.
Lucius and his pale golden pupils met.
“It seems like you’re really collecting these things, brother.”
It was as if he checked before confirming this matter.
“Who are you?”
Lucius didn’t answer him. The power from the blood race was ready to go, and scarlet silk threads appeared on his five fingers. If he moved his finger a little, the blood power would tear Lucius to pieces!
“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, sorry!”
He showed the mark of the six-pointed star on the back of his hand, still smiling at Lucius.
“My name is Michael, and I am sixteen years old this year. As for my interest, that is you, my brother.”
Knowing the name is one thing, but it still doesn’t explain his power.
‘Why does he have the power of the blood race?’
“What do you want to do? I won’t let anyone who killed my subordinate go.”
Lucius felt that he need to challenge him to fight and analyze his ability.
“A pawn is a pawn, and you don’t care if you break a few of those, right?” Michael seemed to know very well that Lucius only wanted to fight him.
“I didn’t even mind when you ate so many of my pawns, brother. But, of course, I expect you to repay my kindness.”
“Your pawns? Are you trying to say that you represent the human race?”
“Yes, I represent humans. The humans of this world, so that means your opponent, brother, is not those incompetent humans, but me!”
‘Representing the entire human race?’
Lucius hated this type of conversation where he was forced to collect the pieces of the puzzle to understand what he meant!
“Is that so? Do you think you will win?” The blood pulsed in Lucius’s hands. No matter who he is, all his memories will belong to Lucius, and all the secrets will be revealed if he is swallowed.
“How about we make a bet?” Michael held out a finger.
“A bet? Allow me to refuse.” Lucius rebuffed his provocation, leaving him with a closed door.
“Why? ? you have always been very confident at gambling……”
He said as if he knew me well.
“I will not pay you, and you will not pay me. Therefore, this bet has no meaning.”
Lucius didn’t come to this world to play. Instead, he wanted to plunge all humans into despair. He saw the man in front of him as a hindrance.
“But so be it, I came here just to tell my brother that.” After he stretched, his bright pale golden pupil gradually became dimmer and dimmer, and then he disappeared into thin air.
Suddenly an eruption of blood appeared on the ground. Lucius five fingers moved in succession, scarlet silk threads connected to that blood, unleashing one terrifying blood magic after another ……
But it was broken through!
Michael’s figure suddenly reappeared in front of Lucius, his hand pressed on Lucius’s heart, his mouth whispering softly in his ear, “Although I was so happy to meet my brother, this world is mine… I don’t know why my brother became like this, but if you want to continue to destroy my world, then, my brother, I will deprive you of your most precious things.”
His fingers went straight through Lucius’s heart. Ignoring the existence of his clothes, skin, and bones, he pinched the beating heart. Soon, Lucius will die in his hands, just like the Ruler of Demon Tree.
‘Am I afraid of him?’
Michael’s pale golden pupils glanced at Lucius, but he was horrified to find that Lucius was laughing.
“Hahahahahaha, listen here…”
“What’s so funny, brother?”
“This is what fear is all about!” Lucius grabbed his arm with a devilish smile, Michael’s expression was no longer calm, and once again, his figure disappeared in front of Lucius.
“You are afraid, huh? You are afraid of the destruction of this world, huh? Then try to stop me, be my opponent!”
Dazzling azure light illuminated the sky!
Suddenly Xerath’s figure appeared beside Lucius.
Lucius spread out his hands, “I will destroy, destroy everything in this world!”
“Know your place, brat……”
Michael distanced himself from Lucius. He saw that in the night, thousands of pairs of scarlet pupils appeared, originating from the hordes of demons!
“I will win, brother.”
After saying these words, his figure disappeared into the night.

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