About Us

System Translator is a translator group that was found on April 7th, 2019. The first project that we worked on back then was ‘Crazy Leveling System’ that we still translate daily until now.

There were only three of us at first (nyawdao, sk3t3l0n, and skayhollow21), but as the community and our reader grows, so does our team. Now, we have a total of 10 people aboard.

For now, most of our novel is related to cheat system and we hope to bring more and more novels that will give every kind of reader something to enjoy in the future!

If you’re interested to join our team or need partnership, feel free to contact us on Discord!

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You can also reach Level 50 on our discord.gg/t66agbE and get access to Bronze Tier on Patreon for free!

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