Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 70: Eliminate


After the punch landed, Qing Tianlong was sent flying, even the hard walls of the hall couldn’t hold him in place. Creating a big hole, exactly like his body. As he flew out of the hall, bloodthirst aura slowly dispersed, returning everyone’s sanity.

Yi Tianyun quickly run after him, in the hall Shi Xueyun that ducked out from the impact also run after Yi Tianyun.

Qing Tianlong can’t stop himself, and after landing he’s somewhat wobbly. He realized his body has  weakened and immediately vomited blood, he looked paler than before, the impact certainly did some damage to him.

He already used a lot of blood to amplify the bloodthirst aura to begin with, additionally, the punch from Yi Tianyun caused small internal injuries, luckily the damage is not as big as he thought, the impact of the punch was mostly absorbed by the Blood Glow Sword acting as a shield to block the punch for him, otherwise who knows what will happen to him. 

“Who is on the floor now?” 

Yi Tianyun run after Qing Tianlong outside the hall, he fills the air around them with dragon aura, so that Qing Tianlong’s bloodthirst couldn’t affect anyone.

The moment Qing Tianlong stare into Yi Tianyun’s eyes he has this unfamiliar feeling he hasn’t felt for a long time, fear! He couldn’t believe what he saw. He didn’t believe Yi Tianyun could reach a level of cultivation that can overwhelm him like this at such a young age. 

“You, how can you suddenly become this strong? What kind of trick did you use!” Qing Tianlong trembled, he can’t even stand straight, he couldn’t best Yi Tianyun in combat for sure, seeing the difference of power is quite high.

Yi Tianyun’s power was really beyond expectation, and he couldn’t best that power! 

“What is it to you anyway?” Yi Tianyun slammed his foot into the ground, creating a pit and Qing Tianlong fell inside it, and he jumps ready to smack Qing Tianlong again.

“All you need to know is that i’m fighting you at the moment!”

Qing Tianlong screamed out and stand, he waved his bloody knives and throw it at Yi Tianyun, and the knife suddenly transform into a huge red demon, trying to slice Yi Tianyun with its huge claws.

“Futile struggle!” 

Yi Tianyun rushed toward the demons, and hit the demon with his fist. The direct hit from his fist blasted the demon, leaving behind a blood infused smoke.

Yi Tianyun reached over to Qing Tianlong and immediately punched Qing Tianlong’s chest, shouting “This is for my aunt!” 

Qing Tianlong was about to use anything he could to block Yi Tianyun’s punch, but he realize soon enough that he was already too late to grab a weapon in his inventory ring. The punch landed on his chest, heavily damaging his internal organs, again he was sent flying from the impact. This time even wearing the best armor he had won’t save him from this situation.


He vomited a lot of blood from his mouth, making his body stiff and couldn’t move, so he just let go and lay in the floor, his consciousness started to fade.

“Open your eyes!” 

Yi Tianyun ordered, once again comes near Qing Tianlong, once again he released his dragon aura, and focus it into his fist, and once again punched Qing Tianlong.

“This one is still for my aunt! How dare you hurt her in front of me!” 


Qing Tianlong was smashed into the ground, creating a large pit around him. His body couldn’t hold it any longer, his eyes became blurry and the way he is now, it was for sure that he is in his final breath.

“Tianyun…” Shi Xueyun wiped his eyes, she can’t help but shed tears. This is the man that she always tries to protect, but now it is his turn to protect her! 

He already had the power to defend himself, he even surpassed her already, it’s a fact that he no longer needs her protections. When she really thought about it, she felt happy and sad at the same time. She is happy that Yi Tianyun is becoming a force to be reckoned with, and sad that Tiayun  no longer needed her.

“Wing Sect… will not let you get away…” with his remaining power, he uttered a single sentence to Yi Tianyun.

“Don’t worry, be it Wing Sect, Wind Pavilion, Spirit Sect, I will eradicate it one by one!” Yi Tianyun answered coldly “until none of you remain!” 

After he finished his sentence, Yi Tianyun slammed Qing Tianlong with his foot. Finishing Qing Tianlong once and for all!

[Ding, successfully killed Qing Tianlong, obtains 500.000 Exp, Martial Arts Blood Fiend Soaring Heaven, Blood Fiend Divine Spear, Blood Fiend Bracelet, 1000 Blacksmith Mastery, 1000 Crazy Point!] [Ding, killing enemy with huge power differences, get 10 Lottery Ticket, 10.000 Crazy Point!] 

[Random Quest Completed.] [Reward: 100.000 Exp, 2000 Gold, Lottery Ticket, 100 Overall Favorability.]

The reward is granted immediately, giving him two pieces of holy level tools, he didn’t expect this kind of development at all. While everyone is trying very hard to obtain these kind of items, he easily got two of them, although it’s a low level one, but it still amazing to obtain 2 holy level tools at a same time.

In addition to this, he got 10 Lottery Ticket for killing enemy far above his level. This is equal to spending 10.000 points worth of crazy point, but he still feel a little disheartened, that he didn’t instantly level up after killing boss level enemy.

However, since he got a pretty great reward, he doesn’t sulk too much. He can’t be greedy with the reward, the reward itself is pretty good anyway.

“He is at a super-elite level, and the rewards are really good for this kind of miscellaneous quest.” Yi Tianyun is still very satisfied, he succeeded in defending the Jade Palace, that is more important for him than a simple quest reward.

After killing Qing Tianlong and receiving his reward, Shi Xueyun ran toward him, and gently tapping his head: “You really are a show off, don’t think I would forgive you for running away!” 

Yi Tianyun become embarrassed for his actions and scratched his head, with a smirk he said: “Auntie, I’m doing this solely for the sake of Jade Palace safety!” 

“You can’t decide things like that on your own, and you didn’t even bother to give me information regarding your well being, I thought you were dead…” Shi Xueyun’s eyes are red she remembered the fear she felt before, shedding tears again in her eyes.

Yi Tianyun hugged Shi Xueyun and comforted her: “calm down aunt, how can I be dead? You don’t know how powerful I’ve became, the more people attacking me, the more they’ll regret their decision! I am just too strong as you can see, I will definitely protect you in the future. So no harm will come your way!” 

He sincerely said this from the bottom of his heart. It was always Shi Xueyun who protected him. Now it’s time for him to return the favor. 

“Cih! Now you are boasting, are you for real?” After Shi Xueyun came out of his arms, she snorted with a sigh of relief, and immediately smiled like a beautiful flower she is. “it’s weird feeling, But it is definitely not bad.” 

Yi Tianyun feels very happy to see his aunt to smile so beautifully.

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