Humans had all sorts of ways to live their lives.

Some people were successful.

Some people trembled with fear.

Some people prospered.

Some people were anxious about the difficulties.

But for a certain two-year-old child, these were all not things that could be realized.

But then, how should this child’s life be described?



At least, in the eyes of bystanders, that’s how this child was supposed to live. Naturally, for a two-year-old child, this wasn’t something he could understand. Therefore even if fate was unfair and forced him to live this way, the child didn’t particularly care about it.

However, right now, this child understood all this. He suddenly felt unusual exhaustion, not because he was tired or anything but because of disease. His consciousness faded in and out. Everything seemed to be gradually falling apart. All methods seemed unable to stem this from happening, it wasn’t even able to relieve his pain, not even slightly.

This child could feel it. He faintly realized.

This really was the end for him.

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