Are you humiliated by being attacked?

Are you sorrowful to be a stepping stone?

As a cannon fodder hanging in two episodes, are you unwilling?

Don’t worry, I am here!

As the only system supplier of All Heavens and Myriad Realms System Shop, I can make a variety of portable systems for you, and let you reach the peak of your life!

Boy, it’s time to raise your eyebrows!

Boy, it ’s time to counter-attack!

Chapter List:

  1. Must be the Wrong Posture
  2. System Mall
  3. Started so Soon
  4. How The System is Trained
  5. Like a Play, It Depends on The Force
  6. Too Poor, Giving You a Chance
  7. About to Start
  8. Grandpa Officially Launched
  9. Good Things Can’t be Wasted
  10. Grandpa is Like This
  11. Has a System That is So Capricious
  12. A System That is So Capricious
  13. Give You a Plug-in
  14. Master
  15. Sacred Demon
  16. A Poor Road to Take a Ride
  17. Cheaper
  18. White Head
  19. Everyone, Do You Want to Regain Your Youth
  20. Has Gone Through The Fate of The Poor
  21. Practice Your Skill and Upgrade
  22. Zhou Yi’s Crisis
  23. How Dare You
  24. The Great Immortal is Omnipotent
  25. Scaring When You Know His Name
  26. Getting Started
  27. Finding a Place to Cultivate
  28. This Place is Good
  29. Be A Good Teacher
  30. This Object Has a Destiny
  31. Packed And Taken Off
  32. The Rich Life Is Not Far Away
  33. This Is Extortion
  34. My Brother Is Awesome
  35. Breathing Can Kill You
  36. Rescue Tingting
  37. Little Girl Transformation
  38. The Source Stone
  39. The Showdown After A Long Time
  40. Pretent to Leave
  41. Zhou Yi’s Training
  42. The Great Knowledge
  43. Zhou Yi Expresses Calmness
  44. Level Two
  45. The Mall Construction Quest
  46. The Fire Domain
  47. Li Yu’s New Toy
  48. Zhou Yi’s Attack
  49. The Showdown After a Long Time
  50. Sweeping Is So Simple
  51. Zhou Yi’s Awakening And Become Famous
  52. Immortal Qi
  53. The One Who Is Waiting For You Return
  54. Zhou Yi Wants The Emperor’s Yellow Sword

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