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C.L.S Chapter 187 Success


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“Go on then, let’s see if you can surpass me!” Lin Li said while sneering to Yi Tianyun.

Lin Li was so sure that he would win this final stage by a mile, the difference in score from the previous stages would be covered in this stage! There was no way Yi Tianyun would be able to successfully draw a five-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune!

Yi Tianyun ignored all the judgemental eyes of others around him. He focused on drawing his Divine Rune which consisted of high-level 1st Grade Divine Rune. Everyone watched both of them closely, as they are considered to be the geniuses of this tournament.

As time passed, Lin Li finished drawing his Divine Rune with success, meanwhile, Yi Tianyun has just started to draw the 4th layer on his Divine Rune.

“He really can draw a 4th Grade Divine Rune! He really is a genius!” A spectator said as they looked at Lin Li in awe.

They started to murmur in the spectator seats, as they were clearly impressed by Lin Li’s skill. They began to talk about Divine Rune Mansion as well, as they thought that they could cultivate their disciple into a 4th Grade Divine Rune Master at such a young age.

Lin Li was satisfied by how much attention he gets from the spectator. He turned his attention to Yi Tianyun who was drawing his four-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune. It seemed that his Divine Rune was stable and there was no noticeable change in Yi Tianyun’s face. It seems that he really was able to draw a five-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune.

Those who favor Yi Tianyun held their breath as Yi Tianyun began to draw his next layer, as the starting point of each layer was the crucial part in drawing multi-layered Divine Rune.

Zhu Tianhong watched Yi Tianyun with so much expectation, he didn’t even care about people badmouthing him or Yi Tianyun at this point, he just wanted Yi Tianyun to succeed drawing his Divine Rune!

“Consistently using 1st Grade Divine Rune from the beginning until the end, there is no doubt that 1st Grade Divine Rune is all he could draw now. I don’t believe that he would be able to draw a five-layered 1st Grade Divine Runes! There is just no way that could happen!” Wang Family Head said while sneering to Zhu Tianhong.

In fact, most of the spectator didn’t believe that Yi Tianyun would be capable of doing that! As time continued to pass, Yi Tianyun successfully drew his four-layered and about to draw his five-layered carefully. The Divine Rune Stroke in his hand steadily traced the divine runes, the Divine Rune Paper that Yi Tianyun was using gradually shone brightly.

The Divine Rune that Yi Tianyun was drawing has the most brilliance shone out of all the contestants in the stage. As Yi Tianyun finished half of the five-layered, everyone began to doubt themselves, could Yi Tianyun really finish the drawings of five-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune?

However, Lin Li was anxious that Yi Tianyun might really be able to pull it off. Deep down, he kept cursing Yi Tianyun to fail. If there was no one watching them right now, Lin Li would surely intervene with Yi Tianyun’s progress! With a single touch, the stroke would fail, and the paper would burn!

But he couldn’t afford to do so as there were so many people watching and he would be disqualified immediately if he did that, and that was not good!

Finally, Yi Tianyun finished his Divine Rune as he put down his Divine Rune Stroke and sighed with relief. The Divine Rune Paper began to glow very brightly, making a pillar of light that shot out to the sky. This light was the sole proof that everyone needed to know that Yi Tianyun succeeded in drawing his five-layered 1st Grade Divine Rune.

Lin Li turned pale, and he constantly rubbed his eyes as he didn’t believe that Yi Tianyun really pulled it off. He was ashamed losing to Yi Tianyun with his 1st Grade Divine Rune, he worked really hard to draw his 4th Grade Divine Rune whereas Yi Tianyun won by a mere 1st Grade Divine Rune!

Wang Family Head complexion changed all of a sudden, he felt insulted for losing to Zhu Family above all else!

“Impressive!” Li Tianlong said as he observed Yi Tianyun’s Divine Rune very closely. Li Tianlong began to clap and everyone else on the spectator did as well with respect for the Pavilion Lord.

They began to applaud Yi Tianyun themselves as they awakened from their trance of surprise from Yi Tianyun’s success.

How could he draw that insanely meticulous Divine Rune successfully? Everyone asked that question on their hearts.

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