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C.L.S Chapter 189 Finished


Yi Tianyun’s word was like a slap on the face for Lin Li, infuriating him more than he already was! The spectator looked around and saw the disbelief in their own eyes.

Li Tianlong, who saw everything, walked over to Yi Tianyun and tapped his shoulder. “Magnificent display of skill! If you can do this from the beginning, why would you make it harder for yourself by drawing the 1st Grade Divine Rune from start to finish?” he asked Yi Tianyun a question that everyone else direly needed the answer of.

“At first I actually intended to draw High-Grade Divine Rune, but as everyone else looks down on a 1st Grade Divine Rune, I just couldn’t leave it alone. I want to prove a point that a 1st Grade Divine Rune was as powerful as 4th Grade Divine Rune if it is used properly.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

“Don’t you think that a 1st Grade Divine Rune is only good for enhancing power? Look at a 4th Grade Divine Rune, you can add an attribute to it, or enhance it with something else completely different!” Li Tianlong said, reprimanding Yi Tianyun.

“Yes, I am aware of it, but as I said before. I can win with just a 1st Grade Divine Rune as it is!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Hahaha, I like your attitude! There is no more doubt that you are clearly a high-level Divine Rune Master!” Li Tianlong said excitedly.

“I heard that you are invited by Zhu Family head, which sect or school are you from, but why not come over to Star Pavilion and become our Official Guest? You clearly have the talent for it.” Li Tianlong said while smiling from ear to ear.

“Thank you very much for the offer, Pavilion Lord Li! But for this moment, I am afraid that I can’t take your offer.” Yi Tianyun said, rejecting Li Tianlong’s offer politely.

“That’s a pity.” Li Tianlong said sadly.

“I hope you reconsider our offer sometime later, we will leave our door open for you if you ever change your mind.” Li Tianlong said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun only nodded his head to ease Li Tianlong’s mind a little bit. Li Tianlong proceeded to leave the arena with his deacon after Yi Tianyun rejected his offer, leaving Lin Li and several other bewildered.

Not only Li Tianlong ignored Lin Li’s existence but invited Yi Tianyun in front of his face!

“As promised, I will be taking this out of your hand!” Yi Tianyun said while taking Lin Li’s storage ring out of Lin Li’s hand, breaking him from his trance.

Lin Li’s face was blue from holding in his fury for this long!

Afraid to explode in front of so many people, Lin Li choose to leave the arena and headed back to Wang Family’s place.

As he arrived and met Wang Family Head, he immediately apologized for his shortcomings in the tournament. Wang Family Head only stared at Lin Li with an unreadable expression.

“This is not your fault! That kid was surely the one to be blamed here! It is good enough to get the 2nd place, but that kid has to pay for insulting us!” Wang Family Head said furiously.

Lin Li only nodded his head in understanding, as he knew what to do next!

In the vicinity of the arena, Yi Tianyun walked over to Zhu Tianhong’s location and once he arrived, Zhu Tianhong congratulated him and informed him about Wang Family Head leaving with his tail between his legs.

Yi Tianyun only smiled, because he knew that Zhu Tianhong wouldn’t back out from his own words, the Zhu Sisters was now free from the shackles of Zhu Family!

Zhu Tianhong immediately called Deacon Huang and Deacon Liu over to their location, and immediately told them to fulfill their promises with a glaring stare on their faces.

The two deacons immediately apologized to Yi Tianyun for their rude behavior from before, Yi Tianyun knew that the two didn’t do it out of ill intention, but Zhu Tianhong has commanded them to do it, leaving them no choice!

Yi Tianyun looked at them both coldly and said: “Now that my job was done, I hope that you guys don’t bother Zhu Yuwei and Zhu Yuxuan anymore.”

“Of course, a promise is a promise! I never had the intention to break them! I hope that we can still cooperate in the future!” Zhu Tianhong said with a light smile.

“Maybe if the opportunity arises.” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile.

Zhu Tianhong knew immediately that Yi Tianyun’s word was a form of rejection. He shook his head in disappointment because they lost a reliable person for such an unnecessary ordeal! He didn’t want to force Yi Tianyun into anything as he didn’t want to make enemies of him!

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