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C.L.S Chapter 206 You Have To Walk Backward


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Yi Tianyun found the exit in no time and immediately walked out of the forest maze. The scenery he saw right after was stunning. There were so many flowers with a different color in the garden, and the decoration was exquisite too.

“I’ve never seen you before, please show us your token!” The guard said suddenly as they saw Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun took out the token given by Deacon He and showed it to the guard.

“This is not a disciple token. This is a recommendation token! And it seems that you are recommended by Deacon He. Oh, wait! It seems quite different, this is not a recommendation token, it is a…” The guard didn’t have the time to finish his sentence as Yang Xixue and the other two walked out from the maze.

“You’re already here?” Feng Yulong said shockingly, he was surprised to see Yi Tianyun was already here.

The speed Yi Tianyun showed wasn’t natural, it may take a couple of hours for the first-timer to cross the maze. People like Yang Xixue and Feng Yulong already memorized the route of the maze and could cross it without wasting any time.

“What can I say it is not that difficult after all!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently to Feng Yulong.

“With that out of the way, I am looking forward to your promises!” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

“This is impossible! You must have cheated!” Liao Wen said without thinking.

“Then, how would you suggest I cheat with?” Yi Tianyun said challengingly.

“You must have been here before! So, you already knew the path to cross the maze!” Liao Wen said, still not thinking about how illogical his words sounded.

“Did you even hear yourself? Yeah, I have been here with a different body! That way, no one here will recognize me!” Yi Tianyun said sarcastically.

Liao Wen’s face turned red from his stupid assumption, it was embarrassing to talk without thinking first!

“Do you mean that he is faster than you even though he was a first-timer?” The guard said, looking quite surprised.

“Yes, it seems so.” Yang Xixue said while looking quite excited at Yi Tianyun.

They knew that the maze itself wasn’t providing that much difficulties, but for first-timer, it was supposed to be a little bit complicated and took a little bit of time to finish.

“Did I pass your test now?” Yi Tianyun said lightly to Yang Xixue.

“Of course! Welcome to Heavenly Runes Pavilion!” Yang Xixue said excitedly.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself! With merely that level of ability, you should watch yourself, kid! Don’t touch what isn’t yours, or you will found yourself  on quite a pickle later!” Feng Yulong said as he started to walk inside the pavilion.

Yi Tianyun knew that Feng Yulong was just jealous of him, but Yang Xixue didn’t strike Yi Tianyun’s interest and now, with Feng Yulong’s threat, it just took too far!

“Wait, don’t you forget something? Remember that you said you would walk backward if I pass under an hour?” Yi Tianyun said while pointing his finger to Feng Yulong.

“And you would walk with your hands, right?” Yi Tianyun points his finger to Liao Wen this time.

“Do you wanna die, kid?” Feng Yulong said as he looked at Yi Tianyun for condescending him.

“Feng Yulong! You can’t even keep your own words! How could you even say yourself a man!” Yan Xixue said sarcastically. She heard Feng Yulong threatening Yi Tianyun, so, she chose to help Yi Tianyun a little bit.

“Did you just defend this piece of shit?” Feng Yulong said while looking quite stunned. He doesn’t think that Yang Xixue would help Yi Tianyun as she didn’t really know him.

“Don’t you worry, I wouldn’t lay my hands on him. After all, this is Heavenly Runes Pavilion! Not some village in the mountain! But I couldn’t say the same about others!” Feng Yulong said while sneering to Yi Tianyun.

The word said by Feng Yulong left Yi Tianyun frowning. If what he said was true, then there is not much unity in this sect. Which would make this sect has no future!

“You know that you should think before you speak, right?” Yi Tianyun said challengingly toward Feng Yulong.

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