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C.L.S Chapter 209 Fifth Floor


“Are you serious? You didn’t have any experience whatsoever! You will not be able to hold the pressure for more than a day! You will not receive anything except injuries there!” Deacon Huang said with a surprised tone.

“Thank you for your advice, Deacon Huang. But I will be up there for 10 days.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Wait, what? 10 days? Are you sure you want to do this? Only the top 15 of our disciples were able to stay that long, you know.” Deacon Huang said quite unsure of Yi Tianyun’s action.

“I am sure of this decision, Deacon Huang. I hope that you are okay with it as I will accept all responsibilities myself.” Yi Tianyun said with a serious expression.

Deacon Huang sighed at Yi Tianyun’s headstrong decision.

“Okay, I will permit you to cultivate on the fifth floor for 10 days. Your quota for this month would be all used up, and if you aren’t able to hold the pressure up there, you may go down, but if you did, your remaining time would be expired. Understood?” Deacon Huang said with a serious face.

There was a reason why Deacon Huang didn’t try to stop Yi Tianyun from advancing to the fifth floor anymore, and that reason was the Spiritual Talisman that would be given on the first floor for the newcomer. This Spiritual Talisman will serve as a device to concentrate the Spiritual Power inside the Heavenly Soul Tower. Without this item, only a selected few could withstand the pressure of Spiritual Energy up there.

“Holy Shit, Brother Yi! Are you sure you would go up there? You can faint the moment you enter that floor, you know!” Yang Yu said with a surprised face.

“Of course, I wouldn’t joke about this.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

“I know you’re not joking around, but please consider your decision here, brother. There is a reason that people don’t go over there recklessly, you know.” Yang Yu said as he continued to persuade Yi Tianyun to change his decision.

“It’s okay if I faint up there, it will be a good lesson not to underestimate things.” Yi Tianyun said while the smile still didn’t leave his face.

Yi Tianyun took the talisman on the table beside Deacon Huang and advanced to the fifth floor immediately.

As Yi Tianyun got up, the Spiritual Pressure was getting more intense. As he arrived in front of the fifth floor, he quickly entered and saw that several people were meditating scattered around the room.

He quickly took his position in the corner of the room and quickly transferred a little of his Spiritual Energy to the talisman to activate it. As soon as he activated it, the talisman shone and Yi Tianyun was hit by the sudden impact of Spiritual Energy concentrated around the talisman.

But as he suspected it, the impact wasn’t as intense as he thought. It almost felt like a tingle over anything else. He noticed the Exp flow that the system was currently pinging.

‘300 Exp, 340 Exp, 370 Exp, 350 Exp, …’

The amount of exp he got disappointed Yi Tianyun a little bit. But he already knew that he wouldn’t receive much here as the place was meant for Spirit Refinement Realm.

“This place isn’t bad! If Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins was moved here, the disciple could cultivate their Divine Rune Mastery here.” Yi Tianyun said as he was somewhat satisfied that the disciple could cultivate better in the future.

Yi Tianyun immediately raised his head from the meditating position and immediately looked around to see if there was any excellent disciple that was currently cultivating here.

Sure enough, Yi Tianyun noticed Yang Xixue among other disciples.

Yi Tianyun quickly speculated that she quickly leave the arena so she could cultivate here instead.

Yang Xixue opened her eyes as she felt that someone was staring intensely at her. She quickly noticed and was surprised knowing that the one who was staring at her was none other than Yi Tianyun. In fact, she was not the only one that was aware of Yi Tianyun as everyone else noticed him too.

Not many people looked at Yi Tianyun with surprise on their eyes. Some were looking at him strangely as others looked at him in disdain.

“This newcomer really is cocky! I bet that he would faint or leave in one day!”

“One day? You’re overestimating him! I bet that he would leave in half a day!”

The experts looking at Yi Tianyun with disdain began to murmur among themselves.

They were convinced that Yi Tianyun would give up soon!

This disdain came from the news about Feng Yulong being beaten to a pulp by Yi Tianyun.

They thought that Yi Tianyun was nothing but a bothersome individual for attacking one of the highest status disciples in the Heaven’s Top Mansion!

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