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C.L.S Chapter 211 People


The duel between Jia Ping and Yi Tianyun became a hot topic all over Heaven’s Top Mansion, even the deacons were coming to see the duel for themselves.

“Big Bro actually did it! I can’t believe this!” Said Yang Yu excitedly.

Unfortunately, everyone else wasn’t as excited as Yang Yu. As they thought that Yi Tianyun was too cocky for his own good. There was no way a newcomer could beat a high ranked disciple like Jia Ping.

“Come and bet for the winner of the duel! You can bet for Yi Tianyun or Jia Ping here!” someone shouted at the entrance.

People quickly flocked toward where the voice was and immediately bet on Jia Ping as they thought that Yi Tianyun was sure to lose the duel.

Zhuang Jia, the one who was the mastermind behind this bet, frowned as he didn’t expect the bet to be so one-sided. If Jia Ping really won, he would bankrupt!

“Come on now, don’t you want to bet for the kid too? He broke the new record for the maze, you know!” Zhuang Jia said desperately.

Everyone was looking at him strangely, they laughed as they didn’t think that completing the maze in an amazing speed didn’t really matter here.

“I will bet on Big Bro Yi Tianyun for 6.000!” Yang Yu said as he handed over his bet to Zhuang Jia.

“Yang Yu, you are too kind! Now, this is not how you gamble! You didn’t gamble for the losing side!” Someone from the crowd said while laughing.

“It’s my gold anyway, is there a problem on how I use my own gold?” Yang Yu said indifferently.

Everyone only shook their heads as they thought that Yang Yu was an idiot for betting on some kid.

While outside, everyone was betting profusely. Inside, Yi Tianyun and Jia Ping were in a state of calmness.

Jia Ping was meditating with his eyes closed, while Yi Tianyun on the other hand, never closed his eyes as he continued to meditate while observing the Divine Rune scattered in the wall.

Time Passed quickly, an entire day has passed, and none of them move from their spot. On the second day, Jia Ping’s face became a little bit pale while Yi Tianyun still looked the same.

On the third day, everyone could see the struggle on Jia Ping’s face, while Yi Tianyun still remained the same. This fact shocked everyone as they never thought that Yi Tianyun would persist this long!

On the fourth day, Jia Ping stood up, and the talisman on his hand has already lost its lights, indicating the fact that his time was up! He only asked for 4 days so the talisman would lose its ability to gather the Spiritual Energy after 4 days. He quickly walked toward Deacon Huang and asked for an extension.

Deacon Huang observes Jia Ping a little bit and immediately noticed that Jia Ping was at his limit.

“Young ones, you should know your own limit. You will waste the time you spent here as I don’t think you would last another hour in that room!” Deacon Huang said solemnly.

“I know my own limit! Give me 5 more days, please!” Jia Ping said hastily.

Deacon Huang just shrugged his shoulders and gave Jia Ping another 5 days just as he wanted.

After getting his talisman, Jia Ping quickly returned to the fifth-floor room and immediately meditated again. As the day goes by, Jia Ping became paler as the hour passed.

On the fifth day, he couldn’t hold on any longer as he finally coughed blood from the pressure of the room and fainted not long after. He was quickly hospitalized in the recovery room to recuperate, as for Yi Tianyun, nothing changed. His expression was still the same and his complexion was still the same.

In any case, everyone was shocked as they knew one fact that mattered right now, it was Yi Tianyun’s victory!

Many people walked out of place with their heads down as they lose a significant amount of money from the bet.

Zhuang Jia, however, walked out with heavy pockets, as he walked out with everyone’s gold except for Yang Yu. He received his prize money which was three times his betting money.

Jia Ping’s popularity hit an ice-cold point, as everyone was disappointed by the lost. Yang Xixue was surprised too after hearing the news herself.

Yi Tianyun himself was still in the room, unmoving. If it was not from the constant fluctuation of spiritual power around him, everyone would think that he wasn’t cultivating in there! He kept meditating without caring about everyone else, and he didn’t even know that he has won the duel!

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