Crazy Leveling System

C.L.S Chapter 214 Fault Finding


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Before she vanished from sight, Mu Xian’er suddenly rushed back toward Yi Tianyun.

“I change my mind! I will kill you here!” Mu Xian’er said with a red face.

“Why? I am just returning the favor.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“You pervert!” Mu Xian’er yelled as she rushed toward Yi Tianyun with her 7th Level Spirit Refinement power. As she came close, Yi Tianyun held her hands, canceling her spiritual power.

“Remember that Heaven’s Top Mansion don’t condone fighting among disciple.” Yi Tianyun said casually.

Mu Xian’er became silent as she gritted her teeth.

“Just you wait, you pervert! I will make sure you regret doing that!” Mu Xian’er said as she ran away. This time she really did leave. Yi Tianyun only smirked as he was really amused by Mu Xian’er’s anger.

After all that, Yi Tianyun returned to Heavenly Runes Pavilion, and when he arrived there, he could already hear the rumors about him regarding what happened at the Heavenly Soul Tower earlier. He even heard that his rank now rose up to 24th, as Jia Ping was now 25th.

He sighed as he really couldn’t care less about this ranking system. When he was about to return back to his room, he was blocked by 2 people, he immediately noticed that these 2 were different from Jia Ping earlier.

“Big Brother!” Yang Yu shouted as he ran over to Yi Tianyun as fast as he could.

“They are the ranked 19th Liang Bing and 20th Yuan Zhengyang! They are one of Feng Family and Jia Family’s accomplice. They are here to take revenge on you, brother!” Yang Yu said nervously.

“Look here, brother! We have a mouse following our newcomer here.” Zhang Bin said as he pointed his finger toward Yang Yu.

“Don’t you think this mouse was ahead of himself, brother? He even dares to challenge us earlier and lose! Now, he becomes the newcomer’s bitch.” Zhang Bin said with a cold ice look.

“Don’t say that, Zhang Bin, that’s clearly because he thinks that he found someone to protect him. Just let the loser be, brother.” Liang Bin said while smiling toward Yi Tianyun.

“You Fuck! How dare you said that about me! I clearly lose to you, but I never beg for mercy or anything! So shut your mouth, shithead!” Yang Yu said, he was clearly angered by the brothers’ remark.

Yi Tianyun sighed again, as he found no peace wherever he went there.

“Now, what do you want? Did you want to fight me? Or what? If you wanna fight then let’s go! I am tired of all of this.” Yi Tianyun said with a bored look on his face.

“Good, now come with us to the arena! Let’s have some duel!” Liang Bin said excitedly.

“Brother, they are a lot stronger than Jia Ping!” Yang Yu said hurriedly.

“That’s okay, just watch from the spectator seat!” Yi Tianyun said, silencing Yang Yu from making an unnecessary comment.

“They will get some kicking from insulting people around me!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Brother! You are really cool! From now on, I swore to be your brother! You are my Big Brother now!” Yang Yu said with amazement in his eyes. His heart was moved by Yi Tianyun’s word.

This time, he swore to become Yi Tianyun’s brother. Unlike before, now he really was convinced that Yi Tianyun was worthy of being followed!

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