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C.L.S Chapter 228 Causing Trouble


Yi Tianyun quickly went straight to the Gathering Dragons City with his Phoenix Wings.

He arrived in the city quickly without a problem.

The bustling Gathering Dragons City really was some sight to see, there were so many cultivation experts wandering through the city minding their own business.

Yi Tianyun quickly searched for the Heavenly Clouds Inn, which the Great Elder mentioned earlier.

The Inn was surprisingly easy to search, as he entered the city and asked the merchant where the Inn was, the merchant quickly pointed at the building he needed to head to.

As he walked toward the building, a Giant Eagle Cart suddenly ran past, almost hitting him.

As he was about to stop the cart, he noticed the Netherworld Empire symbol on the side of the cart.

He immediately stops his action, as he doesn’t want to make a fuzz.

As he looks around for anyone that has the same problem with him, he sees that no one really dares to do anything, as the Netherworld Empire is the strongest faction around.

After he realizes that nobody gonna do anything about the arrogance of the Netherworld Empire Cart earlier, he pays no mind and continues to walk to the Inn the Great Elder was currently stays.

As he arrived and enter the Inn, he was welcomed by a shouting man.

The man seemed to be shouting toward the Inn Keeper on the check-in counter.

“How can an inn doesn’t have any more room! Do you know who I am?” The man kept shouting.

“We are truly sorry, sir! The rooms were all booked. We don’t have any more empty rooms to get you.” The Inn Keeper said with a frustrated look on his face.

“Nonsense! We always have a room every time we come here!” The man said, ignoring what the innkeeper said.

“We are sorry, sir. With the scheduled dinner that the Netherworld Empire holds in upcoming days, many sects have booked their rooms much earlier.” The Inn Keeper said while shaking his head.

“We are Divine Runes Mansion! You don’t have any excuse here!” The man said furiously.

Hearing the name of the faction Lin Li was in, intrigued Yi Tianyun a little bit.

After all, he hasn’t paid them a visit yet after all Lin Li had done to the Zhu sisters.

“Please, sir! We really don’t have any room left!” the innkeeper became more frustrated hearing the man shouted at him.

“Give me your guest list! I want to see who is staying here!” The man shouted again.

The innkeeper handed the man the Guess List, his face was covered by worry, as he didn’t want to have any incident here on the Inn.

Yi Tianyun shook his head.

It seemed that everyone in the Divine Runes Mansion was all the same.

They were all too hot-headed and arrogant.

Yi Tianyun decided to walk upstairs as he wanted to find the Great Elder soon.

As he arrived upstairs, a booming voice once again was heard

“Heaven’s Top Mansion? They dare to stay in this inn? Moreover, booking 2 rooms for themselves? How dare a weak faction like that do this! I will kick their asses out myself!” The shouting man from earlier said and immediately walked upstairs and bumped into Yi Tianyun.

“Hey, kid, out of my way!” The man said as he wanted to push Yi Tianyun aside.

Yi Tianyun quickly backhanded the man casually, he was thrown to the foot of the stairs hard.

Yi Tianyun frowned a little bit. For a loud man, he sure was squishy!

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